Smackdown Results of 5/9/08 - Oppurtunity Strikes Twice!
    Submitted by Christopher Huynh on Friday, May 9, 2008 at 10:39 PM EST

    Before tonight抯 report I would like to say that I had to skip out on last weeks report due to a major exam that I am required to take in order to graduate. I am truly sorry to my viewers who really looked forward towards last weeks report. Hopefully you aren抰 to mad at me. Now without further ado

    It starts off with a video footage of last week抯 main event/final segment. It shows how Vickie has stated that Taker is stripped of his World title. Taker locks in the Gogoplata submission on Khali while Zack and Ryder steal the World title and give it to Vickie Guerrero.

    Beginning segment:

    Vickie, Edge, and Theodore Long are on the stage. Vickie states how hard it is to be general manager. She then states that she didn抰 want to strip Taker of his title. She then states that at Judgment day there will be a match to determine the new world title. She then states that Taker is going to be in the match. She then states that if Taker wants to become champion once again he would have to bar his submission maneuver. She then announces some competitors that are able to compete in this match with Taker. She states that tonight the competitors will compete on one on one match with some other competitors. The winners of those matches will be going to be placed in an over the top rope battle royal to determine who faces Taker at Judgment day for the World title.

    Overall Segment Rating: Great segment and sets the mood for tonight. The segment gets 8 out of 10 stars.

    Smackdown! Theme airs.

    Matt Hardy enters the ring for his qualification match for tonight抯 battle royal.

    CM Punk heads towards the ring.

    Match #1: CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy

    The match begins with Hardy getting an arm lock in. Hardy starts to work on Punk抯 arms with an armbar. Punk tries to roll over to break the hold but Hardy holds on. Hardy manages to get Punk抯 shoulder to the mat. Punk grabs hold of the ropes but Hardy refuses to break the hold. Punk manages to get out and pushes Hardy but Hardy comes back with an armbar. The match continues with Hardy getting a quick roll up pin on Punk but Punk gets out at two. Hardy gets an electric chair on Punk. Hardy goes for the leg drop on the top rope but Punk moves out of the way. Hardy hits a side effect and goes for the pin and gets a two count. Hardy goes for the twist of fate but Punk hits a knee to the face and then hits a bulldog. He goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out. Punk hits a butterfly suplex and goes for the pin and gets a two count. Matt gets up and attacks the arms. Punk gets back and Punk tries to hit the GTS. Hardy reverses it and turns it into a twist of fate position. Punk pushes him off and tries to pin him but Hardy possum pins him for the 3 count!

    The winner of the match is Matt Hardy!

    Overall Match Rating: This match was really great but it was kind of short. I think the match was a great rematch between the two. (Rematch from the King of the Ring match) I think that the match should get a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

    **Commercials air here**

    MVP enters the arena for his qualifying match.

    Finlay accompanied by Hornswoggle heads towards the ring.

    Match #2: Finlay vs. MVP

    Hornswoggle starts to throw some tennis balls in the ring which distract MVP. Finlay goes on the attack, but MVP gets back into the game and locks in a full body scissors headlock. Finlay gets out and they quickly do some hold on each other. Finlay gets MVP in the corner but MVP pushes him off. Finlay and MVP are dead center in the ring and Finlay throws in a few quick punches and gets MVP to the ground. Finlay locks in a side headlock on the mat. MVP throws Finlay off and both men are in each others face. Finlay gets MVP down with a body lock. MVP gets up and is in the corner. Finlay charges at MVP but MVP dodges out of the way and Finlay抯 shoulder hits the pole. MVP takes advantage of this and locks in an armlock which means Finlay is in some deep trouble.

