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New Revelation in Ohrid – Remains of First Fortress of Philip II Unearthed

(Vest, 29.07.2005) - A team of archaeologists led by Pasko Kuzman of the Institute and Museum in Ohrid have unearthed remains in the interior of the Samoil’s Fortress, which are assumed to be a part of the first fortress of Philip II of Macedonia. The fortress, erected on the Hill overlooking Ohrid, is believed to have been built in the mid 4th century BC. So far, the archaeologists have found remains of the fortified wall and a tower dating back to the early antique.
“Scientific evidence confirms that the Ohrid Fortress was first mentioned in 208 BC antique sources by author Livius,” Kuzman said. “It is assumed that the fortress was constructed in the 4th and early 3rd centuries BC. Our research in the citadel is continuing and we expect to come to crucial knowledge on the period when the first fortress in ancient Ohrid was built.”
Discovering the wall and tower in the interior of the Samoil’s Fortress poses a special challenge to Macedonian archaeologists. It derives from some knowledge that Philip II of Macedonia had some influence on the construction of the first fortress.







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