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1. Boh3m3 aka 3m3hoB

2. GregSolomon Boh3m3

3. Renetto VloggerHeads

4. AndyMcGaffigan aka McElectricChair Boh3m3

5. TheDiamondFactory LisaNova Boh3m3

6. AskCarrieLee Renetto VloggerHeads

7. YsabellaBraveTalk aka YsabellaBrave

8. ThePeteMossShow

9. RoobyJuice aka VeeBeeLicious collab channel ThreeRockinChicks

10. ThreeRockinChicks RoobyJuice aka VeeBeeLicious RottingCherriez RavenLillySoa Blunty3000

This Is How I Roll....
Eating My Tator Tots
And Breyers Ice Cream
While Watching
Trevor Rieger's UTubeDrama.com website Gets
Than Boh3m3's FAILED website Boh3m3.net

YouTube Suspended
My Channel And I Am
Fired From Yahoo!

"BoScheme" Was First
Coined By Trevor Rieger
In Fall 2006 For Boh3m3

Fuck Chad Hurley!
Fuck Steve Chen!
Double Fuck JipsiK!

Boh3m3 Is Just A Huge
E-Begging Turd Left On
YouTube's Front Porch

Trevor Rieger Was Right
For The Past 2 Years
About Corporate YouTube!


1. Boh3m3 aka 3m3hoB Ben Going 23 years old founder of Snarky Bastard Films waiter and now high school teacher's assistant from Torrance, California originally from Huntsville, Alabama and Cocoa, Florida ben@boh3m3.net boh3m3.net youtube.com/boh3m3 youtube.com/3m3hob wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Going myspace.com/boh3m3 blogtv.com/People/boh3m3 stickam.com/boh3m3 vimeo.com/boh3m3 flickr.com/photos/boh3m3 says in his YouTube video titled DAS ECONOMISTA that HE IS LIVING IN POVERTY SINCE MOVING TO LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA and that HE HAS BEEN OUT OF WORK FOR THE PAST 5 MONTHS and CANNOT FIND ANY MINIMUM WAGE WAITER JOBS and is now WORKING IN A GROCERY STORE DELI and HELPING BLACK HIGH SCHOOL KIDS IN THE CRIME RIDDEN CITY OF WATTS, CALIFORNIA and had to SELL HIS MOTORCYCLE TO PAY THE IRS and so now he feels humble of the experience of a regular Californian and hopefully he does not have any more CHIPS ON HIS SHOULDER when he did 2 years ago because he thought YouTube was going to MAKE HIM RICH and instead it GAVE HIM 45,000 SUBSCRIBERS in which 40,000 SUBSCRIBERS of his are DEAD GHOST ACCOUNTS knocking him from the TOP 10 MOST SUBSCRIBED DIRECTORS ALL THE WAY DOWN TO NUMBER 60 meaning this guy needs to CLOSE HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL and be like the Prodigal Son and pack up his bags and move back to Alabama and find that nice basement to live in at his parents house and day dream about the good ole days on Golden YouTube of 2006.

2. GregSolomon from Itís A Wonderful Life Bedford Falls youtube.com/gregsolomon says in his YouTube video titled YOUTUBE LIVE BOH3M3 AKA BOSCHEME that Boh3m3 DID NOT GET INVITED TO THE YOUTUBE LIVE EVENT becaue YouTube Staff are pissed off at him for GLEEFULLY DELETING OVER 100 OF HIS VIDEOS AND HAD FUN DOING IT and saying that YOUTUBE DID NOT HELP HIM ENOUGH IN GETTING HIM NOTICED AND HIS VIDEOS FEATURED and of his E-BEGGING WAYS AT LEAST 2 OR 3 TIMES not to mention all of the times his had his PAYPAL LINK IN HIS YOUTUBE VIDEO DESCRIPTIONS and he has talked more than once about LEAVING YOUTUBE FOR GOOD TO START HIS FILM CAREER meaning if a YouTuber is going to use YouTube's FREE WEB SERVER SPACE to upload videos and store them and to use their bandwidth and to make money off of their backs by being a YouTube Partner then you should not BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS IT as him and many other Partners have done lately.

3. Renetto Paul Robinette 40 years old business entrepreneur co-founder of VloggerHeads.com co-founder of Renetto Company founder of Paul Robinett Aromatherapy Candle Shop creator of the canopy chair and the kelsyus portable hammock from Mesa, Arizona originally from Columbus, Ohio paul@renetto.com paulrobinett.com renetto.com vloggerheads.com wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Robinett youtube.com/renetto says in his YouTube video titled YOUTUBE BLACKOUT WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE ADULT CONTENT that instead of YouTubers having a blackout on Friday December 19th meaning they will refuse to upload any videos on that day that they should have a CUSS OUT meaning they should CUSS OUT CHAD HURLEY AND STEVE CHEN to get there point across about ALGORITHMICALLY DEMOTING VIDEOS BECAUSE OF CURSE WORDS and to say something like HEY YOUTUBE KISS MY ASS YOU SON OF A BITCHES BECAUSE YOU ARE SO GOD DAMN LEFT THIS COMMUNITY YOU COCK SUCKING MOTHER FUCKERS SONS OF BITCHES ASS WIPE DICK HEADS KISS MY ASS YOU CUM GUZZLING PIECES OF SHIT FUCKTARDS and then after YouTubers upload their nasty filthy vulgar YouTube videos with all of the cuss words on December 17th then they can PAT THEMSELVES ON THE BACK because they have just become unwitting Beta Testers of YouTube's ALGORITHM FUCKBOT FOR FREE but regardless this video should be FLAGGED and his YouTube Channel SUSPENDED because HE VIOLATED YOUTUBE TOS TERMS OF SERVICE by CREATING MISLEADING VIDEO DESCRIPTION with DIRTY NASTY FILTHY SEX KEYWORDS and even with all of those keywords in his video description HE STILL GOT LESS THAN 6,000 VIDEO VIEWS.

4. AndyMcGaffigan aka McElectricChair Andy McGaffigan 29 years old college graduate from Los Angeles, California youtube.com/andymcgaffigan twitter.com/andymcgaffigan twitturly.com/user/andymcgaffigan twitterholic.com/andymcgaffigan blogtv.com/people/andymcgaffigan stickam.com/andymcgaffigan says in his YouTube video titled AN OPEN LETTER TO BOH3M3 that Boh3m3 has been WHINING AND CRYING to be featured on YouTube who has featured him a half dozen times anyway and Boh3m3's VOICE ACTING HIS INFERIOR to his own voice over acting and that Boh3m3 has been PROMOTED AND ADVERTISED on YouTube which is the MOST POPULAR VIDEO SHARING WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET and the REASON WHY NOBODY LIKES HIM IS BECAUSE HE SUCKS AND IS TERRIBLE and is JUST A HUGE TURD WASTING SPACE ON YOUTUBE.

5. TheDiamondFactory alias Danny Diamond Danny Zappin 33 years old film producer and director for girlfriend LisaNova Lisa Donovan co-founder of Zappin Productions rapper dancer A Diamond is Forever from Venice Beach, California originally from Columbus, Ohio zappinproductions.com imdb.com/name/nm0953296 youtube.com/thediamondfactory stickam.com/thediamondfactory says in his YouTube video titled DANNY AND BOH3M3 DISCUSS YOUTUBE SITE CHANGES ON BLOGTV that YouTube should GIVE THEM A FUCK LIST about what words ARE NOT ALLOWED ON YOUTUBE and Boh3m3 is LOSING MORE SUBSCRIBERS THAN HE IS GAINING which is true because Boh3m3 has 45,000 SUBSCRIBERS but yet his videos nowadays get UNDER 10,000 VIDEO VIEWS meaning ONLY A FRACTION OF HIS SUBSCRIBERS ARE WATCHING HIS VIDEOS and Boh3m3 says that his subscribers are STUCK ON YOUTUBE and DOES NOT WANT TO SEE HIM ON HIS OWN PERSONAL GENERIC WEBSITE or FOLLOW HIM TO ANOTHER VIDEO SHARING WEBSITE and that is because YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS ARE A MYTH and THE REASON WHY Boh3m3 GOT MOST OF HIS SUBSCRIBERS IS FROM HIS NO SWEARING VIDEO because YouTube would PROMOTE THAT VIDEO ON THEIR FRONT PAGE EVERY SINGLE DAY IN 2006 and now that they do not do that anymore because YOUTUBE DOES NOT NEED USER GENERATED CONTENT ANYMORE FROM THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY BECAUSE IT IS A VERY BAD REVENUE MODEL FOR THE MARKETING ADVERTISERS AS WELL AS GOOGLE.

6. AskCarrieLee Carrie-Lee Altamura Touhey 29 years old atheist CPHT Certified Pharmacy Technician from Cape Cod, Massachusetts AskCarrieLee@gmail.com thetouheys@gmail.com youtube.com/askcarrielee myspace.com/askcarrielee askcarrielee.blogspot.com twitter.com/askcarrielee twitturly.com/user/askcarrielee twitterholic.com/askcarrielee blogtv.com/people/askcarrielee stickam.com/askcarrielee facebook.com/people/Carrie-Lee-Touhey/603777565 www.linkedin.com/pub/a/69/445 vloggerheads.com/profile/CarrieLee says in her YouTube video titled TALKIN TUBE EPISODE 1 AND EPISODE 2 that SHE HAS ANOTHER NEW SHOW ON YOUTUBE which was NO DOUBT PIMPED BY YOUTUBE STAFF who FEATURED HER FIRST TALKING YOUTUBE EPISODE 1 ON THE FRONT PAGE but even with 56,000 video views she STILL ONLY GOT LESS THAN 80 RATINGS and 100 COMMENTS which DOES NOT ADD UP COMING FROM ALMOST 60,000 VIEWS meaning YOUR VIDEO BEING ON THE FRONT PAGE OF YOUTUBE DOES NOT MEAN SHIT because PEOPLE WILL WATCH YOUR VIDEO AND YOU MAY GET SOME SUBSCRIBERS but THAT DOES NOT TRANSLATE INTO A LOT MORE COMMENTS AND A LOT MORE RATINGS such as in the FAILED EXPERIMENT to talk about what is LEFT OF THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY but what makes this MORE IRONIC is that SHE IS OVER ON Renetto's VloggerHeads and her FIRST VIDEO JUST 2 MONTHS AGO while SMOKING ON HER PROCH that she has HAD IT WITH YOUTUBE and SHE HATES WATCHING HERSELF ON YOUTUBE and one of the MAIN REASONS why she went over to Renetto's VloggerHeads because THERE IS TOO MUCH COMMERCIALISM ON YOUTUBE so YouTubers must be scratching their heads right now on WHY START A BRAND NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO SERIES ABOUT YOUTUBE with COMMERCIAL ADS NEXT TO YOUR VIDEO meaning YOU ARE NOW RESTRICTED WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT SAY IN YOUR VIDEOS and STOP CHANGING YOUR HAIR STYLE AND HAIR COLOR IN EVERY SINGLE VIDEO YOU UPLOAD BECAUSE IT IS ANNOYING AS FUCK.

7. YsabellaBraveTalk aka YsabellaBrave Sister Mary Anne MaryAnne Ysobella Ysabella 30 years old former Yahoo Fraud Analyst now Cordless Recordings recording artist karaoke singer 2006 Miss Horrorfest Finalist from San Francisco Bay Area, California ysabellabrave.com wikipedia.org/wiki/Ysabella_Brave youtube.com/ysabellabrave youtube.com/ysabellabravetalk stickam.com/ysabellabrave hisprophet.livejournal.com says in her YouTube video titled UPDATE that YouTube HAS SUSPENDED HER MAIN CHANNEL YsabellaBrave and SHE AND HER BOSS HAVE BOTH BEEN LAID OFF OF YOUTUBE so she is in TEARS and DEPRESSED and SAD about her recent events happening to her but SHE HAS NOBODY TO BLAME BUT HERSELF because SHE STARTED UPLOADING COPYRIGHTED MUSIC OVER 2 YEARS AGO ON YOUTUBE while SINGING KARAOKE to the music and now she is FINALLY creating her own music in a studio with a record label but SHE WAS WARNED TIME AND TIME AGAIN NOT TO UPLOAD COPYRIGHTED MUSIC FOR HER BACKGROUND AND SHE IGNORED AND EVEN DELETED AND BLOCKED HUNDREDS OF YOUTUBERS WHO TRIED TO WARN HER so now she is SUSPENDED FROM YOUTUBE because of DMCA's that were filed to PROTECT THEIR MUSIC INTERESTS and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS because you are going to need it.

8. ThePeteMossShow The Pete Moss Show David Christopher Moss 36 years old from Belmont, North Carolina originally from Florida youtube.com/thepetemossshow myspace.com/daddync1 says in his YouTube video titled YOUTUBE STAR ARRESTED RESPONDS BACK that HE WAS ARRESTED FOR IMPERSONATING A POLICE OFFICER and he is FAMOUS because he was in his local newspaper and on his local news station because he shtick is to MAKE FUN OF PIMPS AND PROSTITUTES and other illegal activity that goes on in his bad neighborhood so in his last YouTube video it shows him going up to a John's car where he just picked up a hooker and telling them that he is a Gaston County Police Officer and he is under arrest for soliciting a whore so even though the video and his past videos were hilarious on the internet the fact that he IMPERSONATED A GASTON COUNTY POLICE COP is ILLEGAL and now he has to go to court to either PAY A STIFF FINE or GO TO JAIL or if he is lucky just some community service and a promise to never ever be a YOUTUBE VIGILANTE again.

9. RoobyJuice aka VeeBeeLicious collab channel ThreeRockinChicks Sarah 34 years old married bisexual atheist witch from United Kingdom youtube.com/roobyjuice youtube.com/threerockinchicks stickam.com/roobyjuice stickam.com/veebs says in her YouTube video titled ROOBY GETS HIT ON that she wants YouTubers to EXCUSE HER APPEARANCE and how dare her get on cam looking like a tattoo lady showing all of her tattoos on her arms and tits and that she HATES WEARING PAJAMAS so she PUTS A SHEET AROUND HER like IT IS FREEZING THIS TIME OF YEAR and ALL SHE HAS IS A SHEET WRAPPED AROUND HER and she is checking out that FAGGOT VIRTUAL REALITY WORLD game called SECOND LIFE and she made her avatar character and that within 20 minutes she had 7 PERVERTED GUYS PROPOSITION HER and these teenage boys are MASTURBATING TO HER AVATAR and if you look who is BEHIND HER AVATAR and FIND OUT WHO IT IS YOU WOULD THINK THAT SHE IS NOT FUCKABLE and even Laura Croft Tomb Raider video character is MORE FUCKABLE than her and then she says that YOUTUBERS SHOULD NOT BE COMPLAINING WHO GET 1 STAR RATINGS ON THEIR VIDEOS because AT LEAST IT IS 1 STAR and not ZERO STARS like THIS BITCH NEEDS TO GO TO BED NOW because if she started to get 1 star ratings on her videos she would be one fat PISSED OFF ENGLAND GOTHIC WITCH.

10. ThreeRockinChicks youtube.com/threerockinchicks Collab Channel LineUp is RoobyJuice aka VeeBeeLicious Sarah 34 years old married bisexual atheist witch from United Kingdom youtube.com/roobyjuice youtube.com/threerockinchicks stickam.com/roobyjuice stickam.com/veebs and RottingCherriez Jen 19 years old from the United Kingdom youtube.com/RottingCherriez rottingcherriez.wordpress.com livevideo.com/RottingCherriez and RavenLillySoa Lilly 27 years old from the United Kingdom youtube.com/ravenlillysoa who has brain damage because she thinks Blunty3000 is sexy.


1. BeaverBunch Friday Lesbian Host LuCaro22 Lu Laura 23 years old bisexual college graduate from North Carolina LuSlunce@aol.com youtube.com/BeaverBunch youtube.com/lucaro22 says in her YouTube video titled I AM SUCH A DORK that she FORGOT TO LOOK UP ON THE INTERNET WHICH FINGER ON HER HANDS PROVES TO PEOPLE THAT SHE IS GAY so she holds up both of her hands with all 10 fingers towards her camera and wants YouTubers to tell if she is gay or not and by the looks of her hands she NEEDS TO WASH THEM WITH SOAP AND WATER because you can see the dirty in her fingertips and she needs to put some nail polish on her fingers and paint Ellen Degeneres pictures on each of her finger tips and then everybody will know that she is gay at least half way because she says she is a bi-sexual meaning the rest of the day she needs to paint pictures of Tom Cruise on her fingertips to make it look all legit.

2. Naomi94 33 years old ATHEIST from France youtube.com/naomi94 groups.myspace.com/existentialismandcoffee stickam.com/naomi94 says in her YouTube video titled WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO SAY I DATE MEN FOR THEIR MONEY that SHE DOES NOT DATE RICH MEN WHO HAVE 30 MILLION DOLLARS as a response to VladTepesLives fat ass with the Howard Stern hair who claims she does otherwise she would not have moved from America to France and now back to New York City but she says her recent boyfriend IS FLAT BROKE AND HAS NO MONEY which is very true because SHE CANNOT FIND A LIFE LONG MILLIONAIRE SUGAR DADDY because if you take one good look at her life story on YouTube for the past 2 years you would come to the conclusion that NO MILLIONAIRE WOULD PUT UP WITH THIS DRAMA WHORE IN THE FIRST PLACE and it is surprising she has anybody considering she gets on her 10 dollar web cam with her 5 dollar microphone with NO MAKEUP ON and WET CRINKLY HAIR like BITCH PLEASE next time you decide to OVERREACT from some fat dude who has no life AT LEAST DRY YOUR STRINGLY HAIR FIRST and then get on YouTube to make another STUPID RESPONSE because if this wannabe French broad was dating a millionaire SHE WOULD NOT BE WASTING HER PRECIOUS TIME ON YOUTUBE RESPONDING TO NOBODIES WHO CREATED AN ACCOUNT 3 months ago.