    **Commercials air here**

    We return to see that Finlay is still in an armlock. MVP starts to pound on the arm while in the lock. Finlay counters by getting a quick pin on MVP. MVP and Finlay get up and Finlay hits a clothesline with the injured arm. Finlay rests near the ropes and MVP hits a kick to the head which launches Finlay out of the ring. MVP goes after Finlay but he is distracted by Hornswoggle. Finlay takes advantage and hits MVP from behind. Finlay pushes him into the ring but MVP gets his momentum back. MVP works on Finlay抯 arm in the corner and knocks Finlay down. MVP sets Finlay抯 arm near the steps while Finlay is in the ring. MVP goes for the kick but MVP misses due to Finlay moving out of the way. The match progresses and both men are battling int out fist to fist in the ring. Finlay eventually gets MVP down on the mat and locks in a leg lock. MVP gets to the ropes and Finlay breaks. Finlay gets MVP up and front slams him which avertedly hits MVP抯 leg on the bottom rope. Finlay then goes for a half Boston crab on MVP. MVP kicks Finlay off and they begin to fight it out. Finlay gets the advantage does another front suplex that again knocks MVP抯 leg on the bottom rope. The match continues and both of them lock in a submission hold that attacks each others weakened body parts. Finlay eventually breaks MVP抯 lock but manages to stay in the leg lock on MVP. Finlay is forced to break due to MVP has his hand on the bottom rope. Finlay hits a back suplex which both men are pinning each other and both shoulder抯 are down.

    The match is considered a draw!

    Overall Match Rating: This match was one not to miss. It was equally balanced and I must say that this match is a pure wrestling match. It had everything from distractions to even momentum changes. The match gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.

    **Commercials air here**

    We come back and Michael Cole thanks the artist for their song used at Judgment Day.

    Kelly Kelly heads to the ring.

    Natalya accompanied by Victoria enters the ring.

    Match #3: Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly

    The match begins with both women locking up. Natalya powerfully knocks Kelly down on the mat. Natalya gets Kelly into the corner. Kelly tries to throw a slap in the face of Natalya but Natalya catches it and hits a spinning suplex. Natalya gets her on the mat and locks in a body lock. Kelly gets back in the game and goes for a handspring elbow while Natalya is in the corner. Natalya catches it and gets Kelly in a surfboard position. The match continues and Natalya locks in a sharpshooter and Kelly taps out.

    The winner of the match is Natalya!

    Overall Match Rating: I think personally this was a squash match. Natalya dominated basically the whole match. I抦 guessing that she is going to be the Beth Phoenix of the Smackdown! brand. The match gets 2 out of 5 stars.

    They run some video footage of the fans reactions of if Vickie was justified for stripping Taker of the World title.

    Batista is in action next!

    **Commercials air here*

    We come back and they show a replay of the Finlay/MVP match. Vickie states that both Finlay and MVP advance to the over the top rope battle royal match later on tonight.

    John Morrison accompanied by the Miz head to the ring.

    Batista enters the ring.

    Match #4: Batista vs. John Morrison

    The match starts with Morrison going for a kick but Batista moves out of the way. Morrison gives a few kicks to Batista抯 legs and Batista goes after Morrison. Morrison moves out of the ring and Batista follows after him. Morrison goes in the ring and Batista follows. Morrison goes out and Batista follows. Morrison gets back into the ring gets jumps on top of the top rope and baseball slides Batista out on the floor. Morrison goes towards Batista to get the upper hand but Batista gets back in the game. The match continues with Batista getting the advantage on Morrison on the outside. Morrison eventually throws Batista抯 shoulder to the steel steps. Morrison throws Batista in and hits a kick right into the nose. He goes for the cover and gets a two counts. Morrison gets a headlock on Batista. Batista gets to a vertical base and throws a few punches and whips Morrison off. Morrison holds onto the ropes and Batista rushes right at Morrison. Morrison lifts up the boot and heads to the top turnbuckle. Morrison hits a missile dropkicks and goes for the pin and gets a two. Morrison hits his dancing leg drop and locks in a side headlock. Batista manages to get up while having Morrison on his back. Batista pushes Morrison into a corner and rushes at him. Morrison moves out of the way and Batista paws the price. Morrison goes and starts to pound on Batista in the corner. Morrison starts to build the momentum. Batista gets back into the game with a few power moves, but Morrison doesn抰 give up so easily and gains the upper hand on Batista. Morrison gets to the top turnbuckle and jumps off right into Batista抯 spear in mid air. Batista lifts him up for the Batista bomb for the 1...2...3!

    The winner of the match is Batista!

    Overall Match Rating: The match was dominated by Morrison up until the very end. Batista made a great comeback with the mid air spear. The match gets 2.5 out of 5 stars.

    They again run the promo of the World title stripped away from Taker.

    They show the current line up for the over the top rope challenge.

    Big Show is backstage heading down for his match.

