The FreeDOS Bugzilla is moving! We've been discussing what to do with the FreeDOS Bugzilla. As you've probably noticed, the server often is slow to respond, or just returns errors. The server is underpowered to run a bug database. But the FreeDOS Bugzilla also isn't getting used much, so it's time to retire Bugzilla and use something else instead.

We are moving our bug tracking to the SourceForge Tracker.

Here's the schedule:

December 1
The FreeDOS Bugzilla will be marked as "no new bugs". Developers will still be able to update bugs (close, add comments, reassign, ..) that are already there, but no one can open new bugs. At the same time, the new Tracker will be opened for new bugs. (done)
December 8
We'll create a read-only html archive of the FreeDOS Bugzilla as of this date, and post the archive on the FreeDOS web site. Then we'll retire the server.

Note that SourceForge does not provide a method to import bugs from Bugzilla into the Tracker, so we cannot do this automatically.

Welcome to FreeDOS

FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system for IBM-PC compatible systems. FreeDOS is made of up many different, separate programs that act as "packages" to the overall FreeDOS Project.

We welcome new users to FreeDOS. You can contribute to the FreeDOS Project by downloading our latest release and telling us what you think. We have a bug tracking system that helps you report problems and submit requests, and otherwise tell us how to improve FreeDOS. By participating in the development and debugging process, you help everyone.

You can help create the FreeDOS 1.1 distribution!

If you're looking for a status update on the FreeDOS 1.1 distribution, here it is: Not done yet. We're still working on it. Coming soon!

What's in the queue before we can roll out the FreeDOS 1.1 distribution:

  • Mateusz has the new FDUPDATE, but you cannot (yet) use it to update from FreeDOS 1.0 to "1.1", since not all the clean zip packages have been completed. Check the package list to start.
  • The updated Installer hasn't been worked on. Not sure this is going to happen for the release.
  • Rugxulo is working on a diskette-based distro that will be the optional floppy-only "Base" install (plus some extras) but hasn't finished collecting all the source. Contact him to help.

Additional features of FreeDOS 1.1:

For FreeDOS 1.1, we aren't planning any major changes. This will pretty much be an update to the 1.0 release, but with a new Update program, an optional floppy-only "Base" install, and (hopefully) a few updates to the Install program. Let's worry about other, larger changes in later releases.

Latest News

NASM 2.05.01
2008-11-25 22:54 - The FreeDOS Project
NASM 2.05.01 fixes the -w/-W option parsing, which was broken in NASM 2.05. Minor update, but developers will want to get the latest version. You can find it at - DOS version also mirrored to ibiblio at
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Arachne v1.95;GPL DOS
2008-11-25 21:03 - The FreeDOS Project
Glenn Mc Corkle released a new version of Arachne. Many small bug fixes and improvements. Glenn writes that "Arachne now achieves 'full speed' capability on cable/DSL connections. (she is now reaching speeds of 320kb/sec on my 3megabit/sec DSL)". Download from
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FreeDOS FDISK 1.3.1
2008-11-25 20:50 - The FreeDOS Project
Brian Reifsnyder has released version 1.3.1 of the FreeDOS FDISK program. Brian writes: "The MBR is no longer written automatically and the error handler has been added. (If anybody has a known bad hard disk and can test the error handler, please do so and let me know if it works as expected as I don't have a known bad hard disk available.) Most of the command-line compile issues have been fixed. The only remaining issue is that the final linking will not take place. I have traced the problem to the 126 byte character limit that MS-DOS had. I have seen the fix, at one time; but will have to do some research to find it again. If anybody can take a look at the makefile and point out the fix, I would appreciate it. I was going to include the int0x13 changes and partition byte changes, as mentioned in previous e-mails; but, decided to release this version and let it be tested before I release the next version (1.3.2)." Version 1.3.1 is available from ibiblio at
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2008-11-25 20:32 - The FreeDOS Project
(UPDATED) Lucho released version 7.96 of 4DOS a few days ago. New in 7.96 - Added REBOOT /M(onitor off) and /S(uspend) options - Added @CODEPAGE function and _POWER variable. Grab it at - also mirrored at
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FASM 1.67.29
2008-11-18 19:59 - The FreeDOS Project
FASM's new -s option can produce .fas internal data when assembling, allowing external tools (included) to create a listing, preprocessed source dump, or symbols dump (as previously seen in some older version-specific hacks). This also opens the way for symbolic debugging in the future.
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FTE 0.50.01 (from CVS)
2008-10-30 20:01 - The FreeDOS Project
Robert Riebisch has grabbed the latest FTE (Folding Text Editor) from CVS and compiled it via DJGPP. Besides folds, it supports accurate syntax highlighting, multiple undo or redo, tags, line/column/stream blocks, regex search+replace, saving desktops, backups, easy configuration, and much more. Both srcs and binaries are available here:
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JWasm 1.93
2008-10-30 19:35 - The FreeDOS Project
Japheth's major improvement of OpenWatcom's WASM to emulate MASM 6.x just got better: * removed -o option and 0x numbers (but can be reactivated in src), * added SSSE3, * .RADIX supported, * improved OPTION directive, * SHLD/SHRD fixed, * ADDSUBPD/ADDSUBPS fixed, * ELF external type ID fixed, plus other tweaks for better compatibility and stability.
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Insight Debugger 1.23 released
2008-10-30 19:28 - The FreeDOS Project
If you need a good menu-driven, real-mode debugger with color highlighting (plus NASM srcs), Insight is it. Changes include: * improved Dump window, * Stack plus Local Vars windows combined, * better support for undocumented instructions, * more internal help, * shows address of Dump or Stack in edit mode, plus minor fixes.
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NASM 2.05 is released
2008-10-25 05:38 - The FreeDOS Project
NASM 2.05 is finally out in stable form (with a new web URL, too). Some changes include: fixing -O0 and -O1 for backwards compatibility, avoiding redundant alignment, some warnings overhauls, indirect macro expansion, bug fixes, 64-bit stuff, etc. See here for downloads:
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Duplicit finds duplicate files (UPDATED)
2008-10-19 19:09 - The FreeDOS Project
Ladislav Lacina wrote a small tool for finding duplicite files on disks: "Note that it checks duplicated data not duplicate filenames. It is multilanguage, czech and english message files are included. Usually I make a russian version too but today I was to tired to translate it into russian. So it is your opportunity." Download here: (UPDATE) Version 1.1 is out: "Now it can work with files with read-only attributes."
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