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Let’s go over this again, shall we?

For the last time, because it’s amazing how many people get it wrong, even those who should know better

What it is What to call it What not to call it, because it’s wrong and you’ll just look silly
A collection of articles or pieces of writing, about any topic, by one or more authors, presented in reverse-chronological order and with date-based archives on the web A blog or weblog A blogsite
A single article or piece of writing contained within a blog (see above) A post, blogpost or blog post or entry A blog
A person who writes and publishes articles to the internet via the medium of a blog A blogger or author
A person who leaves comments responding to a blogpost which someone else has published on a blog A commenter or contributor or user (or, if they don’t say anything but you know they’re there, reader) A blogger

Got it? Good.

I’m sorry to suddenly become the nomenclature-nazi, but when people interchange words like those above it just gets confusing. Saying “I’ve just finished a giant blog” or “I’m writing a blog about cheese” confuses the container object for the constituent part. A blog carries with it expectations or overtones of archive, pace, time, multiple postings. Blogs don’t finish. If you’re writing a blog about cheese then I expect to see lots of posts about cheese, exploring dairy products from all angles, not one entry, about Edam.

Likewise, people occasionally say “there are a lot of nice bloggers on my blog” which is nice and everything, but they have a different relationship than you to the content. You wrote it; they responded to what you wrote. You are the blogger; they are the commenter.

It’s a small distinction, but it’s important.

That is all.


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