3. MiltownKid aka MyDeadXbox aka HouziKing Casey Abbott Payne 29 years old CEO MiltownKid LLC CEO emKid Creative Taoist University of Wisconsin Milwaukee college student former kindagarten teacher MCSE IT tech math wiz wannabe 1337 h4X0rz fluent in Mandarin Chinese Xbox360 gamer fanatic kung fu martial arts expert failure of 2 websites while livingin Taiwan letstaiwan.com and letstaiwan.org from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Inquiries Only 414-455-0683 miltownkid@gmail.com houzi.king@gmail.com XBOX360 miltownkid360 youtube.com/miltownkid myspace.com/emkid miltownklan.com emkid.net mydeadxbox.com mygamercard.net/miltownkid360 twitter.com/miltownkid twitturly.com/user/miltownkid twitterholic.com/miltownkid blogtv.com/People/miltownkid stickam.com/miltownkid justin.tv/miltownkid linkedin.com/in/miltownkid facebook.com/pages/miltownkid/7126509682 facebook.com/people/Casey-Payne/660701884 miltownkid.blogspot.com theshire2004na.blogspot.com flickr.com/photos/miltownkid says in his YouTube video titled WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FUNNY MILTOWNKID that he is gettin emails that MILTOWNKID IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE and THAT IS BECAUSE THIS BI-POLAR 3 RED RING OF DEATH GEOMETRY WARS LEADERBOARD XBOX360 EXPERT WHO ALTHOUGH VERY INTELLIGENT AND BOOK SMART WAS NEVER EVER FUNNY IN THE FIRST PLACE and then he wants to know if he should make another channel for his funny videos but DAMN DUDE YOU GOT WHAT AROUND 3 OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS RIGHT NOW including your XBOX CHANNEL and YOU WANT TO MAKE ANOTHER CHANNEL like JUST BECAUSE YOU MAKE MORE CHANNELS DOES NOT MEAN YOUTUBE WILL PAY YOU MORE since you sold out as a YouTube Partner and Pure Digital Technologies who is a HUGE sponsor of YouTube MUST BE PAYING YOU A PRETTY PENNY to have your video banner showing you with your mino flip camcorder and YOU HAVE 5 TOOLBARS WITH JUNK ON YOUR COMPUTER and so that equals about at least 10 Spyware and Adware and Malware viruses you have on your computer and you need to DISABLE ALL THOSE TOOLBARS and you will soon see how fast your computer runs like when you first bought it.

4. SrgtWP (PERMABAN TheSargeWP PERMABAN SrgtWilliePete) WHO IS A BLACK MAN BECAUSE THE SOUND OF HIS VOICE youtube.com/SrgtWP says that WHEN A WHITE MAN DATES A BLACK WOMAN it is perceived as A CHOICE TO DATE A BLACK WOMAN BY SOCIETY but when a BLACK MAN DATES A WHITE WOMAN it is perceived as A VOODOO CURSE BY SOCIETY because if the white woman was really in the right frame of mind that she would never date a black man in the first place because many people in the family and out of the family would have a problem with it and this guy keeps getting banned by the BLACK FEMINAZIS ON YOUTUBE who DOES NOT BELIEVE IN A BROTHER SPEAKING OUT ABOUT RACE RELATIONS so he has been suspended TWICE so far from YouTube and it is just a matter of time before the FURIOUS BLACK WOMEN ON YOUTUBE gets him banned again for EXPRESSING HIS OPINION which is irony because BLACK WOMEN were the ones fighting the most for FREE SPEECH back in the 60's only to STOMP IT OUT when a black man talks about them.

5. Brazdolph Jana 38 years old agnostic Brazilian to English Teacher from Sao Paulo, Brazil youtube.com/brazdolph myspace.com/braziliandolphin says in his YouTube video titled REPLY BRAZIL that SHE IS CONFUSED about YouTuber ClayLavl flying to meet her for the first time after talking almost EVERYDAY FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS and that he says REX DOES NOT LOVE YOU but she insists HE DOES LOVE HER HE JUST CANNOT SEE HER and this whole Brazil Drama YouTube shit is for the birds because THIS BITCH NEEDS TO STOP WITH TRYING TO ADD STYLE TO HER WINDOW MOVIE MAKER because no matter how many shades of blue she puts in her video SHE IS STILL UGLY LOOKING and she needs to go back to almost 2 years ago when she was not messing around with the video editing and just go back to do ORIGINAL VLOGS WITH NO WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER SPECIAL EFFECTS and she NEEDS TO STOP SMOKING IN HER VIDEOS because BIG BROTHER YOUTUBE will sooner or later ALGORITHMICALLY DEMOTE HER VIDEOS BECAUSE SHE IS RUINING HER BODY WITH CANCER STICKS and REX DOES NOT LOVE YOU AND NOBODY LOVES YOU BECAUSE THIS IS YOUTUBE SO SUCK IT UP AND LIVE LIFE.

6. MagicalChazWick aka ChazResponds Chaz Yario 13 years old HEY THERE OBAMA KID from Chicago, Illinois youtube.com/magicalchazwick twitter.com/chazwick twitturly.com/user/chazwick twitterholic.com/chazwick freewebs.com/magicalchazwick bluemerang.net bluemerang.ning.com cafepress.com/magicalchazwick says in his YouTube video titled MAGICALCHAXWICK QUICKCAPTURE VIDEO that HE IS SORRY HE HAS BEEN SO BUSY since Obama won the elections but what is STILL funny about all of this is THE TEENAGER SHOULD NOT BE A YOUTUBE PARTNER IN THE FIRST PLACE because HE CREATED HIS ACCOUNT in 2006 AND UPLOADED VIDEOS WHEN HE WAS 11 YEARS OLD thereby BREAKING THE YOUTUBE TOS TERMS OF SERVICE that YOU MUST BE 13 YEARS OLD TO REGISTER so for 2 years this kid has been VIOLATING YOUTUBE TOS BY UPLOADING HIS VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE and now he is a Partner meaning ANY CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 13 YEARS OLD IS WELCOMED TO UPLOAD VIDEOS AND BECOME A YOUTUBE PARTNER and many under aged 13 years old have done just that.

7. Timido66 Van Stephanie Lokey 42 years old lesbian catholic college graduate Twish1999 Nutter Club member founder of Stanley Studio Painting Gallery from Dallas, Texas slokey@stanleystudio.com youtube.com/Timido66 stanleystudio.com twitter.com/Timido66 twitturly.com/user/Timido66 twitterholic.com/timido66 stickam.com/Timido66 says in her YouTube video titled OH THE HUMANITY that SHE SAW A SQUIRREL EATING A BIRD while eating her poor man's food PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLO SANDWICH which was a shock to her because she thought squirrels were VEGETARIANS and they ONLY EAT NUTS but if a damn squirrel cannot find any nuts and is TIRED OF EATING THE SAME OLD SHITTY TREE LEAVES EVERYDAY then LET THEM EAT BIRDS AND ANY OTHER SMALL ANIMAL THEY WANT TO EAT because if squirrels can hop around from telephone to telephone and climb trees and then fly over to the next branch and those damn birds keep SHITTING ON HIS FURRY HEAD then yeah maybe one day just to piss them off he is going to claw one of them to death and eat their little intestines out just to show the birds who is king of the trees and king of the telephone wires and I next time DO NOT BE SO NOSEY OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW WHILE EATING A P B AND J SANDWICH.

8. Roswell73 21 years old from Cape Coma, Florida youtube.com/roswell73 says in his YouTube video titled TANNING SALONS IN FLORIDA that YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE LONG SHAGGY HIPPY HAIR when you go into a TANNING SALON BOOTH but THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS DORK HAS ON HIS HEAD and this coked up weed smoking jerk thinks THE FAMILY GUY OWES HIM MONEY FOR TALKING ABOUT HIS GREATEST PRANK CALL VIDEO and that is utter BULLSHIT to say the least just because a cartoon talks about George Bush asking Javier about his crack cocaine does not mean HE GETS ANY ROYALTIES on that cartoon it just means some lame ass FOX Family Guy writer was TOO STUPID to think of his own jokes so he decides to STEAL IT OFF OF YOUTUBE because he sees that video got over 2 million views meaning YOU ARE ONLY FAMOUS IN YOUR OWN MIND and now you are REALLY FAMOUS because you are on UTubeDrama website.

9. ChrisCrockersDeleted NOT ChrisCrocker aka ItsChrisCrocker aka Chris Crocker Chris Cunningham 21 years old gay LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE FAME now HAIR FLIP FAME single MIND IN THE GUTTER from Los Angeles, California originally from Bristol, Tennessee Business Inquiries Only contactcrock@gmail.com youtube.com/itschriscrocker stickam.com/chriscrocker districtlines.com/Chris-Crocker says in his YouTube video titled CHRIS CROCKER MSCHRISCROCKER.COM that HE IS LEAVING YOUTUBE BECAUSE YOUTUBE HAS REMOVED HIM FROM THE MOST SUBSCRIBED LIST but this video just like all the other 100 videos on this FAKE CHRIS CROCKER CLONE YOUTUBE CHANNEL is the videos that were uploaded on his original channel but now is reuploaded on this sock account so now we have over 100 Chris Crocker videos and over 7,000 subscribers and 130,000 Channel Views on this YOUTUBE SOCK ACCOUNT that somebody created meaning 7,000 subscribers think this is Chris Crocker's YouTube account and IT IS NOT and of course YouTube DOES NOT SUSPEND SOCK ACCOUNTS because this FAKE ACCOUNT is BRINING IN THE VISITORS AND VIEWS WHICH EQUALS REVENUE FOR YOUTUBE that they are very pleased about.

10. Cohenism Jake Douglas Sidwell 21 years old Born Again Holy Sprit Filled Conemporary Christian piano player from Cedar Lake, Indiana AIM MercThePirate youtube.com/cohenism myspace.com/jakedouglassidwell twitter.com/Cohenism twitturly.com/user/cohenism twitterholic.com/cohenism facebook.com/people/Jake-Douglas-Sidwell/571764761 photobucket.com/albums/f344/mercthepirate forums.avatarspirit.net says in his YouTube video titled WIZARD that HE IS EXCITED TO REACH THE 500 SUBSCRIBER MILESTONE ON YOUTUBE and whenever any YouTuber WHORES THEMSELVES MORE by uploading a video talking about how many low life scumbags out their in YouTube Land have subscribed to their videos it just shows the irony in the YouTube Circus World meaning it is not just enough to BECOME A YOUTUBE CAMERA WHORE but make yourself a BIGGER WHORE by creating a video TALKING ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE NOW SUBSCRIBE TO WATCH YOU WHORE MORE and then in the video description he says YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTICAL PHANTASMAGORICAL and this guy is either STONED OUT OF HIS MIND THINKING HE IS A WIZARD and living in the 1970's DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ERA or FINDING BIG WORDS IN THE DICTIONARY WITH OVER 10 LETTERS THAT NOBODY HAS HEARD ABOUT.


1. NineteenPercent aka ImDahnyAllMy2os Amber 22 years old lesbian Ohio State University medical student from Brunswick, Ohio AIM Justification21 Yahoo IM Justification_not myspace.com/imdahnyallmy2os xanga.com/Justification_Not http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-N/12424150 says in her YouTube video titled NineteenFacts that she is SO DITZY that SHE FORGETS HER LEFT FROM HER RIGHT and has MANY TIMES DRIVEN ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD like WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN WHO IS TOO PRETTY TO BE A LESBIAN BITCH and WHOEVER GAVE HER A DRIVER'S LICENSE SHOULD BE FIRED ON THE SPOT because ain't no way you are going to have some person driving on the road and one time out of 100 they are DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC and this bitch needs to get her head examined and see a head shrink and then maybe the head shrink can STRAIGHTEN HER ASS OUT and DRIVE HER ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD meaning CONVERTING HER to becoming a STRAIGHT WOMAN so she can GET MARRIED TO A MAN AND HAVE CHILDREN AND HAVE PRESENTS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE FOR HER KIDS AND SEND THEM OFF TO SCHOOL AND WATCH THEM GRADUATE and then she will no longer think about licking another woman's twat ever again.

2. EddPlant Edward Ed Blann 21 years old acoustic singer songwriter folk artist vocalist guitar piano player musician from Birmingham, England, United Kingdom originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom asstr.org/files/Collections/Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated/Year2007/56689 eddplant@gmail.com gigs@eddplant.com over 6,000 postings on friendlink.org.uk youtube.com/EddPlant eddplant.com myspace.com/edblann twitter.com/eddplant twitturly.com/user/eddplant blogtv.com/people/eddplant stickam.com/eddplant facebook.com/pages/Eddplant/41563020445 last.fm/music/Ed+Blann eddplant.livejournal.com eddplant.deviantart.com says in his YouTube video titled MEETING UP IN BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND FOR ANOTHER YOUTUBE GATHERING that there will be yet another YOUTUBE MEETUP IN BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND ON DECEMBER 22 at 12PM NOON and their fun filled day is to HANG OUT AT THE CHRISTMAS GERMAN MARKET then he says THAT IS WHAT YOUTUBE IS ALL ABOUT IS TO MEET EACH OTHER AND HAVE FUN AND HANG OUT meaning that YouTube is NOT A VIDEO FILE SHARING WEBSITE as was the original intent but now is HAVE A YOUTUBE GATHERING EVERY OTHER WEEK SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND and many YouTubers are tired of wasting their hard earned money by traveling to these lame ass English Meetups every other week just to try to bang some 15 year old underage teenage girl who thinks she is meeting a YouTube Star like this Scottish grown adult 21 year old musician who uploads SEX STORIES on Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated and has over 6,000 postings on friendlink.org.uk should not be hanging around 15 year old girls from England.

3. StoryCorey Corey Sehnert 15 years old My Immortal Valentine Rock Band rhythm guitarist and drum player from Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand storycorey@gmail.com youtube.com/StoryCorey freewebs.com/storycorey twitter.com/storycorey twitturly.com/user/storycorey blogtv.com/people/storycorey storycorey.co.nr bebo.com/MyImmortalValentine says in his YouTube video titled A FEW THINGS that there is a YouTuber who WANTS TO SPONSOR HIM and will pay him 5 DOLLARS to have his name in the beginning of his YouTube videos and that he wants to thank all of his new YouTube subscribers by COMING TO THEIR HOUSES AND GIVING THEM LAP DANCES AND LICKING THEIR TOES meaning this teenage little boy is EITHER A HOMOSEXUAL which cannot be true because he has a girlfriend named Lee or NEEDS PSYCHIATRIC HELP because I am sure out of his 800 subscribers there are quite of few perverted old men in their 70's pleasuring themselves WHICH IS DISGUSTING AND GROSS while watching this kid's videos and for him to offer to come to their houses and LICK THEIR TOES means this kid NEEDS TO GO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST because THIS KID HAS A VERY SICK FOOT FETISH and licking anybody's lint inbetween their toes can give you AIDS and then you will not be able to upload anymore YouTube videos since that is all you have going for yourself on your tiny island called New Zealand.

4. IllDoc1 Jay Smooth aka John Randolph from counselor for trouble teenagers now producer and host for WBAI Pacifica Radio founder of The Hip Hop Radio Show WBAI 99.5 FM Underground Railroad from Brooklyn, New York jsmooth@illdoctrine.com jsmooth@escape.com illdoctrine.com hiphopmusic.com twitter.com/jsmooth995 http://twitturly.com/user/jsmooth995 says in his YouTube video titled SO ANYWAY WHAT WAS I SAYING that he has NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT ANYMORE ON YOUTUBE SINCE THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS ARE OVER and this nutcase how FRANTICALLY EDITS HIS VIDEO MONOLOGUES EVERY OTHER SECOND and he promised months ago that he was going to post video conversations but never got around to doing them and so now we have yet another YoUTuber who uploads YouTube videos asking his subscribers WHAT SHOULD HE TALK ABOUT and then he wants his subscribers to COMMENT ON HIS VIDEO ABOUT WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING IN THE NEWS LATELY like WHAT THE FUCK CAN YOU NOT LOOK ON THE INTERNET YOURSELF TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN TODAY'S NEWS like unless you live in a cave then you should know that THE ECONOMY SUCKS and GAS PRICES ARE GREAT now start making some videos that MAKE SENSE and stop with the cheap ass EDITING AND SPLICING YOUR VIDEOS EVERY OTHER SECOND MAKING PEOPLE DIZZY AND CONFUSED because ain't too many people going to put up with that shit for too long YOU DAMN HIP HOP DJ HOOD NERD.

5. HappyFeet3592 Diamond Devnir 30 years old from Bridgeport, Connecticut AIM gunitsfinest11 YAHOO IM sexyassnigga_99 youtube.com/HappyFeet3592 myspace.com/gunitsfinest99 myspace.com/happyfeet3592 esnips.com/user/sexyassnigga99 says in his YouTube video titled SHOULD I COME OUT that the day after Thanksgiving known as BLACK FRIDAY SHOULD BE ILLEGAL because everybody wants anything to do with Miley Cyrus in Walmart and then he says FUCK HANNAH MONTANA WITH A SICK DONKEY DICK and this BLACK TRANSSEXUAL BITCH WHO IS COKED UP WITH FEMALE HORMONES IN THE CLOSET says HE HAS NO JOB AND NO SCHOOL and you can tell he lives in a POVERTY STRICKEN DRIVE BY GANGSTA STYLE SHOOTING IN DA HOOD TYPE OF ENVIRONMENT and what the hell is up with this transvestite's YouTube username Happy Feet 3592 like is the 3 thousand 5 hundred and 92 number how many boy feets he has sucked or is that number the boys toes and so now we have yet another BLACK MAN WHO REFUSES HATES HIS OWN BODY and WANTS TO CHANGE IT INTO A WOMAN'S BODY and THAT SHIT AIN'T GOING TO WORK BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST A PRETTY BOY WITH A DICK IN BETWEEN YOUR LEGS and this bitch is WACKED and needs to take video lesson tips from YouTuber LoveBScott himself because at least HE KEEPS IT REAL and this is the MOCKERY OF BLACK PEOPLE WHO DO NOT LIKE THEIR OWN SEXUALITY and pretends to be somebody they are not so they come to YouTube to look for acceptance.

6. FlipOnDeck 19 years old lesbian hip hop rapper singer from Memphis, Tennessee originally from West Memphis, Arkansas with an independent hip hop rap label out of Atlanta, Georgia by lesbian rap star YoungMeccaMuzik YoungMecca Terry Mecca Pope myspace.com/dat_nigguh_flip myspace.com/flipondeck myspace.com/fodstreetteam says in her YouTube video titled HOME STUDIO that she is going to be recording some Hip Hop rap beats for her album coming out in 2009 in her HOME MADE STUDIO which is actually her bedroom and then she pans her camera around to show her bedroom and then she shows her 23 year old brother with his hood on in front of the computer and she says MY BROTHER IS SINGLE FOR ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO KNOW and then she says FOR ANY LADIES NOT MEN WHO WANTS TO KNOW like SHE MUST BE AN ANTI-FAG because she says her brother IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR WOMEN and WHO THE FUCK WANTS HER BROTHER WHO WEARS A HOOD ON IN HER HOUSE like KEEP IT FER REAL YO and REMOVE THAT DAMN HOOD CAUSE YOU BE IN DA HOUSE and GET THE FUCK OFF OF MYSPACE cause YOU IS WASTIN YOUR TIME TRYING TO RAP and you need to get a REAL JOB and fill out an application at your local McDonald's cause THAT IS A STEADY INCOME not BANGING OUT STUPID RAP LYRICS and when you GET A JOB AT MCDONALD'S then GIVE YOUR SISTER SOME MONEY SO SHE CAN PAY FOR THE HEATER BILL SO IT WON'T BE SO COLD IN HER HOUSE AND THEN YOU WON'T HAVE TO WEAR YOUR HOOD EVERYTIME YOU GO OVER THERE and that is YOU FEEL ME.

