Congratulations to President-Elect Obama

While I didn’t vote for him, I wish him well in doing what is best for our country.

Published Tuesday, November 4, 2008, at 10:25 pm|

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  1. On November 5, 2008 at 6:41 am RoAnn Said:

    I agree with what Michael Novak wrote in National Review Online last night:

    So what does the election of Sen. Barack Obama as the new president of the United States mean?

    I will never forget the moment in January 1961, when John F. Kennedy was sworn in as president. I was watching his inaugural address in the cafeteria of the Harvard Law School, when I was startled by feeling warm tears streak down my cheeks. I was caught by surprise; I had not expected that. Yet it was so astonishing to witness a Roman Catholic becoming the public face of our nation, as presidents always do. It had seemed impossible to imagine, in this very Protestant country. In the Harvard graduate schools, a Catholic felt like a man with green hair—an oddity. But not any more, not after John F. Kennedy became president.

    Thus, it is easy for me to imagine the immense jubilation in the hearts of America’s African-American population. Many eyes will be shining with joy tomorrow. Many will feel arise in their breasts a great new sense of pride, accomplishment, and public dignity. They will feel validated as never before.

    That is one great blessing of this election.

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