Southern California turns out to vote: undeterred by rain and long lines

California | Local | By Kimi Yoshino and Harriet Ryan | 12:00AM, November 5
As early-morning rain gave way to blue skies, undeterred voters throughout Southern California converged on their polling places – some standing in lines 300 people deep – to cast their ballots in a historic election for either the first African American president or the first female vice president. Read more

Producer of 13 Oscar-winning films

California | Local | 12:00AM, November 5
John Daly, the British-born producer of 13 Oscar-winning movies including “Platoon” and “The Last Emperor,” has died. Read more

Manhole cover explosion in Reseda damages passing car

California | Local | By James Wagner | 12:00AM, November 5
An electrical malfunction sent a manhole cover shooting into the air in Reseda this morning, causing minor damage to a passing car. Read more

Metrolink malfunction delays some trains

California | Local | By James Wagner | 12:00AM, November 5
A signal communication malfunction has delayed many Metrolink trains in Southern California for more than hour, officials said. Read more

In downturn, LAX in tough fix on improvements

California | Local | By Dan Weikel | 12:00AM, November 5
Amid one of the worst economic downturns in the history of the airline industry, Los Angeles International Airport is shedding passengers faster than its peers across the country, threatening the revenue stream needed to modernize its aging facilities. Read more

UCLA won’t require graduates to take seminars

California | Local | By Larry Gordon | 12:00AM, November 5
Partly in response to budget problems, UCLA has retreated from a graduation requirement that most students must take at least one seminar-style class with a small enrollment and significant interaction with the professor. Read more

Spector’s defense attorney raises new character issues

California | Local | By Harriet Ryan | 12:00AM, November 5
Prosecutors at Phil Spector’s murder retrial have said repeatedly that certain circumstances – a late night, too much alcohol, a woman who doesn’t want him – make the legendary music producer reach for a gun. Read more

He died at his home in suburban Atlanta from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police say.

California | Local | 12:00AM, November 5
Shakir Stewart, the executive who succeeded Jay-Z as the head of the hip-hop music label Def Jam Recordings, died Saturday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in suburban Atlanta, police said. Read more

Accident closes northbound 101 Freeway near Cahuenga

California | Local | By James Wagner | 12:00AM, November 5
Rain is being blamed for multiple accidents this morning on Los Angeles-area freeways, highway officials said. Read more

Nation watches as a divided California prepares to decide on same-sex marriage

California | Local | By Jessica Garrison | 12:00AM, November 5
After the most expensive campaign in state history over a social issue, Californians began voting Tuesday on the divisive and deeply emotional issue of same-sex marriage. Read more
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