You need to find the differences
between two SQL databases?
Or make them the same?
This is right tool for you!
Easy to use, fast and reliable!
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Download trial

CompareDB is the ideal tool for comparing SQL database structures.

Analyzes, compares and documents structure of tables, procedures, functions, views, triggers and relationships.
Finds the differences between two databases and displays them in a user-friendly manner.
Generates syncronization scripts to transfer the structure changes from one database to another. The scripts can be saved and executed at any later time or automatically executed by CompareDB.

CompareDB makes your life easy, it automatically saves your previous comparison projects, so it is very easy and fast to repeat previous comparisons.

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We are dedicated to help you, so we commit ourself to support you as soon as possible in any problems you might have with our software.
Please report any problems you encounter so that we can help you.
Report can be provided through:
- our website by clicking here
- the dedicated menu "Report error" from the CompareDB application
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