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Kevin Cooper
Saved From Execution
Still Fighting For Justice

Reprinted with permission 1-15-06

Kevin Cooper was wrongfully convicted of the 1983 murders of the Ryen family in San Bernadino, California.  He came within hours of execution on Feb 9, 2004.  The 11th hour stay was granted after a battle inside and outside of the courtroom shed light on his innocence and the numerous problems that exist in the state's case against him.

The case has been sent back to the federal district court.  Further evidence testing has begun, and activists expect a long legal fight to ensure that the issues of tampering and police and prosecutorial misconduct are raised. Overall, the defense attorneys have found new evidence and witnesses that corroborate Kevin Cooper's innocence claim, and that show the errors and concious misconduct on the part of the state of California.

We know that left in the courts, Kevin Cooper may not be able to win real justice.  We need to continue to build a movement that can show the flaws in his case and make the connections to the broad problems that exist in the capital punishment system.  We need to demand a moratorium, so that Kevin Cooper and the other 630+ inmates on death row in California do not have to face the machinery of death. Here are some of the facts about the case, the long history of police and prosecutorial misconduct, and some of the new information that has surfaced since the stay of execution.

The Case

The Evidence

Recent Developments

Unfortunately, the criminal justice system rarely corrects its own problems.  We can. Putting a stop to this injustice, and all of the flaws in the death penalty that it represents, will take a movement of concerned community members, students, and activists.

For more information about fighting against this injustice, and to read essays written by Kevin Cooper, visit  http://www.savekevincooper.org  .  Contact: crystal@nodeathpenalty.org or 510-333-7966.

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