    **Commercials air here**

    **WWE shop promo**

    Big Show enters the ring for his opportunity to enter the battle royal.

    Tommy Dreamer heads towards the ring.

    Match #5: Big Show vs. Tommy Dreamer

    The match starts with show getting Dreamer in the corner and giving him a few kicks to the abdominal area. Show then hits a headbutt. Dreamer starts to pound on the abdominal section of the Big Show. Show hits a few attacks on Dreamer and whips him into a corner. Show runs at him and Dreamer lifts the boot. Dreamer goes in to throw a few fists. Show endures it and hits a chokeslam. Show goes for the pin and gets the 1�2�3!

    The winner is the Big Show!
    Overall Match Rating: Another squash match�. Match gets 2 out of 5 stars.

    **Wrestlemania XXIV DVD now available**

    **Commercials air here**

    Chavo Guerrero accompanied by his security guard heads to the ring for a qualifying match.

    Kane heads to the ring.

    Match #6: Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane

    The match starts with Kane pushing Chavo down on the mat. Chavo grabs hold of Kane抯 leg and Kane pushes Chavo in the corner. Ref tells them to break and they do. Kane gets Chavo into another corner and lets him have it. Kane eventually lifts Chavo up and military presses him down on the mat. The match continues and Chavo gets Kane grounded and goes in for some quick fists and kicks. Chavo continues the assault by smashing Kane抯 leg into the side mat. Chavo then gets back into the ring and jumps right out landing on Kane抯 leg. The body guard then attacks Kane抯 leg while the referee was distracted with Chavo. Chavo then sets Kane up in the corner and gives him a few fists to the head. Kane grabs Chavo by his neck and Chavo escapes and dropkicks the leg. Chavo locks in a few leg locks one with a bridge. Chavo breaks the hold and knocks Kane down before he can get to a vertical base. Kane rises from the dead after Chavo was going to pick him up. Kane then starts to dominate the match with a big back body drop and a huge elbow. He goes for the pin and gets a two. Kane gets Chavo in the corner and hits a clothesline. Kane tries to go for the side slam but couldn抰 balance it out due to the knee. Chavo gets to the top rope and jumps off. Kane catches him in a chokeslam position. Chavo gets out of the position but Kane hits a sunset flip and gets the 1�2�3!

    The winner of the match is Kane!

    Overall Match Rating: Chavo dominated Kane but Kane did have his moments. Match gets 2.5 out of 5 stars.

    **Commercials air here**

    **The Slam of the Week is shown and it shows Cherry slapping Natalya**

    Vladimir Kozlov heads to the ring.

    Phil Atlas is in the ring.

    Match #7: Vladimir Kozlov vs. Phil Atlas

    The match starts with them locking up. Kozlov throws Atlas to the floor and locks in a armlock. Atlas goes in for a clothesline while in the armlock but Kozlov ducks. Kozlov throws Atlas away with a belly to belly slam. Kozlov sets Atlas on the top turnbuckle and kicks him. Kozlov hits the Russian Rack for the 1�2�3!

    The winner of the match is Vladimir Kozlov!

    Overall Match Rating: Just as I have said before unentertaining squash match that is pointless. I suggest the writers to hurry up and do something different. The match gets 0.5 out of 5 stars.

    The over the top rope battle royal is next!

    **Commercials air here**

    Match #8: Over the top rope battle royal: Big Show vs. Batista vs. Finlay vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. Kane

    The match begins with each superstar going at it with each other. Batista/Kane, Show/Hardy, and MVP/Finlay Show tries to push Hardy out but Hardy holds on and goes under the bottom rope. MVP is outside the ring resting up. Batista and Kane team up against the Big Show. MVP goes in and takes advantage of the beatend Batista. Big Show is the corner pressing his boot right into Kane抯 face. Show moves over to give Hardy a big slap right into the chest. MVP again moves to the outside of the ring to rest up. Kane and Batista work together to get out Show. Show tries to throw Finlay out of the top rope but MVP comes in and saves him. Show gives Finlay a slap in the face and man handles Batista. As Show is looking to go after MVP, MVP moves out of the ring. Finlay tries to eliminate Hardy but Hardy moves in from the bottom rope. Show is getting pounded in the corner by Kane and Hardy. Show starts to dominate the ring and knocks everyone out with some clotheslines.

