Stade de France
Saint-Denis - France
(1995 - 1997
The stadium is built on a 27.4-hectare site on the Saint-Denis plain north of Paris. Its outstanding feature is its roof in the form of a six-hectare white elliptical disc suspended 42 metres above the pitch.

It is a modular stadium, designed to seat 80,000 people for football/rugby matches and over 75,000 for athletic events. It also houses boxes and VIP seating, 2,000 mē of offices, three restaurants (including one with a panoramic view), 45 bars, a shopping mall, and 6,000 parking spaces.

The stadium was inaugurated on 28 January 1998, after 30 months of works, with the France/Spain friendly football match in preparation for the Football World Cup.

The consortium in charge of construction (Bouygues, Dumez and SGE) is responsible for the 30-year operation of the structure, as of November 1997.

Architects : Macary-Zublena, Regembal-Costantini.

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