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6/1/2001 - Coral Reefs: Remote Sensing Applications to Coral Reef Environments
2/21/2001 - Open Spaces: Studying Big Game Open Space Habitat Change
2/21/2001 - Southwestern Climate Impacts Updates: Landsat TM Satellite Image Mosaic of the Southwestern U.S. and Capturing Dust Storms with Digital Cameras!


[Icon: Coastal & Marine Research]

Coastal & Marine Environments Remotely sensed data help scientists and researchers map the seafloor, and learn more about our nation's coastal and marine habitats.

[Icon: Arid Lands Research]

Arid & Semi-Arid Lands Remote sensing techniques can be used to better understand the role of these fragile environments on a regional and global scale.

[Icon: Other Environments Research]

Other Land Environments Digital image products for practical applications, such as resource evaluation and mapping, help generate information and data that can be used by various fields and disciplines for research, mapping, exploration, and education.

[Icon: Software]

Software Learn about the United States Geological Survey's MIPS Image Processing System, access online documentation and source code, and view image processing examples.


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