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Ukraines envoy to NATO proposes Russian counterpart to focus on his problems

Ukraines envoy to NATO Ihor Sahach proposes his Russian counterpart Dmitriy Rogozin to focus on Russian problems.

According to the UNIANs own correspondent to Brussels, I.Sahach claimed this to Ukrainian journalists today commenting on the recent statements of D.Rogozin about NATO decision on Ukraine and Georgia.

This person works on order, he is ordered, probably, by his leadership, I.Sahach said.

The envoy noted that if one analyzes all the recent statements of D.Rogozin, he will not find anything positive about Ukraine.

In my opinion, he is merely used as one of cogs in the informational war waged against Ukraine. Sooner or later, I think, it should be stopped, the envoy said.

The envoy also expressed a surprise with Rogozins slang words. It was for the first time that I heard such a higher official as envoy using this, I even dont know how to describe, whether it was a slang or language of criminal circles I can understand Russian language, but, Im sorry, I dont know what did his words mean, I.Sahach said.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko, who was also present at the meeting with journalists, refused to comment on Rogozins words. I just do not regard his statement as serious, V.Ohryzko said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Russian envoy to NATO D.Rogozin, commenting on the Alliances decision on Ukraine and Georgia, said they made some fine statements and promises to Ukraine and Georgia, but no crucial decisions will be made. To put it in popular words, they had their fun and then went, he said.

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