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"GÖTTINGER MISZELLEN. Beiträge zur ägyptologischen Diskussion" were founded in 1972 and publish shorter contributions on Egyptological, Coptological and related subjects. Their philosophy is to facilitate the fast and economical publication of new finds and hypotheses and to be a forum for scholarly discussions. To this purpose the GÖTTINGER MISZELLEN appear tri-monthly, 112 pp. per issue and accept camera-ready manuscripts only.

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The future of the Göttinger Miszellen (lecture Cairo, 3 April 2000)

new: Göttinger Miszellen - Beihefte

Heft Nr. 1 (2007):
Nira Kleinke,
Female Spaces: Untersuchungen zu Gender und Archäologie im pharaonischen Ägypten
With the foundation of the Supplements of Göttinger Miszellen ("Göttinger Miszellen Beihefte") we have two aims in mind: On the one hand we would like to offer young egyptologists the possibility to present their M.A. theses to a broader circle of readers in a quick and inexpensive way, on the other hand we want to put another main emphasis on the publication of papers read on conferences (congresses/symposia). We are well aware of the risk young authors take when presenting their first manuskripts to the national and international scientific egyptological community, but are convinced that many M.A. theses offer well-founded material, which can be used as a basis for future discussions or researches. Because of that they should not go unnoticed in the local libraries. The scientific readers will be fully cognizant of the above mentioned considerations.

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