7. MaddoxHardcore Maddox Hardcore 21 years old from the United Kingdom youtube.com/maddoxhardcore maddoxhardcore.blogspot.com twitter.com/maddoxhardcore snapvine.com/maddoxhardcore twitturly.com/user/maddoxhardcore blogtv.com/people/maddoxhardcore stickam.com/maddoxhardcore says in her YouTube video titled CUNT that YOUTUBE HAS NOW FORBIDDEN PEOPLE TO SWEAR ANYMORE IN THEIR VIDEOS so she takes masking tape and wraps up her mouth so she cannot talk but what all YouTubers are failing to realize is that this new FILTER PROGRAM is so powerful that IT CAN FILTER ANY KEYWORDS IN A VIDEO THAT CAN BE CENSORED BY YOUTUBE and not just cuss words so if YouTube gets pressured by the government of another country or even here in America they can SINGLE OUT INDIVIDUAL VIDEOS with a specific keyword tracking tool to maybe CATCH CRIMINALS or even CATCH POLITICAL PROTESTORS who disagree with their government meaning YOUTUBE HAS NOW CENSORED ALL KINDS OF SPEECH and not just simple swear words like FUCK GOOTUBE.

8. GlobalSideChannel youtube.com/GlobalSideChannel unlike that stupid KiwiTubeCentral YouTube Channel that CLOSED is a NEW YouTube Collab Library Channel by the following New Zealand YouTubers starting with the Channel Founder TheJoeFrom1993 and StoryCorey and TehDancingKiwi and TheRealDrJ and WizardNeedsFoodBadly and PatrickBlog and BattleSoup and Hexachordal and SimonParasite

9. ToolTime9901 Peter 24 years old atheist married Northern Illinois University college philosophy student artist photographer filmmaker musician from Dekalb, Illinois originally from Portsmouth, New Hampshire AIM tooltime9901 hate515@yahoo.com tooltime9901@livejournal.com PhilosophyPeter@gmail.com youtube.com/ToolTime9901 myspace.com/peterhatesyou philosophypeter.blogspot.com stickam.com/tooltime9901 tooltime9901.livejournal.com profiles.yahoo.com/hate515 flickr.com/people/tooltime9901 deviantnation.com/members/ToolTime9901 vzrgaming.com/vBTube.php?do=user&uname;=tooltime9901 geocities.com/hate515 says in his YouTube video titled ATHIESTS ARE ANGRY PEOPLE that says that he was recently reading a 1 YEAR OLD NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE like why does it take this long haired hippy who thinks he is Jesus Christ Superstar and living in the 60's a whole year to read one issue of NewsWeek unless he is from the SOUTH who does not start teaching children to read until they are in the 5th grade and by then he already has QUIT SCHOOL because he has DYSLEXIA and CANNOT READ ANYWAY but he goes on to say that the NewsWeek article talks about how ATHEISTS ARE ALWAYS ANGRY and that is true they are because they have this NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEM THAT TRIGGERS THEIR BRAIN everytime they say to themselves THERE IS NO GOD because that is GOD HIMSELF GETTING INTO THEIR HEAD AND PARALYZING THEIR CEREBRAL IN THEIR BRAIN just because they do not believe in their creator who created the universe and the earth and all the living things in the world including ANGRY ATHEISTS.

10. InspirationalOne aka Achievement101 David from Tampa, Florida youtube.com/InspirationalOne youtube.com/Achievement101 says in his YouTube video titled EPIC FAIL UTUBEDRAMA.COM that ALMOST EVERYBODY THAT IS SOMEBODY ON YOUTUBE IS ON UTUBEDRAMA WEBSITE and that webmaster Trevor Rieger must have TOO MUCH TIME ON HIS HANDS to update his website everyday and then he says that THE PEOPLE WHO RUN UTUBEDRAMA WEBSITE IS A GUY FROM MYSPACE WHO STARTED TO COME TO YOUTUBE TO FIND DRAMA BUT HE WAS NEVER ON YOUTUBE BECAUSE HE IS FROM MYSPACE and then he says HE IS GLAD HE IS NOT ON UTUBEDRAMA WEBSITE so to make sure he does not get on UTubeDrama.com he MAKES 2 VIDEOS WITH THE TITLE UTUBEDRAMA.COM ON HIS VIDEOS and the TAGS THAT SAY UTUBEDRAMA and so far he has had NO LUCK in getting on the UTubeDrama website despite the fact he closed his last account last month because of YouTube Trolls and then went SEARCHING ON THE INTERNET FOR DRAMA ON YOUTUBE and when you really look at the big piece of the pie he is just a small fish in the ocean surrounded by DRAMA.


1. SpeedyConKiwi aka Kiwi2point0 aka Kiwipedia Kiwi 23 years old from Munich, Bavaria, Germany speedyconkiwi@gmail.com youtube.com/speedyconkiwi youtube.com/kiwi2point0 youtube.com/kiwipedia myspace.com/kiwi1101 speedyconkiwi.blogspot.com twitter.com/speedyconkiwi blogtv.com/people/speedyconkiwi stickam.com/speedyconkiwi snapvine.com/speedyconkiwi says in her YouTube video titled PINKY AND THE PAIN that she SPRAINED HER PINKY BY FIGHTING WITH TOY LIGHTSABERS like WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS GERMAN CHICK who gets hurt playing with a lightsaber and this is the kind of WEIRD FRAULEIN WOMAN WE HAVE IN GERMANY and this is the reason why WE HAVE NO GERMAN WOMEN ON YOUTUBE because ALL OF THEM ARE SMART ENOUGH TO STAY THE FUCK OFF WITH THEIR MENTAL ISSUES but not this bitch who after 2 years on YouTube STILL CANNOT MAKE CLEAR VIDEOS and STILL DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO USE A LOGITECH QUICKCAM because her AUTOFOCUS IS OUT OF FOCUS and IF THAT FOCUS GETS ANY CLEARER you may see that ZIT UNDER HER LIP ACTUALLY BUST OPEN WITH LOADS OF PUSS and this is the reason why YOUTUBE SHOULD HAVE A REQUIREMENT FOR ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO BECOME A YOUTUBE PARTNER AND THAT IS THEY HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THEIR OWN DAMN WEB CAM.

2. BeaverBunch Tuesday Lesbian Host Proud2baDork Lori 23 years old surgical ICU scrub nurse from Michigan youtube.com/beaverbunch youtube.com/Proud2baDork stickam.com/proud2badork proud2badork.livejournal.com says in her YouTube video titled LESBIAN FINGER EVOLUTION that her ring finger is longer than her index finger because LESBIANS HAVE AN EVOLUTIONARY ADAPTATION because they use their index fingers different than other species WHICH MAKES NO FUCKEN SENSE AND IS YET ANOTHER FUCKEN LIE THAT THE LESBOS ARE TRYING TO MAKE US WHITE MALES BELIEVE and then she says she wants everybody to remember DAY WITHOUT A GAY on December 10th meaning DO NOT GO TO WORK IN OPPOSITION OF PROPOSITION 8 which was passed in California to ban gay marriages and so now we have California who has GAY PARADES without having a STRAIGHT PARADE and have GAY PRIDE without having STRAIGHT PRIDE and now we have a GAY DAY when we do not even have a STRAIGHT DAY and this is the STUPIDITY IN CALIFORNIA for CLASSIFYING THESE SEXUAL ORIENTATION DAYS with CALIFORNIA TAX PAYING DOLLARS when California's own budget is MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN THE RED.

3. Largo64 Larry Gott 66 years old semi-retired atheist and spiritual tour guide at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California from Los Gatos, California youtube.com/Largo64 stickam.com/largo64 youtube.com/group/thepoetrycorner largo64.deviantart.com eons.com/members/profile/163416 says in his YouTube video titled REPLY YOUTUBE IS DEAD that YouTube should have PARENTAL CONTROL BOXES that people can check to ENABLE or DISABLE profanity content or sexually explicit content like they have for television set top boxes with the V Chip identifier but then he says THIS IS NOT A MATTER OF FREE SPEECH because YOUTUBE IS A CORPORATE ENTERPRISE and THEY ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO THEIR CUSTOMERS and YOUTUBE CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT and change their policy WHENEVER THEY WANT and that IT IS NOT A MATTER OF CENSORSHIP BUT SPONSORSHIP meaning YouTube is bought by Google in a 1.6 BIllion dollar LUMP SUM payment and since Google's Adsense Policy states NO PROFANITY OR EXPLICIT CONTENT if you want to become an Adsense Partner then it makes PERFECT SENSE for Google to TAKE THEIR OWN ADVICE and LIMIT PROFANITY AND SEX ON YOUTUBE because Hulu.com is GOING TO PASS GOOGLE UP NEXT YEAR IN AD REVENUE because HULU HAS A REVENUE GENERATED WORKING MODEL WITH NO USER GENERATED CONTENT which is almost all that YouTube has to offer.

4. IceColdBath Ashley 24 years old post college graduate ex-Philosopher transgender pre-op transsexual from Upstate, New York green.ashley.m@gmail.com youtube.com/IceColdBath icecoldbath.wordpress.com says in her YouTube video titled FOUR LETTER WORDS PART II that she is giving a lesson on translanguage for transgender people like as herself who used to be a man and is now becoming a woman but no matter how hard you try to become a woman YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A VAGINA and MUTILATING YOUR PENIS AND TURNING IT INSIDE OUT IS STILL A MUTILATED PENIS AND NOT A VAGINA and MEN TAKING WOMEN HORMONES STILL MAKES YOU A MAN just like A MEXICAN LIVING IN AMERICA STILL MAKES HIM A MEXICAN no matter how hard he tries to say I AM AN AMERICAN and this WHITE SKINNY BASTARD starts filming with a TOWEL WRAPPED AROUND HER CHEST AS IF THIS TRANS BITCH HAS ANYTHING TO LOOK AT like BITCH REMOVE THAT TOWEL BECAUSE YOU AINT HIDING ANYTHING EXCEPT MAN NIPPLES and then this E-BEGGAR HE-SHE WANTS YOU TO GIVE HIM MONEY ON HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL SO HE CAN FINISH HIS MAN TO WOMAN TRANSFORMATION and the YouTube VIDEO GENERATED CONTENT Circus Continues.

5. FckuVryMch Cheri 40 years old True Patriot Action TPA member from Alabama youtube.com/FckuVryMch myspace.com/peace_o_work stickam.com/fckuvrymch says in her YouTube video titled IRISH HAPPINESS I AM IRISH that she likes MAKING FUN OF HER OWN CULTURE and so she tells a few IRISH JOKES like WHY ARE HURRICANES LIKE IRISH WOMEN answer is BECAUSE WHEN THEY COME THEY ARE WILD AND WET AND WHEN THEY LEAVE THEY TAKE YOUR CAR AND HOUSE WITH THEM and another Irish Joke is WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN IRISH FUNERAL AND AN IRISH WEDDING answer is 1 LESS DRUNK so now we have YouTubers MAKING FUN OF DA IRISH and YouTube is BECOMING ANTI-IRISH since YouTube has their own office in ENGLAND who for centuries have been MAKING FUN OF DRUNK IRISH PEOPLE and this is the kind of RACISM that exists on YouTube as well as PROMOTED on YouTube.

6. Shazoolo born again-Christian from the United Kingdom youtube.com/Shazoolo spotlightministries.org.uk says in his YouTube video titled ARE CHRISTMAS TREES CONDEMNED BY THE BIBLE JEREMIAH CHAPTER 10 that in the Old Testamenet in the Bible in the Book Of Jeremiah they seem to CONDEMN DECORATING CHRISTMAS TREES IN HOUSES and that the origins of decorating the Christmas Tree originated in the 16th Century in Germany so it could not be possibly talking about something that was written over 1600 years ago but this makes no sense whatsoever because ONLY CHRISTIANS DECORATE CHRISTMAS TREES THAT IS WHY CHRIST NAME IS IN CHRISTMAS to celebrate the BIRTH OF CHRIST and the Old Testament WAS WRITTEN FOR JEWS WHO ARE NOT CHRISTIANS that is why you do not see Christmas Trees in Jewish homes and if you see an UPSIDE DOWN CHRISTMAS TREE HANGING FROM THE CEILING then you know a WITCH LIVES IN THAT HOUSE.


8. Timaya Qaadir Howard 20 years old transsexual transgender singer formerly known as Ms Phoenix Majesty the female impersenator drama whore from Manhattan, New York originally from Decatur, Georgia youtube.com/Timaya myspace.com/qaadirofficial myspace.com/atorri myspace.com/phoenixmajesty says in his YouTube video titled I DID NOT ASK FOR THAT LIE that he cannot stand that people lie to him because he does not GIVE A FUCK and he NEVER ASKED FOR THAT LIE because HE WANTS TO KEEP IT REAL and HOW CAN THIS BLACK TRANSSEXUAL FEMALE IMPERSONATOR KEEP IT REAL when HE IS TRYING TO ACT AND BECOME A SHE and WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH HAVING NOT 1 NOT 2 BUT 3 MYSPACE PAGES UNLESS YOU HAVE 3 MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES which would explain a whole helluva lot and this scary up your face bitch is a LoveBScott black transsexual REJECT who HAS HIS OWN PERSONAL ISSUES TO DEAL WITH and WHY IS IT THAT THERE ARE MORE BLACK QUEERS ON YOUTUBE THAT ARE EITHER GAY OR WANT TO BECOME A WOMAN then there are REAL STRAIGHT BLACK MEN and even the REAL STRAIGHT BLACK MEN on YouTube are PRETENDING THAT THEY ARE GAY OR HOMOSEXUAL and this is the ZOO WE CALL YOUTUBE.

9. ReviewGuruChannel Jeff 16 years old who plays video games at home all day because he is too lazy to get out of his house from New Jersey AIM TheThingy24 SKYPE ReviewGuru youtube.com/ReviewGuruChannel www.blogtv.com/people/reviewguru says in his YouTube video titled ANNOUNCEMENT that he is going to save up enough money to BUY A PLAYSTATION 3 in the Spring and that 50 second YouTube video was his BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about meaning when is YouTube going to DO AWAY with these poor ass YouTube USER GENERATED VIDEOS that takes almost a minute just to say they are buying a toy after Christmas as if THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW HE IS BUYING A TOY and hopefully when he gets his Playstation 3 that he will PLAY IT SO MUCH THAT HIS FAT CHUBBY ASS WILL GET THE FUCK OFF OF YOUTUBE and let some other unfortunate bastard have a turn at making a fool out of himself on YouTube.

10. BiggydMan 37 years old from Upton, Wyoming originally form Wibaux, Montana youtube.com/BiggydMan myspace.com/biggydman says in his YouTube video titled MY WIFE HATES YOUTUBE that his wife is sick and tired of him always on YouTube and giving up his free time to spend with her and she GETS ABUSIVE TOWARDS HIM everytime he looks at her and says I JUST THOUGHT OF A NEW VIDEO IDEA FOR YOUTUBE and this my friends is why YouTube is INCREASING THE DIVORCE RATE with DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES who ARE TORN APART because one person is puts YouTube as NUMBER ONE IN THEIR LIFE by DEVOTING MORE TIME TO YOUTUBE THAN THEIR LOVED ONE IN THE REAL WORLD and when YouTubers think how much time they spend UPLOADING VIDEOS and EDITING VIDEOS and READING COMMENTS and REPLYING TO COMMENTS and WAITING FOR YOUTUBE TO CONVERT THEIR VIDEO not to mention the SEVERAL HOURS SPENT ON BlogTV and Stickam and SKYPE and anything else connected to the internet and years from now you will look in the mirror and say to yourself WHAT HAVE I REALLY ACCOMPLISHED IN MY LIFE and your answer will be NOTHING AT ALL EXCEPT ALIENATING YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS IN THE REAL WORLD because you spent all of your SELFISH TIME on YouTube.


1. ArshaAsteraki Arsha Asteraki 16 years old Persian Christian from Edmond, Oklahoma produced by NigaHiga manager Zemrak and Pirkle Productions in Danville, California contact Derek Zemrak ZemrakPirkle@aol.com Business Inquiries ONLY call 310-955-7383 AIM SecretArsha007 Xbox Live DJDUB91 youtube.com/ArshaAsteraki arshasworld.com himurakenshin.gametrailers.com myspace.com/dubmuzak blogtv.com/people/arshaasteraki twitter.com/arshaasteraki twitturly.com/user/arshaasteraki says in his YouTube video titled LIVE ON BLOGTV that HE WILL BE PLAYING GUITAR HERO LIVE ON BLOGTV and so he makes this STUPID 14 SECOND VIDEO ON YOUTUBE just to tell his YouTube subscribers to WATCH HIM ON BLOGTV INSTEAD which angered MANY of his YouTube subscribers who are now UNSUBSCRIBING FROM HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL and calling him NAMES like AFGAN INTERNET GANGSTA RAPPER and THEY ARE REALLY PISSED OFF AT HIM for PIMPING HIS LIVE BLOGTV SHOWS ON YOUTUBE with his lame ass 10 second videos and this FAKE GUITAR HERO wannabe ROCK BAND and FAKE RAPPER wannabe EMINEM needs to just DELETE HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL and MAKE HIS MONEY EVERYDAY over on BlogTV since BlogTV PAYS HIM WELL to do shows over there because his YouTube subscribers are FED UP WITH HIS SHIT and that is KEEPING IT REAL YO.

2. ThebDonski comedian actor writer Ben Donovan brother of YouTuber LisaNova aka Lisa Donovan founder of Zappin Productions Business Inquiries ONLY email admin@zappinproductions.com youtube.com/ThebDonski ZappinProductions.com says in his YouTube video titled SLEEP that he is an EXCELLENT SLEEPER IN LIFE and that shows by his unkempt uncombed hair and it LOOKS LIKE HE HAD A HANGOVER FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE and he says HE CAN SLEEP FOR HOURS and perhaps the REASONING OF HIM SLEEPING SO MUCH is because SO HE WILL NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH HIS SISTER LisaNova and he does not have to listen to her nag and whine and cry and bitch and complain and moan and IT IS ALL ABOUT ME ME ME while TheDiamondFactory Danny Diamond tries to CHILL HER THE FUCK OUT by giving her some ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES and just seeing the BIZARRE relationship between Diamond and Nova WOULD PUT ANYBODY TO SLEEP FOR DAYS AND WEEKS because this dysfunctional family BELONGS TOGETHER and that is the real reason why he SLEEPS ALL DAMN DAY and it is NOT because of the Chimay.