    **Commercials air here**

    We come back and se that Kane is working on Hardy and Show is working on everyone else. Kane starts to lift Hardy off his feet but Hardy manages to get his feet back down. While Show was pressing his weight on MVP, Batista comes over and tires to lift him up and throw him over the top rope. Show starts to work on Batista in the corner. Finlay lifts MVP up and tries to eliminate him as Show works on Hardy and Kane works on Batista. Show comes over and starts to attack both men. Hardy starts to go after MVP but Finlay comes over and starts to pound on him. Hardy returns with a side effect. MVP comes from behind throws Hardy over the top rope. MVP hits his boot right into the head of Finlay. MVP tries to go after Show from behind but Show pushes him away. Batista from behind throws some fists at Show and they duke it out. MVP goes after the weakened Batista with a headlock but Kane big boots him off. Show then attacks Kane. Show lifts Finlay up and attempts to throw him out. Batista comes out of nowhere spears Show. Finlay grabs his shillelagh and starts to pound on everyone in the ring. Kane however comes from out of nowhere and knocks Finlay out of the ring. Kane and Big Show battle it out. MVP goes for the kick on Batista in the corner but misses and falls out of the ring. Big Show eliminates Kane and it抯 down to Batista and Show. Batista moves in from behind but Show elbows him. Show goes and works on Batista in the corner. Batista is on the side of the mat and is trying to gain access inside the ring. He uses the shoulders to attack the abdominal section of Show. Batista rushes at him but Show stops him clear. Show starts to dominate but when he rushes at Batista, Batista hits a drop toe leg drop and hits Show into the corner. Show comes back and tries to knock Batista out of the ring. Batista uses his legs and eliminates Show.

    Just as you think that Batista has won Vickie comes out and announces that Edge is cleared to wrestle. He rushes into the ring and spears Batista off the side mat and wins the match.

    The winner of the match is Edge!

    Post Match:
    Edge celebrates on the ramp and suddenly a bolt of lighting strikes the World title placed in a case on the ramp. A gong is heard and Edge rushes to the back.

    Overall Match Rating: Excellent over the top battle royal match. It had its tides and turns, twists and turns, and etc. If you missed this match you missed one heck of a show. The match gets 4 out of 5 stars.

    Quick Match Results:

    Match #1: CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy
    The winner of the match is Matt Hardy! (Hardy wins by a possum pin)

    Match #2: Finlay vs. MVP
    The match is considered a draw! (Both men抯 shoulders were down and they both covered each other)

    Match #3: Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly
    The winner of the match is Natalya! (Natalya won after making Kelly tap out from the Sharpshooter)

    Match #4: Batista vs. John Morrison
    The winner of the match is Batista! (Batista won after hitting the Batista Bomb)

    Match #5: Big Show vs. Tommy Dreamer
    The winner is the Big Show! (Show won after hitting the Chokeslam)

    Match #6: Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane
    The winner of the match is Kane! (Kane wins after hitting a sunset flip)

    Match #7: Vladimir Kozlov vs. Phil Atlas
    The winner of the match is Vladimir Kozlov! (Vladimir won after hitting the Russian Rack)

    Match #8: Over the top rope battle royal: Big Show vs. Batista vs. Finlay vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. Kane
    The winner of the match is Edge! (Edge came in and speared Batista off the side of the ring)

    Smack of the night (Match of the night) � Has to be the main event because it provided the overall best excitement of the night.

    Biggest Impact of the night � The spear that Edge gave to Batista is the biggest impact of the night.

    Segment of the night- The only segment available which is the opening segment.

    Overall Show Rating: Tonight抯 show is more on the wrestling side than anything. I抎 say that they have somewhat improved on making squash matches limited, though I抎 say that they should get rid of the Kozlov squashes. Anyway tonight抯 show gets 7 out of 10 stars.

    Now that Edge has been decided as Takers opponent will the deadman continue the mind games? What is to happen to the other participants in the battle royal? Who is going to make the biggest impact next week?

    The answers to these question will be answered next week, and there is one place to find out where and that抯 the show that is changing Friday nights, Friday night Smackdown!

    Have any questions, concerns, statements, or advice to give me? Well then you can contact me, Christopher Huynh, here at!

    Well that ends tonight抯 report. Hope to see you guys next week! Good night everyone.

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