September 26, 2007: Congressman Everett Announces Intentions to Retire Print

"For 15 years I have been allowed the privilege of representing the people of the 2nd District of Alabama in the U. S. House of Representatives. This has been an honor, privilege and responsibility that I have taken seriously. I've worked hard at it, and hope that my efforts to serve our nation, state and the 2nd District have been well received.

"In February I will celebrate my 71st birthday. While there remains much work to be accomplished by Congress, I made a difficult decision over the weekend not to seek election for a ninth term. The decision was difficult because of my love for the people of my district, and my love for the work I do on my three committees. It had been my intention until last week to seek reelection, including a run for the Chair or Ranking on the Committee on Agriculture. However, there is a season for all things and it is time for me to enter the next phase of my life, and pass the mantle to the next generation.

"My health is good, but I have had two attacks of shingles in the last three years. This resulted in nerve damage to my right foot that has not been completely restored, which causes a few problems. I have recently determined that progress in that regard will be slower than I had hoped. While my health is good, there are other areas that come with age that I should pay more attention.

"While I have many people to thank, I must first thank my wife Barbara whose support, not only during these 15 years in Congress, but during the 38 years of our marriage, has made this possible. Also, no congressional office has had the outstanding staff that I have been blessed with all these years. What success my office has achieved is in large part due to their outstanding work. Finally, I will always be grateful to those who have voted for and supported me in Congress. This has been a wonderful opportunity to serve our Nation that so few Americans have had.

"I still have 15 months remaining in my term, so I intend to keep working hard for Alabama's Second District, including: work on a new farm bill, my farm reservoir bill to combat drought, and my efforts on behalf of America's national security."