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Latest from the LAWG                                                Updated December 4, 2008

New Report: A Compass for Colombia Policy

The next president and Congress must take a new approach to Colombia. U.S. policy must aim to end impunity, increase respect for human rights, and strengthen the rule of law.

The U.S. must change its failed counternarcoctics policy, which has had a devastating toll on small farmers without reducing cocaine production.

Most importantly, the U.S. must stand by the human rights advocates and others who are the driving forces towards a more just and peaceful Colombia.

See the report in English

See the report in Spanish

See the press release

See Still So Far to Go: Human Rights in Colombia

Tell Our Next President to Take a New Approach

It is a moment of hope, but change never comes easy. We need to organize if we want to see foreign policies we can believe in.

Sign our petition calling on President-elect Obama to build a just policy towards Latin America that unites us with our neighbors.

Click here to sign our grassroots petition

Click here to read LAWG's letter to the president-elect

Click here to read a letter from a coalition of faith-based organizations and other NGOs

Oprima aquí para leer una carta de organizaciones religiosas y otras ONGs escrita para Obama

Cuba: Advocacy Needed to End Travel Restrictions

Take Action on Cuba policy today by contacting new members of Congress and your new President! Tell them to end the ban on travel to Cuba for all Americans. See more here

Do you have a new member of Congress? Click here for a list of new members and contact information.

Listen to an interview with Mavis Anderson and Jeanne Lemkau from a recent book tour in California here

New poll shows 55% of Cuban Americans support ending the embargo completely. See more here

60% of U.S. citizens favor a revised policy to Cuba. See more here

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