My 1951 Ottawa Mule Team MT4226

This is my tractor. It's one of  two I've seen with the Jaques Mighty Mite hood.

The engine was off and disassembled when I bought it.

Under the ugly yellow is all red paint. I've scratched it down to the original color almost everywhere and all I can find is red.

It's got a heavier bellhousing and tranny (maybe) than I've seen on earlier models.

The engine is apart but mostly all there. It's a 1952 Briggs Model 23FB. The F stands for flange mount, the B stands for ball bearing mains.
Serial # 119694 which dates it to March 1952. I guess it's a replacement engine because Ottawa/Warner was gone by July, 1951.

I also have the original driveshaft cover (not shown). The rag joints need some work. The tranny has a raised casting number on the left side (as you sit in the seat) that reads 590391. I've confirmed that tractor # MT4228 (Thanks Hollie!) also has the same casting number. I don't know about any others.
The input shaft is 10 spline. 1928-30 Chevrolet cars and light trucks had the same transmission, with the same casting number and the same 10 spline input shaft. I'd still like to know who made the tranny.