3. TOMMYfromtheBRONX aka TMC1969 from Connecticut youtube.com/TOMMYfromtheBRONX youtube.com/TMC1969 blogtv.com/people/TommyFromTheBronx stickam.com/tmc1969 livevideo.com/TMC1969 says in his YouTube video titled IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT THEN LEAVE that he made a short film about EATING A DEER and his subscribers thought it was a REAL DEER he killed and so the UNSUBSCRIBED FROM HIS CHANNEL but it was a deer that was shot a long time ago and these same subscribers who have unsubscribed from him are probably FRINGE PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS PETA PROTESTERS and these same people are probably watch HORROR FILMS at the movie theater and then after the movie goes to their local grocery store and BUY MEAT IN THE MEAT DEPARTMENT and this is the HYPOCRACY ON YOUTUBE is when you have subscribers unsubbing from your Channel because they did not like a video you made but yet OUT IN THE REAL WORLD AWAY FROM YOUTUBE they DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING YOU DID ON VIDEO but decides to unsubscribe because many others did as if UNSUBSCRIBING FROM A FREE FILE SHARING SERVICE actually means something.

4. KickThePJ from Peterborough, United Kingdom youtube.com/youtooners youtube.com/KickThePJ myspace.com/kickthepj myspace.com/bombingfarcet stickam.com/kickthepj says in his YouTube video titled SECRET PROJECT REVEALED that HE IS PART OF A NEW COLLAB CHANNEL BUT IT IS NOT A COLLAB CHANNEL EVEN THOUGH IT LOOKS LIKE A COLLAB CHANNEL and the COLLAB CHANNEL NAME IS YouTooners which is an animated video channel with YouTubers KickThePJ and OmgmHazzRocks and MusicFromBlueSkies and MyShowbizName and CowInParachute but then he says IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR NEW NOT A COLLAB CHANNEL THEN AmazingPhil WILL SAVE A BABY GIRAFFE but IF YOU DO NOT SUBSCRIBE THEN AmazingPhil WILL KILL A BABY GIRAFFE meaning HE IS THREATENING YOUTUBERS TO SUBSCRIBE TO HIS NEW NOT A COLLAB CHANNEL WHICH IS AGAINST THE TERMS OF SERVICE TOS POLICY on YouTube and also AmazingPhil WILL BE SUSPENDED HIMSELF and then he WILL GET THE ELECTRIC CHAIR if he kills just one baby giraffe in England.

5. WizardNeedsFoodBadly Monday Host OneAwesomeWorld Rache Bache 20 years old from North Shore Auckland, New Zealand WizardNeedsMagic@aol.com rachel.bache@gmail.com youtube.com/OneAwesomeWorld youtube.com/WizardNeedsFoodBadly myspace.com/racheofspades twitter.com/WizardNeedsFood wizardneedsfoodbadlyblogs.blogspot.com stickam.com/wizardneedsfoodbadly says in her YouTube video titled THINGS I DISLIKE FOR NO LOGICAL REASON that when people invite her over for dinner that she tries to talk her way and invite her way out of it which is the CORRECT ANSWER because this FAT NEW ZEALAND 20 year old woman needs to RUN AROUND THE NEW ZEALAND ISLAND to lose 10 pounds off of her face meaning SAY NO THANK YOU TO ALL BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER INVITES UNTIL YOU LOSE 50 POUNDS and GET RID OF YOUR STUPID GAUNTLET USERNAME WIZARD NEEDS FOOD BADLY because this New Zealand red-head bitch SHOULD INSTEAD RENAME HERSELF RED HEAD NEEDS LIPOSUCTION BADLY and GET REAL AND TAKE DOWN THAT DAMN High School Musical poster in your bedroom because you are NOT A TEENAGER ANYMORE AND YOU HAVE BEEN OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL FOR YEARS NOW so GET YOURSELF TOGETHER AND GROW UP and ACT LIKE AN ADULT because you are NO LONGER A TEENAGER.

6. T0ujoursPur aka Touj0ursPur 21 years old hardcore punk rock japanese robot pseudo male college film student from Florida youtube.com/T0ujoursPur touj0urspur.livejournal.com blogtv.com/People/Touj0ursPur take180.com/m/touj0urspur says in her YouTube video titled PRE REVIEW that she will talk about the PRE REVIEW OF THE MOVIE TWILIGHT BEFORE SHE TALKS ABOUT THE PRE VIDEO OF TWILIGHT like WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS RED HAIR LESBIAN BIRACIAL LIP RING BITCH MEAN by having a PRE REVIEW BEFORE THE PRE VIDEO and why have a PRE anything when the movie Twilight HAS BEEN TALKED ABOUT ENOUGH ON YOUTUBE and THIS BITCH IS LATE IN THE GAME about talking about ANY KIND OF PRE REVIEW OR EVEN A HALF-ASS REVIEW OF TWILIGHT because SHE IS 3 WEEKS TOO LATE IN GIVING A FUCKEN REVIEW OF TWILIGHT and EVERYTHING HAS ALREADY BEEN SAID ABOUT THE MOVIE and IT IS NOBODY'S FAULT THAT HER PREVIOUS YOUTUBE CHANNEL GOT HACKED and she needs to GET WITH THE YOUTUBE PROGRAM and for her living in America IT SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN THIS BITCH THIS LONG TO MAKE A PRE REVIEW OF THE PRE VIEW OF A MOVIE THAT CAME OUT 3 WEEKS AGO.

7. x44Jackal44x aka Phred aka x44WarHawk44x Brett Sub 4 Sub who is heavily promoted by 29 years old Robert Gollin G626Promotions Gollin626 from Cleveland, Ohio g626promotions@gmail.com youtube.com/G626Promotions youtube.com/Gollin626 from Brunswick, Ohio youtube.com/x44jackal44x youtube.com/Phred youtube.com/user/x44warhawk44x x44jackal44x.com x44jackal44x.blogspot.com blogtv.com/people/jackalonyoutube says in his YouTube video titled 25 VLOGS OF CHRISTMAS that he will upload 1 VLOG EVERYDAY until Christmas and this kid in vlog 8 says to LOOK AT MY EYES BECAUSE I AM MADE OF AWESOME and this kid is one of the ORIGNIAL SUB FOR SUBBERS and even in his recent videos he still says GIVE ME 100 COMMENTS AND 1000 VIEWS and HE IS NOW A YOUTUBE PARTNER so DO NOT LET ANYBODY TELL YOU THAT SUB 4 SUB YouTube Channels WILL GET SUSPENDED AS MENTIONED IN THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES because there are now MANY 13 AND 14 YEAR OLD SUB 4 SUB TEENAGERS WHO ARE NOW YOUTUBE PARTNERS meaning there are many YouTubers who have been REJECTED many times for the Partnership Program because they are not trying to GAME THE SYSTEM such as these new batch of teenagers who have been infiltrating YouTube.

8. XemVanAdams aka VisualArtist217 Xem Van Adams Lumumba Zazembi 26 years old gay visual artist writer filmmaker founder of Hip Hop Emerald Eye Entertainment and employed as a Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist Direct Care Counselor for Children at The Alexanda Foundation in Baltimore, Maryland and Staff Writer for The Hitt Music Group from North Hollywood, California originally from Baltimore, Maryland XemVanAdams@yahoo.com VisualArtist217@yahoo.com socialite217@yahoo.com youtube.com/XemVanAdams youtube.com/VisualArtist217 XemVanAdams.com myspace.com/Akosua217 xemvanadams.blogspot.com says in his YouTube video titled LET GO AND LET GOD MY TRUTH that HE LEFT EVERYTHING BEHIND and packed his personal belongings in his car and drove 3 days from his hometown in Baltimore, Maryland to Hollywood, California in Los Angeles to BECOME A FILMMAKER and so he left his FAMILY and his FRIENDS and all of his FURNITURE back home so he can try to become the First and Youngest BLACK Man to EVER win an Oscar and Golden Globe Award for BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY but here it is 3 years later and STILL NOTHING HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED and NO AWARDS AND NO NOMINEES ARE IN THE WORKS so this STARVING SCREENPLAY FILMMAKER is now here on YouTube to TRY TO MAKE A NAME FOR HIMSELF but the only name he is going to make for himself is BEING MENTIONED ON UTUBEDRAMA.

9. Mconn2112 35 years old True Patriot Action TPA member from America youtube.com/Mconn2112 says in his YouTube video titled BLOCKED BY RU4PEACE that this 35 year old grown ass man is CRYING THAT HE WAS BLOCKED from another YouTuber RU4Peace2 aka YouChooseaSide Martin who LOOKS LIKE MOBY ON CRACK and made a HELLO IS THERE ANYBODY IN THERE VIDEO and is always behind an American Flag talking about politics so now we have on YouTube BIG FAT TRUE PATRIOT ACTION TPA MEMBER BABIES CRYING that THEY WERE BLOCKED by a man who looks like The Lord Of The Rings Creature Gollum going around saying MY PRECIOUS MY PRECIOUS and this is the kinds of videos that not only children watch and laugh there asses off by seeing 35 year old men crying on YouTube that they were blocked AS IF BLOCKING REALLY MEANT SOMETHING but also it shows that AD AGENCIES DO NOT WANT TO ADVERTISE with YouTube for just this very thing.

10. KillerT00thBrush Leuke from Australia youtube.com/KillerT00thBrush killertoothbrush.com twitter.com/totallyhappy twitturly.com/user/totallyhappy blogtv.com/People/leuke flickr.com/photos/leuke says in his YouTube video titled CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE that he is playing the CHUBBY BUNNY GAME and then he takes each small marshmallow and puts them in his mouth and then he has to says CHUBBY BUNNY after and this long haired hippy gets up to 20 MARSHMALLOWS IN HIS MOUTH and then he SPITS THEM ALL ON A PLATE AND HOLDS IT UP TO THE CAMERA like WHO IN THE HELL WANTS TO SEE HIS SPIT AND SALIVA AND TEETH PLAQUE ON MARSHMALLOWS THAT HAS BEEN IN HIS MOUTH and this is the kind of RETARDS we have uploading videos on YouTube.


1. RandomProdinc aka Burnzy121 Tom 17 years old and Sam and Dan from the United Kingdom Randomprodinc@hotmail.co.uk youtube.com/RandomProdInc MusicFromBlueSkies youtube.com/musicfromblueskies OMGitsDaveFromBlueSkies myspace.com/omgitsdavefromblueskies myspace.com/randomprodinc randomprodinc.wordpress.com stickam.com/burnzy121 posted on his WordPress blog of an screen cap image of his iPhone where BethOnTop says that SHE IS A LESBIAN and WILL KILL HIM IF HE TOLD ANYBODY ABOUT IT but as soon as it was leaked to UTubeDrama Webmaster Trevor Rieger the image was removed from the WordPress blog but not fast enough for Google to CACHE IT and make it still available to anybody on the internet and as soon as it was revealed BethOnTop made the comment on her Twitter Account that IT IS BEST NOT TO BE ON UTUBEDRAMA but it was too late and the secret is now out which may be a good choice for her to go gay because there are far too many Harry Potter and Twilight Wannabe English YouTube boys who go and set up these lame ass YouTube MeetUps and Gatherings and Get Togethers just to try to pick up on other YouTube teenage girls which is funny once you think about it because they could just easily find them in their own high school because teenage girls from England easily give it up like Wendy in the cartoon Peter Pan.

2. JohnReaganNumber1 John Reagan former July 2008 YourTubeAdvocate Host from Florida youtube.com/johnreagannumber1 says in his YouTube video titled DOES GOD LOVE YOUR BULLETINS that YouTube Staff is now CHARGING YOUTUBERS TO HAVE THEIR VIDEOS SPONSORED for 10 CENTS PER CLICK because Google is now HAVING ADWORDS ON YOUTUBE so if ONLY 100 PEOPLE CLICK ON YOUR SPONSORED VIDEO LINK THEN YOU JUST LOST 10 DOLLARS OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET meaning BYE BYE PARTNER PROGRAM CHECK and if you want to have your channel PIMPED OUT in the PROMOTION BOX has now PERMANENTLY REMOVED THE YOUTUBE BULLETIN BOX after pushing it all the way down on the bottom so you had to scroll all the way down to see it anyway and now you can have your bulletin in your ACTIVITY BOX if you want to put out a message sort of like a SHOUT BOX on other websites meaning people have to come to your channel and read your activity to see if you made a SHOUT OUT aka BULLETIN instead of that same message being on every channel on your FRIEND'S LIST and the VIDEO SHARING IS SPAMMING for the most part because not only does your video go to EVERYBODY on your FRIENDS LIST but you in return get FLOODED with VIDEO RECEIPTS that you sent your message so now we have Google WAKING UP TO THE FACT THAT THEY CANNOT GET THE SPONSORS TO ADVERTISE ON YOUTUBE so in order to get the much added revenue that they need they are CHARING THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY and GETTING THEIR MONEY OFF OF THE BACKS OF YOUTUBERS WHO UPLOAD VIDEOS and that right there my friends is just 1 more NAIL IN THE COFFIN of GOO TUBE.

3. TheeStranger former June 2007 YourTubeAdvocate Host 29 years old masked man and member of the YouTube Underground and True Patriot Action TPA youtube.com/theestranger myspace.com/theestranger theestranger.wordpress.com stickam.com/theestranger says in his YouTube video titled TRUTH BEHIND YOUTUBE'S NEW POLICY that YouTube is pushing out the YouTube Community who have been GAMING THE SYSTEM and CHEATING THEIR WAY TO THE TOP like LisaNova and her LisaBots and her Viral Breast Thumbnail Bots as well as most of the YouTubers who now have tens of thousands of subscribers in order to have Corporate Sponsors on the front page of YouTube and this really is a good NEW POLICY that YouTube has going for them about stopping TIT THUMBNAIL PICS because honestly how many times are you tired of seeing HotForWords and her FAKE PLASTIC SILICONE BREAST IMPLANTS or AtheneWins and her LOPSIDED BREASTS or sXePhil's ugly fat mug covering the whole screen and if YouTube is getting rid of these YouTube Whores who like GAMING THE SYSTEM then I say MORE POWER TO YOUTUBE STAFF and they get UTubeDrama Webmaster Trevor Rieger's 1,000 PERCENT SUPPORT for cleaning up the FAKE TRASH WHO THINK THEY ARE SOMEBODY ON YOUTUBE and replace them for CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS because I am one of thousands who are SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING THE SAME NO TALENT FACES ON YOUTUBE and cannot wait to see TELEVISION SHOWS AND MOVIES TO REPLACE THEIR SORRY ASSES and YouTube needs to hurry up and make this happen because HULU WEBSITE IS GOING TO PASS YOUTUBE IN REVENUE IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS and Google Shareholders are grinding their teeth on the lack of ad revenue YouTube is producing which is STILL IN THE RED.

4. TonyaTKO aka TheTonyaTkoShow Tonya Daniel 33 years old from Bronx, New York youtube.com/tonyatko TonyaTko.com TonyaTko.com/live M/Th 7-8:30 pm EST Sun. 3 pm myspace.com/tonyatko twitter.com/tonyatko twitturly.com/user/tonyatko blogtv.com/people/tonyatko ustream.tv/TonyaTko tonyatko.blogspot.com says in her YouTube video titled NEW YEAR NEW BOOTY FITNESS COMPETITION 09 WITH TONYATKO that she is starting a new BOOTY FITNESS YEAR for 10 people who want to lose weight and she always starts her video introduction by saying something like HELLO MY LITTLE LOVEBIRDS as if us YouTUbers are little birds who are in love with her HUGE NICELY SHAPED BOOBS and what is she going to do now that she cannot get the right TIT SHOT no pun intended to just angle herself in the way to get the best random tit thumbnail and with this new wide screen video display her tits are now covered by the wide video banner because she is a YouTube Partner so now the YouTube Parnter video banners are longer inside the video covering every YouTube cam whore girl's tits up and this can become a problem for TIT WHORE PARTNERS ON YOUTUBE because how can you show your TITS ON CAM when you have a DAMN YOUTUBE MARKETING BANNER ON TOP OF THEM and soon the most tit videos getting the most views will be the NON-PARTNER TIT VIDEOS because THERE IS NO GOOGLE ADSENSE AD COVERING THEIR TITS IN THEIR VIDEOS so at least we can all smile and say that YouTube TIT PARTNERS ARE NOW GETTING THE SHAFT BY YOUTUBE this pun was intended.

5. GeneticBlend Joe Rigs 37 years old South Shore, Suffolk County Bellport, New York joeyrigs@gmail.com AIM: JoeRigs71NY youtube.com/geneticblend twitter.com/GeneticBlend twitturly.com/user/geneticblend blogtv.com/people/geneticblend stickam.com/geneticblend livevideo.com/video/GeneticBlend 12seconds.tv/channel/GeneticBlend facebook.com/people/Joe-Rigs/569462385 says in his YouTube video titled HEY PEOPLE that he is sorry he has not been uploading any videos on YouTube recently but that he had to do 36 hours of a pilot for a REALITY TELEVISION SHOW as if WE NEED ANOTHER REALITY SHOW ON TELEVISION and all of the B REALITY SHOWS ARE ON YOUTUBE WHO GETS THE LEFT OVERS and then he says HE UPDATES ON TWITTER ALL THE TIME BECAUSE IT IS FASTER and that is where SOCIAL NETWORKING IS HEADED FOR and that is on SOCIAL PLATFORMS LIKE TWITTER WHICH IS BASED ON TEXT AND NOT ON VIDEO so while more people update their lives on Twitter they will be doing less updates on YouTube because people to this day are not comfortable in front of a camera and it is too time consuming when they are trying to MAKE SHIT UP WHILE RECORDING so as not to be so boring but on Twitter you can just type a few words on your own cell phone wherever you are and you can then inform your friends and everybody else what you are doing at that exact time instead of being harassed by TROLLS and HATERS and worried about WHO IS THUMBING DOWN YOUR COMMENTS and WHO IS LEAVING PROFANITY AND SEXUAL CONTENT and SPAM on your videos and that is why less people are uploading videos on YouTube and instead taking the cheap way route and thumb typing on their sidekick to their Twitter Family making Twitter the big success story as far as SOCIAL NETWORKING and YouTube as the ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL FOR CORPORATIONS.

