Orange Sombrero, based on Fedora

With the courtesy of the Fedora Project, please welcome Orange Sombrero into the world of Free and Open Source Software Linux Distributions.

Where to download?

Orange Sombrero comes in two forms. One is a torrent, the other one is the configuration files needed to compose it yourself.

How did you?

Using a modified anaconda(-runtime), which is available here, that allows you to specify which package it is supposed to use for the logos. See also the patch sent upstream (because we love upstream, you know!), that just didn't make it in time for the Fedora 10 Beta Freeze.

For more details on how to make your own distribution based on Fedora, see the Configuration page.

Anything I need to know?

Not really. This distribution isn't different from Fedora in any way, other then:

Show me the code, dude!