Cell Phone Names Gone Wrong

BlackJack, Diamond and Sirocco are all examples of cell phone companies nick naming their products for branding purposes. The main idea being to create a catchy and memorable short name that is easy to pass around, kind of like your nick name in a social context.

Most of the time branding is well thought out and tends to be effective and serving it’s purpose.
HOWEVER … There are a few times when manufactures get it all wrong and when they do … boy is it worth a tribute…

So in true Celluar Mashup satire we pay tribute to branding gone wrong:

T-Mobile SideKick:


Why would you doom a perfectly good phone to “side-kick” status ?

If it’s not wearing green tights (Robin) or is a make shift microwave meal the thing deserves to be a Full-kick. Come on people…

LG KF750 Secret :

Lg Secret

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.. don’t tell anybody , LG’s got a secret and its called, well…Secret. Nothing says spread the word like Secret or maybe this is a little bit of reverse psychology genius from LG ? We’ll never know, It’s all a big Secret.



Seriously… I mean it’s enough your company is called “HTC” and now you name your phone TyTN ?  Does that stand for some kind of DNA test ? or is it some kind of acronym for the Ninja Turtles ? Either-or it’s bad.

HTC Tyhtc-tytn2TN II :

Oh it get’s better… not only did HTC not learn anything from their previous horrendous branding attempt, they went for the sequel  !
Can you picture a really deep voice  “Coming Soon to a Theater near you … (sound effects).. TyTN II !”



We might as well just dedicate this entire article to HTC . MTeoR ? 10 bucks says the next one will be called Haley and will be released after 75 years .

Got some more ? Let us know we’ll add them to the wall of shame.

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