6. CautiousPlay Monday Lesbian Host BeaverBunch Jess 26 years old lesbian Buddhist from San Diego, California youtube.com/BeaverBunch youtube.com/cautiousplay myspace.com/cautiousplay stickam.com/cautiousplay says in her YouTube video titled THE PUPPET SHOW SEX that her friend is recording her holding up a hand puppet in their local library but this 28 second recording from a cheap ass cell phone has 3,000 video views of pure bullshit and most of the videos views are for the misleading video title with the word S-E-X SEX in it and the more misleading video SEXUAL TAGS like LESBIAN GAY QUEER LGBTQ PUPPET HOTSEX so now we have GAY PUPPETS in the children's library who wants to have HOTSEX with humans and this borders on the line of absurdity and BEASTIALITY because what this lesbo bitch is doing is trying to make a STRAIGHT LION PUPPET TURN GAY and this is the nonsense that YouTube has on a daily basis.

7. AynakoItsRoi aka HoiItsRoi Roi co-founder of Wassabi Productions 17 years old Filipino from Durham, North Carolina hoiitsroi@yahoo.com youtube.com/aynakoitsroi youtube.com/hoiitsroi myspace.com/hoiitsroi myspace.com/wassabiproductions says in his YouTube video titled HACKED that if he does not upload a certain video onto YouTube that HE WILL DIE because this monster has tied him up to a chair to try to molest him and then puts him to sleep by hyptnotizing him and then he wakes up on his TOILET SHOWING HIS BARE ASS saying that the NINJA WILL KILL HIM IF HE DOES NOT UPLOAD HIS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE and his bare ass NEEDS TO BE FLAGGED FOR INDECENT EXPOSURE because what Ad Agency wants to put their ads right next to a video that shows this boy taking a shit on the toilet and showing his bare ass and that is the problem YouTube is having in user generated content like this video which is NOT a potential revenue generated content unless they were promoting toilet paper products but even Toilet Paper Company Charmin would not advertise on this video.

8. Liiv7 NerdFigher Lover collab channel VlogLovers Olivia 17 years old Harry Potter Twilight Fantasy Book Nerd Fighter from Melbourne, Australia liiv7@hotmail.com youtube.com/vloglovers youtube.com/liiv7 twitter.com/liiv7 twitturly.com/user/liiv7 livandherthoughts.blogspot.com nerdfighters.ning.com/profile/Liv says in her YouTube video titled YOUTUBE I AM BREAKING UP WITH YOU that she is LEAVING FOR FRANCE on vacation but before she left she saw the pre-screening of Twilight at the movie theater and she says it was pretty much on target with the young adult vampire romance novel written by author Stephenie Meyer but she says THE 50,000 GIRLS WATCHING THE PRE-SCREEN RUINED THE WHOLE MOVIE because they were having orgasms throughout the whole movie by screaming and cheering on the characters in the movie Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson and Charlie Swan played by Billy Burke and this is the problem with YouTube because THERE IS NOT ONE PERSON ON YOUTUBE THAT GIRLS WANNA SEE THAT BADLY because YouTube is STILL trying to find their ACTORS and ACTRESSES instead of all of these LOW BUDGET INDEPENDENT ACTORS ON YOUTUBE who are trying to find an audience meaning IF YOU WANT THOUSANDS OF GIRLS SCREAMING YOUR NAME then LEAVE YOUTUBE and CONTACT REAL TALENT AGENCIES WHO DO NOT HAVE SCOUTERS WHO SCOUT AROUND LOOKING FOR B-RATED TALENT ON YOUTUBE.

9. StanBurdMan Stan Burdman 22 years old amateur video game reviewer youtube.com/stanburdman rebelradioonline.net says in his YouTube video titled YOUTUBE DRAMA NEXT GAME REVIEW AND MY DVD that he is going to take all his YouTube video shit and make a DVD out of them and SELL THEM FOR 25 DOLLARS like what dumb ass is going to pay this jerk 25 BUCKS to watch a rerun of his past 100 videos meaning it would cost the person buying his DVD a DOLLAR FOR EVERY 4 VIDEOS HE UPLOADED ON YOUTUBE and this guy is SOUNDING LIKE A CON ARTIST because YOUTUBE IS A FREE VIDEO FILE SHARING SERVICE and this E-Beggar is TRYING TO SCAM YOUTUBERS INTO GIVING HIM 25 BUCKS FOR A BUNCH OF SHITTY VIDEOS and MOST OF HIS VIDEOS ARE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT ANYWAY with COPYRIGHTED VIDEOS BY NINTENDO and SONY PLAYSTATION and ATARI and RUNESCAPE OWNED BY JAGEX LIMITED AND OTHER GAMING COMPANIES so instead of YouTube SUSPENDING HIS CHANNEL he comes up with a brilliant plan to take his copyrighted videos and burn them on a DVD and then SELL HIS ARTWORK TO THE UNLUCKY POOR BASTARDS WHO GIVE HIM 25 DOLLARS and this is the kind of sneaky scams that you find on a daily basis on YouTube.

10. DexterManningIsHere aka DexterBoy124 Dexter Manning 17 years old from the Midlands, United Kingdom ohmygoditsdexterboy124@hotmail.com sexydexy12@hotmail.com Dexterboy124@aol.com youtube.com/DexterManningIsHere youtube.com/dexterboy124 www.myspace.com/sexydexy12 bebo.com/mrdexterm says in his YouTube video titled BYE BYE HONOURS that YouTube will DEMOTE THE HONORS to videos with sexual content in them and then he says THAT SUCKS DICK meaning this guy is starting off on the wrong dick er I mean foot because he just did PROFANITY ON THAT VIDEO and then he says THAT SUCKS DICK and IT ALL SUCKS DICK meaning this United Kingdom chap MUST BE GAY BECAUSE HE TALKS ABOUT SUCKING LOTS OF DICKS which was mentioned at least 3 times in his 2 minute video meaning HE WILL HAVE A LOT OF TIME TO SUCK AS MANY DICKS AS HE WANTS WHEN YOUTUBE SUSPENDS HIS ACCOUNT FOR PROFANITY and this dude should be PERMABAN ANYWAY because his main YouTube Channel is filled with INFRINGING COPYRIGHTED JAPANESE ANIME CARTOONS and COPYRIGHTED MUSIC and COPYRIGHTED anything else you can think of so this dude will not be lasting under YouTube's New Policy.


1. SumFight Cody Rapol 22 years old amateur filmmaker editor actor director from Roseville, Ohio sumfight@gmail.com youtube.com/codyrapol youtube.com/sumfight aloladay.com sumfight.com myspace.com/crapol twitter.com/sumfight twitturly.com/user/sumfight blogtv.com/people/CodyRapol stickam.com/sumfight livevideo.com/sumfight loowa.com/sumfight@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/people/Cody-Rapol/203600202 last.fm/user/sumfight codyrapol.blogspot.com flickr.com/photos/sumfight says in his YouTube video titled RHYME TODAY that he is going to going down to the mailbox to get his Google Check and this video is suppose to be a rhyming video poem WHICH IT IS NOT and this guy has been on YouTube to know how to make good videos and here it is almost 3 years later and HE STILL DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS and it is no wonder that other people who have been on YouTube for less than a year are passing him up in subscriptions because HE CANNOT ACT AND IS BORING and he needs to take that Google Check of his and GIVE IT ALL TO HIS LOCAL BARBERSHOP because that 40 dollar low income check he gets every month will be about how much it will be to pay the barber to CUT HIS SHAGGY DOG HAIR and to SHAVE HIM BALD and then to put some MANLY HEAD LOTION ON HIS HEAD so he won't act like a sissy in his videos and to GIVE HIM A TIP and then come back on YouTube and tell us your experience.

2. Pilocrates co-host collab channel VlogRamen Stefan Chin 22 years old from Anaheim Hills, California youtube.com/pilocrates twitter.com/pilocrates twitturly.com/user/pilocrates says in his YouTube video titled 500 SUBSCRIBERS that HE IS EXCITED THAT HE NOW HAS 500 SUBSCRIBERS ON HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL and that ain't saying much because THIS GUY CREATED HIS YOUTUBE ACCOUNT OVER 30 MONTHS AGO since July 2006 meaning he averages 1 NEW SUBSCRIBER EVERY OTHER DAY so if it takes you 2 and a half years to get up to 500 SUBSCRIBERS then you will really be throwing a huge party when you hit 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS IN THE YEAR 2012 and by then YouTube may CEASE TO EXIST the downward spiral it is going in since Google bought them and dude you need to BUY SOME MORE GUITAR HERO GAMES and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE because YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY A REAL GUITAR and your fake guitar playing may be the real reason why nobody wants to subscribe to your lame ass videos and do not think for one minute that showing your Chinese Nipple will get you more subscribers because your nipple was so small to see that YouTube refuses to flag it for indecent exposure.

3. JoshSource co-host collab channel HomoAndShlomo Josh 22 years old gay hispanic man from San Francisco, California youtube.com/joshsource myspace.com/JoshSource twitter.com/joshsource twitturly.com/user/joshsource blogtv.com/People/josh_source says in his YouTube video titled 2 MINUTE MIX IN THE INTERUM that he dances to the mix of popular songs and artists like Madonna and Usher but this gay guy cannot dance even if his gayness depended on it because when he dances and lip sync's to Like A Prayer by Madonna he looks like a that retarded Indian kid Sanjaya Malakar from American Idol remember that kid who should have been dumped from the show the first 2 weeks and kept staying week after week because damn India was spamming up the American Idol phone numbers and then he dances to Caught Up by Usher and if you never saw his face before you would think he was MICHAEL JACKSON ON CRACK and let's not talk about his 1980's BackStreet Boys moves and this clown needs to GET A LIFE and GET A JOB because even San Francisco homeless bums on Market Street can dance better than him and that ain't saying much.

4. VoicesInTheHead aka VoicesInTheHead2 (PERMABAN SupExcellency) Johnny 25 years old atheist who claims to be a Neuroscience scientist from Mexico City, Mexico supexcellency@gmail.com youtube.com/supexcellency SUSPENDED youtube.com/voicesinthehead youtube.com/voicesinthehead2 supexcellency.blogspot.com stickam.com/supexcellency says in his YouTube video titled YES YOUTUBE'S POLICIES ARE FUCKED UP that YouTube is having an algorithm computer program installed which will DEMOTE YOUR VIDEO for profanity and sexual content but he did congratulate YouTube for changing the way YouTubers can pick thumbnails which are not from the middle anymore so the 3 thumbnails that pop up anywhere in the video is now the only choice you have so you cannot manipulate the system but this guy should not be worried what YouTube does or does not do because he is another PERMABANNED USER on YouTube that had his original account SUSPENDED and NEEDS TO GO BACK TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and LEARN HOW TO READ AND COMPREHEND RULES otherwise hew would have simply followed YouTube's Community Guidelines that till this day has not changed and simply states IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS TERMINATED YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CREATE ANY NEW ACCOUNTS.

5. He11sing920 (PERMABAN Hellsing920 he now uses the number 11 replacing the 2 letter L when he was suspended) Emer Prevost 26 years old wrestling and video game addict from Seymour, Wisonsin lonewolf316@usa.com youtube.com/he11sing920 myspace.com/hellsing920 livevideo.com/hellsing920 expotv.com/profile/home/hellsing920 SKYPE hellsing920 26 year old says in his YouTube video titled HELLSING920 THE EPIC RANT I HATE PEOPLE DURING THE HOLIDAYS that he runs into RETARDS and REJECTS and ASSHOLES when he goes Christmas Shopping and ANYBODY WHO GOES CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ON THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING KNOWN AS BLACK FRIDAY ARE RETARDS because THEY CAN FIND THE SAME DISCOUNT DEALS ON ELECTRONICS ON THE INTERNET without the hassle of GETTING TRAMPLED TO DEATH like the Walmart employee when they broke down the entrance door but this dude is SO FAT no not fat but OBESE that HE PROBABLY COULD NOT FIT IN THE DOOR ANYWAY so HE HAS NOT CHOICE BUT TO STAY HIS FAT OVERWEIGHT WHALE ASS HOME and HE IS JUST PISSED THAT HE CANNOT RUN AS FAST AS EVERYBODY ELSE ON BLACK FRIDAY leaving him with NOTHING and this guy is so wide that HE IS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE VERY FEW YOUTUBERS WHO BENEFITS FROM THE WIDE VIDEO SCREEN because NOW WE HAVE TO WATCH MORE OF HIS DISGUSTING OBSESE BODY and what the hell is he STILL DOING ON YOUTUBE when he was SUSPENDED EARLIER THIS YEAR ON HIS OLD ACCOUNT meaning the banhammer is slowly sneaking up on his dumb ass and it is just a matter of time before he is gone again.

6. MeridianFrost Josh 33 years old pseudo atheist from La Crescenta, California youtube.com/meridianfrost stickam.com/meridianfrost says in his YouTube video titled ALGORITHMIC DEMOTION OF FREE SPEECH that YouTube Staff's new rules on their blog talking about how there will be no more profanity or sexual content in YouTube Videos and if there is they will be DEMOTED and KNOCKED OFF OF THE YOUTUBE CHARTS so that other goody two shoes nice boring videos can take their place and if that is the case then all you would have are TEENY BOPPERS TALKING ABOUT MILEY CYRUS and YouTube still has everyday 70 PERCENT OF ALL YOUTUBE VIDEOS THAT HAVE SOME SORT OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS IN THEM which YouTube Staff has failed to talk about during their YouTube Algorithm Project and Google who owns YouTube still has the search feature for any sex keyword you can think of meaning Shareholders have had enough of Google seeing Google Stock drop 60 PERCENT IN 1 YEAR FROM NOVEMBER 2007 TO NOVEMBER 2008 and YouTube is making it worst since ADVERTISERS ARE SCARED TO PUT THEIR ADS NEXT TO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT so YouTube Staff is NOT DOING THIS FOR THE COMMUNITY as they preach in their blog but they are DOING THIS TO MAKE A PROFIT IN AD REVENUE because THE WILD WILD WEST USER GENERATED CONTENT IS HINDERING YOUTUBE'S CHANCE OF MAKING A PROFIT and that is what this all boils down to.

7. AOEGuy aka TheLucidGuy Lucas Uffelman 21 years old college student from Caro, Michigan youtube.com/aoeguy aoeguy.blogspot.com stickam.com/aoeguy twitter.com/aoeguy blogtv.com/People/AOEGuy Wednesdays 9PM EST says in his YouTube video titled MY FIRST BAR EXPERIENCE that HE WAS EXCITED TO TURN 21 YEARS OLD BECAUSE HE CAN NOW LEGALLY GO IN THE BARS AND GET WASTED ALL NIGHT so he can experience a hang over the next morning and then he lets out a cat meow to show how excited he got and what grown ass man MEOWS LIKE A CAT which sounds totally gay but he says HE HATED THE BAR LIFE AND THAT IT SUCKS BECAUSE MIDDLE AGE PEOPLE WERE DANCING and HE WAS BORED even though he was paying cover charges while going bar hopping but what he should have done was to spend that money not on bars but on his local dollar store so he can spend a dollar to buy a MADE IN CHINA COMB so he can comb his hair that has not been washed in a week and dude needs to lay off of the BlogTV junk because HE CANNOT PLAY GUITAR AT ALL and this is the boring entertainment YouTubers do to entertain on BlogTV just to try to keep their subscriber base intact meaning if you want to WHORE YOURSELF PLAYING GUITAR ON YOUTUBE OR LIVE ON BLOGTV THEN GO TO YOUR LOCAL GAMESTOP STORE AND PAY 20 BUCKS FOR A USED GUITAR HERO GAME and DO NOT STRUM ANOTHER CHORD UNTIL YOU MEMORIZE THE NOTES and then you too can fool your fans into thinking you can really play a guitar.

8. WhiteOutStain Kyle 17 years old from Alexandria, Louisiana youtube.com/whiteoutstain myspace.com/110603791 twitter.com/KYLESAYS twitturly.com/user/KYLESAYS americanidol.com/myidol/profile/?un=WhiteOutStain says in his YouTube video titled KYLE SAYS 51 THINGS AROUND MY ROOM that he starts off by rubbing the belly of this ugly looking buddha statue he has lying around the house and since he worships Buddha then he must be studying to be a monk on not as a flimmaker because he will never make it as a phtographer because his video sucked ass and somebody must have been auto-refreshing his lame ass boring video because ain't no way he would have got 5,000 people to watch that piece of shit and dude next time you do a video like this you need to GET SOME RECENT CONTEMPORARY MUSIC because that clown music shit your were playing as your background needs to be given back to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus because they are looking for it.

9. MeeKaKitty Tessa Violet 18 years old teenage model from New York City, New York originally from Oregon youtube.com/meekakitty myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid;=18465129 twitter.com/meekakitty twitturly.com/user/meekakitty blogtv.com/people/meekakitty facebook.com/people/Tessa-Violet/1450020139 says in her YouTube video titled SNOW QUEEN that she is the snow queen because she put a cheap tiara on her head that she bought at her local dollar store and this red head bitch needs to step her game up because she looks and acts like she is on drugs like how many times do you have to edit every other word that comes out of your supermodel mouth and why are you so pale white as if you are an albino with red hair or got the Michael Jackson Sking Disease known as Vitiligo and next time take off those glasses that is reflecting from your window sill because if you are suppose to be a hot teenage model then DO NOT COVER UP YOUR FACE and I see YouTube pulled your other vlog for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT so make sure it does not happen again by getting rid of your intro at the beginning of your videos and you are a prime example of a young ditzy red headed Spricket24.

10. SkorpionShow The Skorpion and Makael Show Kevin 24 years old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia Makael 21 years old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia theskorpionshow@yahoo.com youtube.com/skorpionshow myspace.com/theskorpion myspace.com/giselle86 says in their YouTube video titled SKORPION AND MAKAEL UPDATE that they recently HAD A FIGHT ON YOUTUBE but they have since made up about their disagreements but then they start to sing together and NOPE NOT GONNA CUT IT because THEIR GAY ASSES TRYING TO SING LIKE MARIAH CAREY ARE BOTH RUINING HER SONG AND SHOULD BE FINED AND BANNED FROM EVER SINGING AGAIN ON YOUTUBE and these two black gay dudes need to KEEP IT REAL and THROW THAT DAMN MICROPHONE IN THE TRASH and next time you do anothe YouTube video TURN DOWN THE DAMN TV because AIN'T NOBODY WANT TO LISTEN TO NO SOUL TRAIN RERUNS ON YOUR BROKE ASS TV SET and do not be surprised if some YouTubers SUE BOTH YOUR ASSES for BREAKING THEIR EAR DRUMS when they clicked on to watch your YouTube video expecting to hear your voices and instead GOT A TRAIN WRECK THAT JUMPED THE TRACK ONE TOO MANY TIMES and that is KEEPING IT REAL BRO.


