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Rynek Starego Miasta
Stare Miasto
Image of a mermaid have been used on the crest of Warsaw as its symbol, since the mid of the 14th century.
Legend tells that once upon a time two mermaid sisters swam to the shore of the Baltic Sea from their home in the depths. They were truly beautiful, even though they had fish tails instead of legs. One of them decided to swim further towards the Danish straits. Now she can be seen sitting on a rock at the entry to the port of Copenhagen. The second swam to the seaside town, Gdańsk. And then, up the Vistula River. Probably right at the foot of today\'s Old Town, there is a place where she came out of the water onto the sandy bank to rest. She liked it so much that she decided to stay.
The fishermen, who used to live in this area, noticed that when they were fishing, someone was agitating the waves of the Vistula River, tangling their nets and freeing fish from their traps. Therefore, they decided to catch the culprit and get even with him once and for all. But when they heard the enchanting song of the mermaid, they gave up on their plans and frankly came to love the beautiful woman-fish. Since that time, on every evening, she entertained them with her marvelous singing.
But one day, a rich merchant strolling on the banks of the Vistula River caught sight of the little mermaid. He decided to catch her and keep her as a prisoner, and then make money by showing her at the fairs. The merchant quickly put into practice his wicked scheme. He caught the mermaid by a trick and held her as a prisoner in a wooden shed, with no access to the water. Her cries were heard by a young farm-hand, the son of a fisherman, who with the help of a friend freed her one night. The mermaid, in recognition of the fact that the inhabitants had come to her aid, swore that if in turn they would be in danger, she would come to protect them. That is why the Warsaw mermaid is armed with a sword and a shield, for the protection of our city.

The Old Town
“Kamienne Schodki” Street
“Krzywe Koło” Street
“Pod Chrystusem” House
“Szeroki Dunaj” Street
“W±ski Dunaj” Street
A town house of Burbach family
Church of Our Lady of Grace
Column of King Zygmunt III Vasa
Historical Museum of the City of Warsaw
Kamienica ”Pod Gołębiami”
Kamienica ”Pod Okrętem”
Piwna Street
St. John’s the Baptist Cathedral
St. Martin's Church
¦więtojańska Street
The “Pod Blach±” Palace
The Barbican
The Castle Square
The Market Square: Barss Side
The Market Square: Dekert Side
The Market Square: Kołł±taj Side
The Market Square: Zakrzewski Side
The Old Town Market Square
The Royal Castle
Warsaw Mermaid's Statue
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Aleje Ujazdowskie
Bankowy Square
Heroic City
Krakowskie Przedmie¶cie street
Krasiński Square
Piłsudski Square
Royal Łazienki
Social realism in Warsaw
Teatralny Square
The New Town
The Old Town
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