Getting Ready to Purchase

Prices of our Products

Our pricing policy is neither to maximise revenue nor to maximise profit. Our goal is reaching out to optimise the number of users of our products, complete with real value efficacy, yet easy to use. Our single-user standalone licence is pleasantly the most affordable in the marketplace. Below are our prices for basic single-user licences, excluding local VAT:

Product Available Categories List Price
Heartsome Translation Studio
Personal/Upgrade to Professional
Ultimate (Full)
€168 ≈ US$260
€268 ≈ US$415
€468 ≈ US$725.4
Heartsome TMX Editor
Personal/Upgrade to Professional
Professional (Full)
€88 ≈ US$136
€168 ≈ US$260
Heartsome Dictionary Editor
Personal/Upgrade to Professional
Professional (Full)
€88 ≈ US$136
€168 ≈ US$260
Heartsome Translation StudioHeartsome TMX Editor
Heartsome CAT Bundle Professional
Heartsome CAT Bundle Ultimate
Upgrade from R6 Translation Suite to CAT Bundle Professional
Upgrade from R6 Translation Suite to CAT Bundle Ultimate
Upgrade from 3 Personal Editions to CAT Bundle Professional
Upgrade from 3 Personal Editions to CAT Bundle Ultimate
€368 ≈ US$570
€568 ≈ US$880
€98 ≈ US$151.9
€298 ≈ US$461.9
€258 ≈ US$399.9
€468 ≈ US$725.4

Compare different editions

Click here for information on the fundamental differences among different editions.

Try out the software before you buy

Heartsome encourages all potential customers to take their time to fully evaluate the software prior to making a purchase as Heartsome does not offer any refund once the email providing instructions for collecting a product licence key has been issued. To obtain an evaluation copy of any of Heartsome' s software, go to Download Software.

To purchase online

Heartsome CAT tools are distributed electronically. Customers will be sent an e-mail with instructions within 24-48 hours of purchase confirmation. We offer you a choice of two eMerchants for online purchase. Click on the eMerchant of your choice to reach its relevant shop front to finalise the purchase.

Purchases may also be made through one of our resellers or exclusive distributors.


For volume discounts

We offer special value-for-money volume discounts. This allows enterprises to set their internal system fully equipped with all the required facilities with a view to substantially reduce the current needlessly high costs of managing translation, localisation and other multi-lingual pursuits.

Our unique offer for enterprises includes exordinarily attractive discounts for bulk purchases of standalone versions of the different editors. This will enable customers to pass-on the cost-effectiveness to their translators, in-house as well as freelance.

Feel free to write to our sales_contact<AT> for further information regarding bulk puchases.

For academic institutions

The future of translation and localisation lies in the successful nurturing of a new generation of professional linguists, those fully capable of combining their passion for linguistic excellence with the latest in technology applications. To contribute to this goal, Heartsome is offering special rates to students taking tertiary courses in the following disciplines: language, literature, translation and localisation, and communications. Do write to us, individually or as a group, for further information.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be given at the discretion of Heartsome's management. All Heartsome products are available for evaluation with all features enabled for a duration of up to 30 days, a single extension of evaluation period may be granted on request. Under normal circumstances, Heartsome does not offer any refund for any purchase made once instructions for collecting the license key has been issued. Such instructions are issued within 48 hours on receipt of payment confirmation.