1. 365Project the365project@aol.com youtube.com/365Project the365project@aol.com stickam.com/365project co-founder OddReport Callum 15 years old from United Kingdom Callum@callumnet.co.uk and co-founder ItsCalum010 Calum Hopwood 14 years old from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom newstube@aol.com itscollab010@aol.com youtube.com/itscalum010 the365website.com twitter.com/itscalum010 twitturly.com/user/itscalum010 blogtv.com/people/itscalum010 stickam.com/itscalum010 says in his YouTube video titled NEW WEBSITE that he now has a website for the 365 Project that is called The365Website.com because 365Project.com WAS TAKEN BACK IN 2002 meaning he is 6 years to late in registering that domain and anybody can join and not just the 365 who are doing the project next year and that he has deleted the dozen YouTube videos that was there to promote the Channel that officially starts on January 1, 2009 but this 14 year old English Chap needs to GET EXCITED IN HIS VIDEOS because HE SOUNDS COMPLETELY EMOTIONLESS AND HE LOOKS LIKE A MESS and next time before he gets in front of the camera he needs to go to DICTIONARY.COM and look up the word C-O-M-B COMB and then look up the word S-O-A-P SOAP because you have a bad hair day and a bad case of teenage puberty acne but DO NOT TAKE THE CONTROVERSIAL ACNE TREATMENT ROACCUTANE because it has been linked to teenage suicides in England.

2. Raz0rSex Paulina 21 years old college student majoring in criminal justice to become a police officer from Fresno, California imnotthesaneone@hotmail.com youtube.com/raz0rsex myspace.com/raz0r_sex twitter.com/raz0r_sex twitturly.com/user/raz0r_sex raz0rsex.blogspot.com stickam.com/raz0r_sex says in her YouTube video titled 2 GIRLS 1 STOLEN MIC that YOUTUBE LIVE SUCKED ASS and that SHE WAS EMBARRASSED TO EVEN BE THERE and so she LEFT BEFORE THE SHOW EVEN STARTED and it is too bad that this bitch is a lesbian always hanging with her lesbian girlfriend ShallowFashionista Alex because this strung out Mexican broad looked hot even when I met her at the very first San Fransisco As One Gathering back in 2007 but she needs to get her priorities straight if she wants to become a cop because right now she has featured on her Partner Channel a video showing Russians SHOOTING A PREGNANT WOMAN TO DEATH just because the damn prostitute got knocked up and forgot to take her pills and lets not even talk about her NAKED VLOG YOUTUBE VIDEO that was so full of nudity that she had to put it on PRIVATE so that her future police co-workers will not find it and start masturbating to it.

3. Carynis1HotAssGirl aka 1HotAssGirl Caryn 28 years old from Norfolk, Virginia youtube.com/carynis1hotassgirl youtube.com/1hotassgirl myspace.com/1hotassgirl says in her YouTube video titled MY RESPONSE TO THREE OF MY EMAILS that she always starts off her YouTube videos with the introduction GOOD MORNING MY BEAUTIFUL YOUTUBE FANS as if HER EGO COULD NOT GET ANY BIGGER BY THINKING SHE HAS FANS THAT WANT TO HEAR WHAT SHE SAYS and instead it is just HORNY TEENAGE BOYS who wants to see her HUGE TITS like she has shown in her pre-vlogging days on YouTube under her old account and she says THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE WHO REFUSES TO SAY THEY ARE BLACK like AceDotCom Alex is mulatto because his mother is white but she says he looks black to her and so he is a black man but why does this black woman with huge tits under her white clothes not be POLITICALLY CORRECT in the white world and call black people AFRICAN AMERICANS because many black people get offended if you call them African Americans because their origins may not be from Africa at all and also she is answering her emails about a video response from somebody on YouTube that uploaded his video 2 years ago like get with the program and stop talking about 2 year old videos and show us some black huge nipples so you can get more subscribers.

4. Phantom409 (PERMABAN wtvCrew and PERMABAN wtvCrew1) Kenneth Dennis 39 years old newspaper printer worker from Missouri youtube.com/Phantom409 Phantom409.com myspace.com/phantom409 says in his YouTube video that HIS FATHER USED TO BE A TRUCK DRIVER AND HIS HANDLE WAS 409 so that is how he got his YouTube Username but RECENTLY he said HIS FATHER WAS A WRESTLER KNOWN AS PHANTOM and ADMIT TO LYING YEARS BEFORE OF HIMSELF BEING A WRESTLER LIKE HIS DAD but now we find out that the YouTube Username WAS STOLEN FROM A FINNISH MUSIC BAND FROM FINLAND NAMED PHANTOM 409 and HAS USED THAT NAME SINCE 1999 when the group was formed creating 3 ALBUMS WITH THEIR GROUP NAME PHANTOM 409 on them like KING OF THE GUTTER in 2003 and HITS YOU LIKE A TUMBLEWEED and MUSTANG RANCH in 2004 all 3 albums that can be BOUGHT AT AMAZON if you type PHANTOM 409 IN THE AMAZON SEARCH meaning Phantom409 is INFRINGING ON FINNISH COPYRIGHTED MUSIC BY STEALING THEIR NAME and using it as his own on YouTube Channel which DOES NOT MATTER ANYWAY BECAUSE HE IS PERMABANNED ON YOUTUBE with his PREVIOUS YOUTUBE ACCOUNTS wtvCrew and wtvCrew1.

5. NanooBoy Monday Host 5AwesomeGays Andy Andrew Pulido 21 years old MTV Real World Casting Season 22 REJECT from Peru, Chicago, Illinois originally from Newport, North Carolina andyjpulido@gmail.com nanooboy@aol.com youtube.com/5AwesomeGays youtube.com/NanooBoy twitter.com/nanooboy twitturly.com/user/nanooboy nanooboy.posterous.com nanooboy.blogspot.com nanooboy.wordpress.com nanooboy.deviantart.com says in his YouTube video titled EAT THAT CHICKEN that he got some BAD CHICKEN at BOJANGLES FAMOUS CHICKEN N BISCUITS and he starts talking and stereotyping the black girl who gave them bad service at the fast food joint and then instead of telling us the story of his bad experience at BoJangles this black girl with the frizzy hair comes out of nowhere and hogs the camera from him to tell her what went down at BoJangles and she goes crazy as she tries to explain what happened about her calling the manager but she totally destroyed the story and if she wants to BE A CAM WHORE ON YOUTUBE then that black bitch needs to REGISTER HER OWN YOUTUBE ACCOUNT and stop hogging up the camera on his account instead.

6. DjRavine DJ Ravine and DJ Cotts Happy Hardcore Hard House Trance DJ from New South Wales, Sydney, Australia ravinedj@gmail.com youtube.com/DjRavine myspace.com/ravinedj says in their YouTube video titled RAVINE AND COTTS HOLIDAYCORE that they will not be making anymore Trance DJ YouTube videos for a couple of months because they will be leaving the Australian Island and flying to other continents for a couple of months and then they say it is UNFORTUNATE they will not be on YouTube during the holidays and WHY WOULD IT BE UNFORTUNATE because actually IT IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE TO LEAVE YOUTUBE for the holidays and their Trance music videos are shit anyways because anybody can put a couple of beats together on their computer just like anybody can be in a rock band just by learning how to play Guitar Hero meaning these DJs need to stay their ass over in Australia because here in America they would not even get a nightly gig in our seedy clubs.

7. KalelPrime David Wallace Transformers Fanatic from the United Kingdom youtube.com/kalelprime bishop140@hotmail.com moonbase2.madmooseforum.com moonbase2.libsyn.com forum.idwpublishing.com rollin.com/user/KalelPrime kalelprime.deviantart.com says in his YouTube video titled HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOUTUBE that he wants all of his Transformer Subscribers on YouTube to GIVE HIM MONEY and he includes his email address in the video description that is linked to his PayPal account and he says the money people donate will go for disadvantage children but what he does not tell you is YOU ARE GIVING HIM YOUR MONEY DIRECTLY TO HIS PAY PAL ACCOUNT and if you really want to give money to disadvantage needy children then GIVE THE MONEY TO YOUR OWN FAMILY because THIS IS A TIME OF NEED NOT A TIME OF GREED and there are always needy family members that have fallen on hard times that can use some extra cash meaning DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY TO SOME GROWN ASS MAN FROM ENGLAND WHO PLAYS WITH TRANSFORMER DOLLS ALL DAY.

8. NewAgeGamer3018 Brian Garcia 17 years old from Hartford, Connecticut youtube.com/newagegamer3018 says in his YouTube video titled NO CROSS NO CROWN A LITTLE BIT OF MY STORY that HE IS STILL A JEHOVAH'S WITNESS and HE STILL MEETS WITH THE WATCHTOWER SOCIETY ELDERS even though he is now A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN because his own family has now disowned him and his own father HAS FORSAKEN HIM and that he will THROW HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE IF HE ATTENDS ANOTHER SUNDAY CHRISTIAN SERVICE and so this teenager is getting persecuted by his own father who now wants nothing to do with him but on the other hand this kid says he has given his life over to Christ and does not believe in the Jehovah's Witness teachings anymore but still remains a Jehovah's Witness meaning this kid is very confused because he cannot be a Born Again Christian and at the same time have an anti-Christian YouTube Username called NEW AGE and he also needs to move out of his father's house and come to California and start his own Jesus Movement like they did in the 70's and he too can live in a commune and become a Jesus Freak and start the next wave of revivals as soon as he gets rid of his YouTube Username with the 2 words NEW AGE in it.

9. TheYaygasm Jerome Santos 15 years old gay Filipino youtube.com/theyaygasm says in his YouTube video titled OH SHIT that HE DID NOT EDIT HIS VIDEO BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE MUCH TIME and if that is the case then he DOES NOT HAVE TIME TO MAKE A VIDEO because his bedroom is a mess and how dare he film inside his bedroom with all of his DIRTY CLOTHES ON THE SHELF IN THE BACKGROUND and he NEEDS TO CLEAN HIS BEDROOM AND GET HIS PRIORITIES STRAIGHT IN HIS REAL LIFE instead of spending it on YouTube talking about watching a video on the internet called THREE LESBIANS AND ONE BIG BLACK MAN and while he is cleaning his bedroom he needs to trash that rainbow color arm wrist band before YouTubers think he really is gay.

10. TheLittleWorldOfGaz from the United Kingdom youtube.com/thelittleworldofgaz says in his YouTube video titled MOST RESPONDED VIDEO ON YOUTUBE PLEASE RESPOND that he wants his YouTube video to get the most responses ever but that he has no idea what is the video with the most responses and all he has to do is to click on the YouTube link that says MOST RESPONDED VIDEO and then he would see what video had the most responses and how many but you cannot tell this teenager anything because even on his Channel Page he clearly states SUB 4 SUB and this is what this kid is which is a SUB 4 SUBER and that is how he got over 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS in 3 months with only 7 videos on his account and this guy is so creative that the TAGS he used for his introduction vlog in September were GAZ BLOG SEX FEMALE BABE BABES HOT GIRL GIRLS KISSING KISS STYLE FUCK COCK VAGINA PUSSY HARD ASS TIT TITS BOOB and this dumb adolescent teenager is the kind of teenagers that YouTube Staff has on their website who likes to KEYWORD STUFF THEIR VIDEO TAGS WITH SEX WORDS just to get more video views and subscribers even though the YouTube COMMUNITY GUIDELINES clearly states NO KEYWORD STUFFING.


1. YourTubeAdvocate November 2008 Host MysterEy1 Peter Appleseed 39 years old entertainment filmmaker The Entertainment Giant former UTubia President of the Mythical Legendary Land Of UTubia that only existed in his own mind from New York City, New York originally from Athens, Georgia MysterEy1996@gmail.com youtube.com/YourTubeAdvocate youtube.com/MysterEy1 youtube.com/entertainmentgiant youtube.com/PeterAppleseed youtube.com/Utubia1 youtube.com/utubia1party kyyboa.com imdb.com/name/nm2073967 myspace.com/mr_ee stickam.com/mysterey1 theentertainmentgiant.blogspot.com DEFUNCT CLOSED SHUT DOWN WEBSITE EntertainmentGiant.net says in his YouTube video titled YTA 16.5 EXCUSES that he has not been active as a November YourTubeAdvocate should be but that he will try to make a video everyday for the last week of November which also never happened and that he really has no time to be the November YourTubeAdvocate because he has a child to take care of and his own personal business meaning the YourTubeAdvocate Channel has lost so much ambition then when it first started 18 months ago that even the own monthly Advocates that are chosen have lost interest and you can see that for yourself by looking at the latest comments per video which equal about 10 comments per video and this ship is sinking so fast that the captain on board does not even know it is sinking and that captain is YourTubeAdvocate JustA11en himself.

2. BeaverBunch Monthly Transsexual Correspondent Host KadeClark Kade 21 years old StarBucks employee living in his mother's attic from Ft Worth, Texas youtube.com/BeaverBunch youtube.com/kadeclark kadeclark.livejournal.com says in his YouTube video titled TOY BOAT that his voice does not sound good because HE IS SICK WITH THE FLU but some wonder if it is THOSE HORMONE GROWTH DRUGS he is taking to MAKE HIS VOICE SOUND LIKE A WOMAN and this dude is going to turn out to be AN UGLY WOMAN when he is done getting his operation because HE ALWAYS LOOKS STONED and has those black circles under his eyes like he does not sleep well and then he says he goes to clubs and does THE FISHING POLE DANCE where he acts like he is reeling in a fish and the SHOPPING CART DANCE where he acts like he is picking things up off the shelves and THIS DUDE IS SERIOUSLY CONFUSED not about his own sexuality that GOD MADE HIM A MAN AND NOW HE WANTS TO CHANGE GOD'S IMAGE AND TURN IT INTO SOMETHING ELSE but that HE HAS THESE WEIRD DANCE MOVES and anybody who sees him doing these fishing pole and shopping cart dance moves whether he stays a man or converts to a woman need to LEAVE THE CLUB ASAP before this dude reels you into his arms and this guy soon to be gal needs to MOVE OUT OF HIS MOTHER'S ATTIC and GET ON HIS FEET and GET A REAL JOB and GET YOUR OWN APARTMENT and then when you have done the BASICS OF LIFE FOR A 21 YEAR OLD then you can think about being a woman and making dumb ass YouTube videos.

3. BeaverBunch Friday Lesbian Host LuCaro22 Lu Laura 23 years old bisexual college graduate from North Carolina LuSlunce@aol.com youtube.com/BeaverBunch youtube.com/lucaro22 says in her YouTube video titled TRUTH OR DARE that her MOST EMBARRASING MOMENT IN HIGH SCHOOL WAS BEING A COLOR GUARD wearing blue and spinning a flag and HOW IS THAT EMBARRASING that she is a color guard because in reality being a high school color guard IS AN HONOR and her MOST EMBARRASING MOMENT should be EATING A PACKAGE OF MARSHMELLOWS WHILE TRYING TO DO A YOUTUBE VIDEO because AINT NOBODY WANTS TO SEE A LESBIAN TALK WHILE STUFFING HER FACE WITH WHITE PILLOW CANDY because that is just so disgusting to watch not to mention her cracker fetish with a spoon of ketchup as part of the dare video and next week when she does her weekly YouTube Collab video she should trash the green scarf because it makes her look like a butch when she is really bisexual.

4. AdamaTheAtheist Adama Hemsley 24 years old from the United Kingdom is an Atheist Feminist Anarchist AntiChrist youtube.com/AdamaTheAtheist arhemsleystories.blogspot.com says in his YouTube video titled THREATS FROM FREEBDESH that the NARROW MINDED BIGOT FreeBDesh which is actually a YouTube Sock Account is being threatened by him because he makes videos that are Anti-Islam and Anti-Muslim and whether he makes YouTube hate videos or not against somebody or some religion he must realize that he is now debating a YOUTUBE SOCK PUPPET ACCOUNT and until he gets that through his ATHEISTIC THICK WHITE SKULL OF HIS then he will keep debating somebody who hides behind a YouTube Ghost Account.

5. DaveLehre Dave Lehre 23 years old Film Director Actor Editor Producer David Lehre Productions Vendentta Studios working in Hollywood, California originally from Detroit, Michigan Manager Dallas Sonnier The MySpace Movie The Facebook Movie davelehre@yahoo.com Dave@DavidLehre.com DavidLehre.com imdb.com/name/nm2378500 teamyoungbmx.com myspace.com/davelehre Myspace.com/vendettastudios myspace.com/davelstreatteam Street Team xanga.com/davelehre says in his YouTube video titled THE MAKING OF A NEW TV SHOW EPISODE 1 that he thought of his own COMEDY VARIETY show called SKETCHIN and he says it is like The Dave Chappelle Show MEETS In Living Color but instead of BLACK FAMOUS COMEDIANS this low budget show will be hosted by a NERDY SKINNY WHITE GEEKY MAN WHO LOOKS LIKE HE IS ALWAYS ON CRACK WHO STUCK HIS FINGER IN THE LIGHT SOCKET ONE TOO MANY TIMES who will have on his show like BREAK DANCERS THAT WENT OUT IN THE EARLY 80'S and a HOUSE DJ like that is SO ARSENIO HALLISH THAT ALSO WENT OUT IN THE 80's and LIVE MUSICAL GUESTS and he will be documenting the new show from behind the scenes and pre-production and post-production meaning this WHITE DUDE IS DEFINITELY A MYSPACE AND FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE WHORE ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE and if he makes any money out of his new show then on his first payday he needs to WALK TO THE 99 CENT STORE AND BUY A DAMN COMB AND COMB YOUR HAIR AND STOP TRYING TO ACT LIKE ACTOR ASHTON KUTCHER BECAUSE YOU ARE NO ASHTON KUTCHER.

