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22nd September 1953
The star-spangled banner no longer flies over the White House.
They came without warning: This morning, Nazi German troops attacked New York. The United States of America is under attack!
Intelligence reports about the planned invasion dating from 1951 have proven true. Without stopping for a declaration of war or any diplomatic banter, the Nazi German air force raided New York. Zeppelin squadrons circle above the metropolis while fighter jets roar between the skyscrapers, bombing civil targets and symbolic sites like the Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler Building. Paratroopers plunged from the skies in their thousands, like deadly hailstones, and stormed the financial centers on Wall Street and the city’s public buildings. The air assault is supported from the sea, with the German navy’s war machinery unleashing its tremendous destructive power through constant bombardment of New York.

The exact situation inland remains unclear. According to unverified reports, the wave of destruction has already reached Washington D.C., where the invaders are said to have seized the U.S. center of power. Reliable reports are difficult to come by as a result of the chaotic situation.

In the meantime, civil resistance appears to be forming against the brutal aggressors: eye witnesses tell of construction workers, cab drivers and other ordinary citizens taking up arms to defend their country against the more technically advanced Nazi military forces by all means. America must not yield to the enemy who has already swallowed Europe! We must fight for our freedom! Long live the resistance!
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Zeppelins Conquer the Skies
At last fall’s air show, the German military indulged in its habitual saber-rattling and presented its latest Zeppelin models. At the time, many hoped that these aircraft would never be put to use – a hope that was finally crushed by today’s events. On the contrary, the completely unforeseen invasion would never have been possible without the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin LZ 201 Flugzeugträger (Aircraft Carrier). Billed as the most powerful airship in the world, it can carry airplanes, tanks, and up to 2,000 soldiers. It may be slow, but it is also perfectly protected by 3.6 inch armor plates that will even stop anti-tank projectiles. In addition, surprisingly low numbers of smaller Zeppelins escort the sluggish colossus, prime among them the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin LZ 140 Nachteule (Night Owl). This model is filled with non-flammable helium, and mobile jet nozzles make for superior maneuverability. Moreover, the Night Owl can carry five infantrymen in full gear.
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