6. LittleBiggerChris Chris Alwell 29 years old from New York City, New York chris_alwell@yahoo.com me@littlebigchris.com youtube.com/LittleBiggerChris littlebigchris.com myspace.com/41916049 myspace.com/nickasarbata boyfriend Nick Arbata twitter.com/littlebigchris says in his YouTube video titled DEFYING PROP 8 that every single day HE THINKS ABOUT PROPOSITION 8 which was the California Law that PASSED to say that GAYS CANNOT GET MARRIED IN CALIFORNIA and he says everyday he gets more mad that homosexuals cannot marry and he wants gays and lesbians to GET TOUGHER to FIGHT and he says he is PISSED AT CALIFORNIA VOTERS and he is PISSED AS A GAY MAN THAT HE HAS NO RIGHTS like getting married and HIS CIVIL RIGHTS HAS BEEN STRIPPED AWAY FROM HIM meaning HE IS TRYING TO CHANGE WHAT CALIFORNIA VOTERS HAVE ALREADY VOTED ON that is like a Republican saying that since he does not want Obama as President that WE SHOULD SHOULD TAKE IT TO THE SUPREME COURT because 47% voted for McCain instead and that is the problem here in America is that PEOPLE ARE SELFISH and if a vote does not go their way they think they can STOP IT and to CRITICIZE VOTERS who did not vote the way they did and anyways BEING A HOMOSEXUAL IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHT and never has been in the constitution and since homosexuals cannot get married in California then they should MOVE TO CANADA where SAME SEX MARRIAGE is allowed but this guy and his boyfriend Nick Arbata is FROM NEW YORK CITY so HE HAS NO BUSINESS MEDDLING IN THE AFFAIRS AND RIGHTS OF CALIFORNIA VOTERS WHO LIVE 2,000 MILES FROM HIM and WHO VOTED YES on Proposition 8.

7. TwinklyBird Josephine 19 years old AtheneWins Dean aka Furious and Reese's sister from Bonheiden, Belgium youtube.com/twinklybird bradsucks.net/forums/profile/twinklybird says in her YouTube video titled CHOCOLATY JESUS that Polish Catholics are outlawing GAYS TO HAVE FURNITURE and that GERMANS ARE MAKING JESUS OUT OF CHOCOLATE and WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS NEWS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING and she needs to FILL OUT A NAKED NEWS APPLICATION and THEN PEOPLE WILL WATCH HER SAYING ANYTHING WHILE SHE TAKES HER CLOTHES OFF because everybody knows that NAKED NEWS IS NOT NEWS WORTHY and all the men want to see is the NAKED BODIES and NAKED NEWS has been in business for almost 10 years since 1999 meaning THEY MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT for awful bad journalism reporting.

8. MorriPopp Molly 14 years old from San Diego, California youtube.com/morripopp says in her YouTube video titled PLEASE WATCH UPDATE that SHE DELETED ALL 50 OF HER YOUTUBE VIDEOS and instead of closing her YouTube Account and leaving the WILD WILD WEST behind she asks her subscribers if she should have just one account or two accounts meaning why would a 14 year old girl talk about having a second YouTube Channel when she cannot even keep her videos on her first channel without deleting them after several months which is confusing her subscribers because she may make 50 more videos in the next 6 months about makeup tips and decide to delete them all again for no rhyme or reason and this just goes to show that confused 14 year old girls should not be uploading YouTube videos in the first place.

9. ChristianAtheist Kaleo 21 years old atheist converted to Born Again Christian youtube.com/christianatheist says in his YouTube video titled ATHEISTS PLEASE REFLECT ON THIS that he used to be an atheist but is now a Christian and is now against secular humanism and when he was an atheist he was converted to Christianity because his girlfriend was a Christian and showed him the WAY AND THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD and he threw away the fun he had on YouTube saying that Christianity is fake and God is fake and The Bible is fake and everything is fake like the PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE ARE ALL FAKE.

10. PincStuff Sheryl Ng 21 years old Chinese arts college student makeup and eyeliner addict arts and crafts jewelry creater and founder of PincStuff from Toronto, Ontario, Canada pincstuff@gmail.com youtube.com/PincStuff pincstuff.com pinc.etsy.com ekaweeka.com/514 myspace.com/pincstuff says in her YouTube video titled PINC STUFF HOLIDAY CONTEST that her subscribers need to send her their video responses about what they like about the Holiday Season for Christmas and the winners will get FREE GingerBread Earrings or GingerBread Necklace or Candy Cane Earrings or Marshmellow Earrings or Hot Chocolate Rings meaning who is really going to wear jewelry that looks like junk food cookies and candy unless you are a 5 year old girl named Shirley Temple because NO IDIOT WOULD BE CAUGHT DEAD wearing this hand me down shit because the first time a girl starts wearing Marshmellow Earrings that has a face SMILING AT YOU on the public subway you are bound to get some starving homeless bum come over to you and start nibbling on your eardrum and then you would soon have an unwanted smelly boyfriend.


1. BeaverBunch Wednesday Host AskAJanything 30 years old lesbian founder of AJ Tuna Talk 375 Redondo Ave apt 264 Long Beach Ca 90814 AskAJanything@yahoo.com wndrbr3d@gmail.com youtube.com/BeaverBunch youtube.com/AskAJanything askAJanything.com myspace.com/askAJanything stickam.com/askajanything says in her YouTube video titled A SPOON FULL OF KETCHUP HELPS THE MARSHMALLOWS GO DOWN that she was going to do a DARE on FAKING AN ORGASM but since that was already done she decides to show her HIGH SCHOOL PICTURE WHEN DUDE LOOKED LIKE A LADY and she was HOT back then and NOBODY would have guessed that this once attractive teenager would end up on the receving end of being a PIT BULL BUTCH DYKE HARD CORE LESBIAN with an UGLY BANDANA ON HER HEAD and the ONLY REASON WHY SHE IS IN THE MOST DISCUSSED EVERYWEEK is because 20 OUT OF 60 COMMENTS ARE FROM HER FROM HER AskAJanything ACCOUNT meaning 1 THIRD OF ALL COMMENTS ARE FROM HER AskAJanything Channel which FALSELY PUMPS UP THE COMMENT NUMBER on the BeaverBunch Collab Channel to MAKE IT SEEM LIKE THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE COMMENTING WHEN THERE IS NOT and out of the 60 comments NONE OF THE COMMENTS are from the BeaverBunch Channel because YOUTUBE DOES NOT COUNT THEIR OWN COMMENTS TO GET IN THE MOST DISCUSSED LIST and that is how COLLAB CHANNELS GAME THE SYSTEM when they MAKE A VIDEO and then LOG OUT OF THEIR COLLAB CHANNEL AND START POSTING WITH THEIR OWN ACCOUNT which means NOBODY WATCHES THEIR CRAPPY YOUTUBE VIDEOS except for people like me so I can LAUGH MY ASS OFF AS I MAKE FUN OF THEM.

2. NatNeagle 29 years old Mattawoman Middle School 8th grade physical science teacher from Waldorf, Maryland natneagle.youtube@gmail.com youtube.com/NatNeagle makeupaddictsanonymous.com myspace.com/NatNeagle twitter.com/NatNeagle twitturly.com/user/NatNeagle says in her YouTube video titled NATCHAT WEIGHTLOSS WEEK 2 that she is trying to lose weight but she has not been able to go to the gym like HOW HARD IS IT TO WALK A COUPLE BLOCKS AROUND YOUR HOUSE and you do not need to go to the gym to lose weight and if you really want to lose weight really fast you need to SCRAPE OFF ABOUT 10 POUNDS OF THAT SHITTY MAKEUP YOU HAVE CAKED ALL OVER YOUR FACE and then look in the mirror and say to yourself THIS IS ME 10 POUNDS LIGHTER BEFORE THE HOOKER LOOK and if you take those huge ugly African earrings out of your ears then you would lose another 5 pounds at least then you can thank UTubeDrama Webmaster Trevor Rieger for GIVING YOU FREE ADVISE and telling you how you can lose 15 pounds WITHOUT DIETING OR EXERCISING.

3. FiveAwesomeGirls Wednesday Host OwlsSayHooot Kayley Hyde 16 years old Nerdfighter Harry Potter fanatic from Seattle, Washington kayleyhyde@gmail.com thekoolarmidillo@yahoo.com owlssayhooot@aol.com youtube.com/FiveAwesomeGirls youtube.com/OwlsSayHooot youtube.com/TARDIStacular SKYPE owlssayhooot myspace.com/vintage_dreamer twitter.com/OwlsSayHooot twitturly.com/user/owlssayhooot blogtv.com/people/owlssayhooot stickam.com/OwlsSayHooot owlssayhooot.blogspot.com owlssayhooot.wordpress.com owlssayhooot.deviantart.com flickr.com/photos/owlssayhooot http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c263/vintage_dreamer/fiveawesomegirlspaint.jpg lookbook.nu/user/9112-Kayley-H says in her YouTube video titled KAYLEY IS BORING that for Thanksgiving Day she will be cuddling up with her boyfriend watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade which sounds pretty boring when you are suppose to be stuffing your face with TURKEY and STUFFING and CRANBERRY SAUCE and you better watch as much of the Macy's Parade as you can because I heard Macy's IS GOING BANKRUPT meaning BYE BYE SNOOPY FLOAT and who wants to watch a stupid parade anyway when you can just catch the highlights on YoUTube right after the parade because we all know there is ONLY A SKELETON CREW OF YOUTUBE STAFF WORKING ON THANKSGIVING DAY which are usually NEWBEES who will not be able to delete all of the ILLEGAL COPYRIGHTED UPLOADING of the Macy's Parade and you need to TAKE YOUR BOYFRIEND DENIS to see that over hyped Twilight Movie and he will cry everytime you cry while watching this boring ass teenage flick just to make you feel like he cares about it as much as you do.

4. iTalkToSnakes Kristina Horner 20 years old Nerdfighter Harry Potter fanatic Vocals, Bass for The Parselmouths rock band nominated as MTV's 3rd best wizard rock band of 2007 from Renton, Washington Monday Host FiveAwesomeGirls ohheykristina@gmail.com youtube.com/FiveAwesomeGirls youtube.com/iTalkToSnakes theparselmouths.com en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Parselmouths myspace.com/theparselmouths twitter.com/KristinaHorner twitturly.com/user/KristinaHorner stickam.com/iTalkToSnakes says in her YouTube video titled OH HEY YTL that she went to the YouTube Live Event and got a FREE MINO FLIP CAM and all the DORKS WERE TOO BUSY FILMING EACH OTHER LIKE LITTLE ZOMBIES THAT THEY ARE and so she used it on this video she made and after 5 hours of her trying to upload it that SHITTY VIDEO LOOKS LIKE CRAP and you need to GET A REFUND FOR YOUR FREE MINO FLIP CAMERA BECAUSE THAT SHIT AIN'T CUTTING IT and while you are getting your refund DEMAND TO GET A REFUND FOR YOUR FREE YOUTUBE LIVE EVENT TICKET because that show WAS A JOKE and WAS NOT ENTERTAINING unless you happen to be GAY or BLACK because the whole show was about promoting GAY PRIDE and BLACK HIP HOP RAP ARTISTS and that is the direction YouTube is heading which is a collision course away from the REAL COMMUNITY from 2006 that I was a part of and half of your video was on that UNFUNNY DORKY FAT YouTube WHORING SLOB Toddly00 who needs to FIND PEOPLE HIS OWN AGE TO HANG AROUND WITH INSTEAD OF TEENAGERS WHICH IS CREEPY THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT and while they were filming inside a book store like WHO READS BOOKS THESE DAYS WHEN YOU HAVE YOUTUBE because READING A BOOK IS COMPETING AGAINST EYEBALLS WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS and that is why all of the DYSLEXIC and DUMB PEOPLE COME TO YOUTUBE because everybody knows that INTELLIGENT BOOK SMART PEOPLE DO NOT SPEND THEIR TIME ON YOUTUBE because those are the people who have REAL JOBS and a REAL FAMILY and a REAL LIFE.

5. TommycUnplugged aka TommyC71291 Redneck Stand Up Comic Tommyc71291@Luckymail.com youtube.com/TommycUnplugged youtube.com/TommyC71291 digg.com/users/tommyc71291 says in his YouTube video titled EDDIE HYER IS GONE AGAIN that Eddie Hyer who shut down his DrFeelGoodEH YouTube Account last month has now SHUT DOWN ALL OF HIS YOUTUBE ACCOUNTS because of FAKE CLONE YOUTUBE ACCOUNTS popping up that are NOT HIM like the EddieHyer account that has now been closed and YOUTUBE HATERS HAS SCARED DrFeelGoodEH off of YouTube who at one time promoted his channel as the FEEL GOOD LOVE CHANNEL where EVERYBODY COULD COME TOGETHER AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND NOT HATE but all of this LOVE talk just invited more unwanted YouTube Haters and CyberStalkers on his YouTube Channel and the moral of the story goes if you do not have the stomach to deal with Haters on YouTube then pack up your bags and drive on over to the wonderful make believe Charlie The Unicorn Land known as VloggerHeads where HATE IS NOT TOLERATED unless you are the admin Renetto himself.

6. MakeMeBad35 Damian 20 years old college student from Maryland lifeexistence@yahoo.com myspace.com/your_silent_massacre myspace.com/MakeMeBad35 twitter.com/MakeMeBad35 twitturly.com/user/MakeMeBad35 blogtv.com/people/MakeMeBad35 wix.com/makemebad35 stickam.com/makemebad35 says in his YouTube video titled DOWNFALL AFTER YOUTUBE LIVE that after YouTube Live he went to Denny's with some other YouTubers in San Francisco and some bum smashed his friend's car window and stole his mac book laptop and his digital camera and his ipod and he had to sit in the car with freezing wind coming threw the window for a long 7 hour trip and this should be a lesson to EVERYBODY who has a car in San Francisco and that is DO NOT DRIVE ANYWHERE IN SAN FRANCISCO BECAUSE OF BUM THIEVES and that is why most people you see in San Francisco TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION EVERYWHERE IN THE CITY and ONLY STUPID WHITE TEENAGERS WHO ARE NOT FROM THERE DO NOT KNOW THIS INFORMATION and the only thing that would have made this YouTube video even funnier was if FRED had his shit stolen and then we could have all laughed our asses off as he would cry and run around the front yard saying WHY DID THESE HOMELESS BUMS DO THIS TO ME WHY ME WHY ME which would have been fucking funny too watch.

7. MetallicaMatt Matt Johnson 25 years old from Nottingham, Midlands, England, United Kingdom youtube.com/MetallicaMatt myspace.com/metallicamattuk metallicamatt.blogspot.com twitter.com/metallicamatt twitturly.com/user/MetallicaMatt blogtv.com/people/metallicamatt stickam.com/metallicamatt facebook.com/people/Matt-Johnson/514514540 vampirefreaks.com/metallicamatt says in his YouTube video titled GOODBYE YOUTUBE that he is LEAVING YOUTUBE BECAUSE HIS HEAD IS A LITTLE MESSED UP RIGHT NOW meaning HE IS READY TO SUE YOUTUBE FOR MAKING HIM GO CRAZY BY WATCHING ALL THESE STUPID VIDEOS thereby LOWERING HIS IQ but in reality he is leaving because his father has cancer and is very ill and that YOUTUBE IS THE LAST THING ON HIS MIND meaning when REAL LIFE FAMILY CRISES HAPPENS TO A YOUTUBER then YouTube is PUSHED UNDER THE RUG because YOUTUBE IS JUST A WEBSITE AND YOUR REAL FRIENDS AND REAL FAMILY IS WHAT MATTERS THE MOST because YOUTUBE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR E-FEELINGS because it is just some stupid file sharing website where people upload illegal copyrighted videos and YouTube refuses to remove the infringing material so they can stick ads on that page and generate even more revenue.

8. TheRealTickedOffTony (PERMABAN TickedOffTony) Tony 13 years old from Tucson, Arizona tickedofftony@hotmail.com youtube.com/TheRealTickedOffTony myspace.com/tonymontanashomie myspace.com/tickedofftonyraps tickedofftony.wordpress.com twitter.com/TickedOffTony http://twitturly.com/user/TickedOffTony blogtv.com/People/tickedofftony gaiaonline.com/profiles/13707137 says in his YouTube video titled YOU DO NOT KNOW ME TICKEDOFFTONY RAP MUSIC VIDEO that this 12 YEAR OLD CHILD PROMOTES GUN VIOLENCE with his lyrics DO NOT EVER TALK CRAP CAUSE I GOT A GAT AND I WILL POP A CAP IN YO HAT meaning he will take a gun and shoot you and then the other part of his lyrics says I JUST TOOK A POO AND I AM GONNA NAME IT BLUE AND I WILL TAKE OFF MY SHOE AND BEAT YOU TOO so here the kid is singing about beating people up after he takes a shit and other lyrics in his gay ass Eminem wannabe song are WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU KIDS GET A JOB AND STOP WACKING IT so now we have wise ass 12 year old kids on YouTube talking about shooting people and talking about masturbation which is the REAL REASON why YouTube and Google cannot get any BIG AD SPONSORS besides your everyday sponsors LionFilms and FLIP and GUITAR HERO because this USER GENERATED CONTENT BULLSHIT WITH NO RULES IN PLACE makes advertisers squirmish and look elsewhere but then again what do you expect from the WILD WILD WEST KNOWN AS YOUTUBE.

9. ItsMemorphious Carlos Aquino 32 years old from Deptford, New Jersey youtube.com/ItsMemorphious itsmemorphious.com myspace.com/ItsMemorphious twitter.com/ItsMemorphious twitturly.com/user/ItsMemorphious says in his YouTube video titled ANOTHER GIVEAWAY VIDEO that he is GIVING AWAY IPHONE CASES as prizes but what is so unusual about this guy and his YouTube Partner Channel is he gets TONS OF MAIL FROM CHILDREN ALL AROUND THE WORLD to try to win these prizes from countries like ROMANIA and BRAZIL and SPAIN and all over the United States and he EVEN GETS CASH SENT TO HIM IN HIS MAILBOX as well as other products to put in the GIVEAWAY but one must wonder where on earth does he get the money to GIVEAWAY 50 PRIZES and also to pay for all that shipping and handling to the different countries and something about all of this does not seem right especially if these items are HOT like many of the items on eBay are that are sold at auction but in this case he is giving them away for free which seems to good to be true especially if it is coming from YouTube.

10. Borinyukami Alex 18 years old from New York youtube.com/Borinyukami Borinyukami@hotmail.com Borinyukami@aol.com abridgedunderground.ning.com thecouncil.co.nr z9.invisionfree.com/thecouncilboosh zatchbelltas.co.nr says in his YouTube video titled CAT VS LIGHT'S CAT that he has a pussy cat and he says his pussy used to be named Sammy but since his pussy was not responding to the name so he calls his pussy cat and cat is the only name his pussy will answer to and this is the stupidity that is uploaded onto YouTube and BlogTV because the DUMBING DOWN OF THE WORLD CULTURE rests in the hands of these white teenage kids who gets their kicks off of stroking their pussies while watching stupid Japanese Anime Cartoons instead of doing their homework and spending time with family and friends away from the interwebs.


1. FIONAshizz Fiona Rachel Liddell 17 years old from Haggisland Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom youtube.com/FIONAshizz fionashizz.com fionashizz.wordpress.com FIONAshizz.bebo.com blogtv.com/People/FIONAshizz stickam.com/FIONAshizz Kate Modern LonelyGirl15 Fan Girl says in her YouTube video titled YOUR QUESTIONS MY ANSWERS AHHH THE EXCITEMENT AND TERROR that SHE WOULD KILL MAGIBON which is against YouTube TERMS OF SERVICE TOS agreement which states NO KILLING OTHER YOUTUBERS JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE JEALOUS THAT THEY HAVE MORE SUBSCRIBERS THAN YOU and this Scotland Kate Modern Drama Whore teenager is so weird that she eats ORANGE SKIN PEELS and CRAYONS and BUTTERFLIES and if that is what Scottish People eat on a regular basis then I have just canceled my long plane trip to the Kingdom of Scotland.

2. Karen24Alloy aka Spricket24 Karen bisexual 26 years old from Minneapolis, Minnesota P.O. Box 22471 Robbinsdale, MN 55422 spricket24LLC@gmail.com youtube.com/Spricket24 youtube.com/Karen24Alloy spricket24.com myspace.com/spricket24 twitter.com/karenalloy blogtv.com/people/spricket24 facebook.com/people/Karen-Alloy/735403917 stickam.com/spricket24 livevideo.com/spricket24 says in her YouTube video titled GOING HOME that she had fun at the YouTube Live Event and meeting the dorky computer nerd who is NOT funny TheWineKone who apparently inspired her to upload breast thumbnail videos on YouTube and then she says she met ShayCarl's wife Katilette and SHE IS ONE HOT BITCH which is interesting once you think about it because what is that fine hot ass doing with a FAT OBESE BEARDED COMIC WHO MAKES DUMB JOKES when she can have HOT PASSIONATE LESBIAN LOVE with Spricket24 and suck on XGoBoBeanX's HUMONGOUS WATERMELON SIZE TITS.

3. Fatty2Slim Cindy who wants to lose 120 pounds youtube.com/Fatty2Slim says in her YouTube video titled WIN 600 DOLLARS RETAIL PRODUCTS 9 MONTH ANNIVERSARY LOST 90 POUNDS AND CONFIDENCE BALANCE LIFESTYLE that she has lost 90 pounds during the 9 months she has been on YouTube which is EASY TO LOSE from just obsorbing all of her HATER COMMENTS that are left on each one of her videos it is no wonder she got stressed out and lost 10 pounds a month and she created a commercial for MTV and interviewed 75 BEAUTIFUL SLIM MODELS for the commercial and after interviewing 75 BEAUTIFUL SLIM MODELS she GOT JEALOUS and WANTED TO LOSE WEIGHT TOO TO BE JUST LIKE THEM BIMBOS and her UPCOMING DOCUMENTARY ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT ON YOUTUBE will not show the REAL REASON why she lost all of that weight because after you spend 90 minutes EVERYDAY FOR 9 MONTHS reading NASTY VULGAR YOUTUBE COMMENTS FROM HATERS about HOW FAT AND UGLY YOU LOOK then YOU TOO CAN LOSE 10 POUNDS A MONTH.

4. Perroquet51 Marc Perroquet51 bisexual Productions from Ann Arbor, Michigan youtube.com/Perroquet51 stickam.com/Perroquet51 livevideo.com/Perroquet51 says in his YouTube video titled SLICE OF LIFE that he was SHOPPING FOR SHOES and ALL OF THE SUDDEN FOUND HIMSELF IN A MORGUE and what crazy YouTuber would actually FILM A CREEPY LOOKING CEMETARY and upload it onto YouTube because that is the kind of WEIRDOS YOU HAVE ON YOUTUBE who SHOP FOR SHOES and then TAKE THOSE NICE LOOKING BRAND NEW SHOES TO WALK TO A CEMETARY but at least he was polite about walking on centuries old dead bodies with BRAND NEW SHOES instead of the piece of crappy shoes he had in his previous videos.

5. FiveAwesomeDrunks Monday Host KiddKarnage B.J. Lowry Karnage Studios Graphic Designer 25 years old International Academy Of Design And Technology Tampa Florida College Student from Goodlettesville, Tennessee bjlowry1023@hotmail.com youtube.com/FiveAwesomeDrunks youtube.com/KiddKarnage myspace.com/kiddkarnage kiddkarnage.deviantart.com says in his YouTube video titled KIDD AND KATI LMAO that HE FUCKED KATI IN THE ASS SO HARD THAT SHE COULD NOT GET UP FROM THE FLOOR and then she would not get from behind him so he can do his REQUIRED WEAK ASS DRUNKEN VLOG EVERY MONDAY and he told her that he would BITCH SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF HER WITH HIS PIMP HAND meaning da dick in da butt musta been good to her cause she wanted more after that which is really the LAST TIME this stupid ass collab channel was interesting since drunken slutty lesbo CinderFNRella got all fucked up in da head when she came home one night to do a stupid YouTube vlog.

6. TheMightyThor1212 Eddie Brucato 34 years old agnostic from Merritt Island, Florida themightythor@themightythor.com thor1212@aol.com youtube.com/TheMightyThor1212 myspace.com/themightythor1212 twitter.com/themtyThor1212 blogtv.com/people/TheMightyThor stickam.com/TheMightyThor garageband.com/artist/TheMightyThor says in his YouTube video titled YOUTUBE LIVE SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN that he feels like he is IN HEAVEN and is SO EXCITED to be at the YouTube Live Event and in reality this YOUTUBE GATHERING SLUG WHORE should be happy EVERYTIME he goes to a YouTube Event Gathering because he WHORES HIMSELF ON THE WOMEN and THINKS HE IS A YOUTUBE CELEBRITY WHILE DOING IT and MANY YOUTUBERS ARE TURNED OFF BY HIM and he needs to GET RID OF THE SHADES AND FUNKY DIRTY BROWN HAT and GET A LIFE and stop getting boners for TEENAGE GIRLS like teenage pop singer EsmeeDenters where you can hear him HUFFING AND PUFFING AND HOOPING AND HOLLARING when she was on stage singing and dancing and he was videotaping HARD ON HER but who really wants to see the YouTube LIVE Event again so all these YouTubers who are just REHASHING OLD VIDEOS by showing what went on at the YouTube LIVE Event is ONLY KIDDING THEMSELVES and then at the end of his video he says HE WAS ON THE CAMERA THE WHOLE TIME THAT YOU COULD NOT HAVE MISSED HIM making him a CAM WHORE AN HERO who has ONLY 2,000 subscribers in the past 2 years on YouTube making him a wannabe YouTube Celebrity Whore that is living in fantasy land.

7. Coughlan666 Richard Coughlan 29 years old Stand Up Comic actor marathon rapper Comedy, Inc. business owner entrepreneur atheist 07935333407 from Faversham, United Kingdom richard@comedyinc.co.uk youtube.com/Coughlan666 comedyinc.co.uk Kent Comedy stickam.com/Coughlan666 facebook.com/people/Kent-ComedyInc/1045883132 says in his YouTube video titled THE SICKEST FUCK ON YOUTUBE that he is replying to the video by Creationist Kut77less and calls him a FUCKING WALKING BAG OF SPARE ORGANS for saying that SUICIDE IS RISING BECAUSE EVOLUTION HAS BEEN TAUGHT IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS but that suicide has been rising even before EVOLUTION THEORY was even thought of and just looking at this Brit Fag dude Coughlan666 with the hairy long unwashed uncombed hair down to his neck spouting off nonsense waving in the air with a cigarette in his hand like some angry chimpanzee there is no doubt in my mind that this guy CAME FROM APES and any Creationist who watches him ranting and raving in his YouTube videos will soon come to the conclusion that WE HAVE FOUND THE MISSING LINK AND IT IS Coughlan666.

8. Desertphile David Rice aka David M. Rice, Esq. aka nickname Shy David 48 years old retired international boat delivery captain anti-Scientologist First Amendment Civil Rights Activist from Abiquiu, New Mexico on the Navaho Reservation and owner of Desertphile Publications in San Clemente, California self described as a psycho anti-social raving lunatic desert dweller desertphile@hotmail.com desertphile.org holysmoke.org troglodyte desertphile.livejournal.com narconon-facts.blogspot.com scientology-facts.blogspot.com hovind.blogspot.com groups.google.com/group/talk.origins newsgroup says in his YouTube video titled PERSONAL COMBAT IN WALMART QUESTION IS DID I WIN OR LOSE that he goes to WalMart to buy 50 DAYS WORTH OF GROCERIES like ALMOST 2 MONTHS WORTH OF GROCERIES and this must be one LONELY OLD MAN WHO MAKES A LIVING SHOVELING HORSE SHIT and then he says he has a PURPLE PASSION everytime he shops at Walmart meaning WHAT THE HELL IS A PURPLE PASSION and these crazy phrases coming from white old hermits like him living in New Mexico where SPANISH IS THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE along side English and this old hermit crab needs to cut his long white hair and ditch the Gilligan's Island hat that went out in the 60's and GROW SOME BALLS when you confront WALMART PSYCHO NUTS for crying out loud but that may be hard to do afterall because this is YouTube.

9. DeniseVlogs 23 years old starving writer working in Los Angeles, California originally from Brooklyn, New York youtube.com/DeniseVlogs myspace.com/denisevlogs twitter.com/DeniseVlogs denisevlogs.blogspot.com stickam.com/DeniseVlogs says in her YouTube video titled REFLECTION that she drove 8 HOURS EVERY 2 DAYS and SPENT 309.28 DOLLARS ON GAS and drove to unique fun filled Disney destinations like San Francisco, California where GAY JoshSource can give her a haircut instead of ChristopherMast who was absent minded in her YouTube video and then drove to Oregon to meet Cameronm82 and PDXvlog so they rewarded her by giving her A SPEEDING TICKET and then she drove more slowly to Idaho just to have a milkshake with ShayCarl and his wife Katilette who showed her how to tie her own shoes because her mommy never taught her and then she went to Illinois to meet BrettTheIntern just so she can shower in his college fraternity and then she went to Michigan so her friend's puppy can shit on her and then she met 17 years old RyanShw and his 18 years older girlfriend AdaShw who gave her a tour of what will soon become well known as THE BLACK HOUSE and after her touring all around America she realizes that GAS IS NOW UNDER 2 BUCKS and she could have saved A BUNDLE if she would have only waited.

10. IanCrossland Ian Crossland aka Crossmack 29 years old starving actor working in Los Angeles, California originally from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio youtube.com/IanCrossland youtube.com/crossmack iancrosslandonline.com myspace.com/crossmack facebook.com/people/Ian-Crossland/766560313 stickam.com/crossmack imdb.com/name/nm2423993 says in his YouTube video titled YOUTUBE LIVE that he went to the YOUTUBE LIVE EVENT and THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER HE FELT THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY WAS HIS FRIEND and then after he made this heartful speech he plays a little guitar he learned from GUITAR HERO which for now on will be his new YouTube job instead of talking on camera about UFO aliens having buttsex while probing little boys and then he says that AngelWest GAVE HIM A PAPER TICKET FOR THE YOUTUBE LIVE EVENT meaning since he did not have the GLOSSY ONLINE TICKET that he had to WAIT IN LINE FOR 10 MINUTES TO GET IN meaning these so-called YOUTUBE CELEBRITY WHORES think they should have the WORLD HANDED TO THEM ON A PLATTER just because they had to WAIT IN LINE TO GET IN WITH AVERAGE FOLKS and this is the reason why THERE IS NO YOUTUBE COMMUNITY because of the HUGE SELF-WHORING EGOS that happens everyday on YouTube.


1. AMilonakis Andy Milonakis Andrew Michael Milonakis 32 years old Hollywood MTV rapper comic actor has his own sketch comedy The Andy Milonakis Show from New York City, New York youtube.com/AMilonakis IMDB.com Internet Movie Database wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Andy_Milonakis_Show wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Milonakis myspace.com/andymilonakis stickam.com/amilonakis says in his YouTube video titled WHY that people still make crying jokes about cutting onions and then he starts to cry while cutting onions and this is the RESULT OF WHY HOLLYWOOD IS GETTING RID OF BAD ACTORS because this 32 years old man trapped in a boy's body IS NOT FUNNY AND CANNOT ACT in either children scripts or adult scripts and he needs to find Gary Coleman and become a SECURITY GUARD TOO AND BEAT UP ON 6 FOOT WOMEN AT THE LOCAL SHOPPING MALLS just so they can feel like they have accomplished something in life.

2. SweetMely729 Melissa 20 years old college student from Dallas, Texas youtube.com/sweetmely729 stickam.com/sweetmely729 last.fm/user/sweetmely729 says in her YouTube video titled HELP A SISTAH OUT that SHE NEEDS A WAY TO DIE because she has been filming a short film for THE PAST 6 MONTHS and she does not know how to die in the video meaning THIS BITCH WASTED 6 MONTHS OF HER LIFE just trying to figure out how to die and since there are a MILLION WAYS TO DIE and she cannot think of one then SHE IS NOT CUT OUT TO BE AN ACTRESS and DO NOT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB BY ANY MEANS because AIN'T NO TALENT AGENCY HEADHUNTERS are going to be stumbling over this bitch's YouTube videos and offering her a job anytime soon.

3. FadedHolySoldier Joey 23 year old Puerto Rican living in Tokyo, Japan dannytanner1@yahoo.com fadedholysoldier@hotmail.com youtube.com/FadedHolySoldier myspace.com/kagomeismywife says in his YouTube video titled YOUTUBE LIVE SOULJABOY SURENAS NORTENAS MEXICAN GIRLS that YOUTUBE LIVE SUCKED and WAS A PIECE OF SHIT and reminded him of the MTV AWARDS FULL OF FAKE FUCKING PEOPLE and the YouTube Live audience was nothing but GOOFY WHITE CAUCASION KIDS who knows nothing about SouljaBoy but was bouncing up and down to try to be hip and SOULJABOY's lyrics are UNINTELLIGENT AND FUCKING STUPID meaning YouTube Live Event was professionally done that mimics the award shows done ON TELEVISION because YouTube and Google is making YouTube website just another ENTERTAINMENT ONLINE TELEVISION CHANNEL while overlooking the REAL PEOPLE who made YouTube what it is today.

4. PowderPink Najah from da Bronx, New York youtube.com/powderpink says in her YouTube video titled NIGGA WHAT that she starts off her videos by saying WHAT IT DO WHAT IT DOES WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT WAS meaning WHAT THE FUCK DOES ALL THAT MEAN and why is this jive turkey with a 70's disco tech hat on is putting jive talk in her YouTube videos and she needs to loose the hood 70's blackxploitation cap and get with the program and get rid of that PINK FLOYD T-SHIRT because ain't no black woman from the Bronx wearing a PINK FLOYD T-SHIRT OUTSIDE OF HER HOUSE because BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT LISTEN TO WHITE HARD ROCK MUSIC and never had especially coming from the Bronx and what does this BROKEBACK BARBIE MOUNTAIN MAMA know ANYTHING ABOUT Pink Floyd's THE WALL ALBUM that came out 30 years ago but then this bitch is telling YouTubers to get her a BIRTHDAY PRESENT AND TO SEND HER CASH instead of a present meaning this bitch done went crazy since she became a YouTube Partner.

5. HurricaneAubrey Aubrey 18 years old big nose non-Jewish from Brooklyn, New York myspace.com/19134177 twitter.com/HrcneAubrey blogtv.com/People/hrcneaubrey stickam.com/hrcneaubrey says in her YouTube video titled CONTACT LINKS THANKS AND MY SISTER that she is happy to get 90 video responses on her last YouTube video starting the 51 THINGS AROUND THE HOUSE PROJECT and she DID NOT MEAN FOR PEOPLE TO MAKE VIDEO RESPONSES to her video like THIS BITCH MUST BE ON CRACK and then she goes into how she has a MySpace page with the Username 19134177 like WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO REMEMBER A BUNCH OF NUMBERS and she needs to get her OWN MySpace username if she wants people to go there but then she also wants people to call her on SNAP meaning this wannabe Paula Abdul WITH THE MOLE INCLUDED loves to WHORE HERSELF ON YOUTUBE and then she says SHE HAS SKYPE but SHE IS NOT REALLY ON SKYPE but if you want to SKYPE HER YOU CAN meaning THIS DITZY BROAD MAKES NO SENSE which is one of the qualifications and which makes her a PRIME CANDIDATE to be a YouTube Partner.

6. Naomi94 33 years old ATHEIST from France youtube.com/naomi94 groups.myspace.com/existentialismandcoffee stickam.com/naomi94 says in her YouTube video titled YOGA IS NOT FOR MUSLIMS that she is an atheist but she likes to talk about ISLAM and their radical rules like muslims in Malaysia will no longer practice YOGA which includes Hindu Spiritual Elements Chanting and Worship and can DESTROY THE FAITH OF A MUSLIM which is retarded but what is even MORE RETARDED is this is the SAME WOMAN who had a boyfriend who SPENT ALL OF HIS TIME ON WORLD OF WARCRAFT during the 4 months he was living OFF OF HER meaning this FRENCH BITCH IS GULLIBLE TO THE CORE and needs to wipe away that hooker makeup she has on and fuck somebody fast in order to get pregnant because her biological clock is ticking at the ripe old age of 33 years old.

7. MelsBasketCase Melinda 31 years old diagnosed schizophrenic atheist from Jackson, Michigan melsbasketcase.blogspot.com profiles.yahoo.com/melsbasketcase melsbasketcase.tripod.com angelfire.com/zine/melsbasketcase groups.yahoo.com/group/hujumathecat says in her VloggerHeads video titled REINTRODUCTION TO VLOGGERHEADS that she left YouTube because almost half of her video comments and channel comments were HATE COMMENTS and TROLLS TROLLING HER and she will use RenettoTube Renetto's VloggerHeads as her BOOK REPORT CHANNEL which is interesting because SHE DELETED HER VloggerHeads account a few months ago meaning now Renetto has to deal with her mental illness issues and her schizophrenia which pops up in her videos when you least expect it so now VloggerHeads may get a little more interesting than the boring vloggers currently on that NING PLATFORM.

8. bodyXpolitic is SUSPENDED! bodyXpolitic who wore a GUY FAWKES VENDETTA MASK who claimed he was the LEADER OF ANONYMOUS after PaulFetch MrFetch stepped down along with his good friend TehBigToaster who also wears a GUY FAWKES VENDETTA MASK recently made derogatory YouTube videos talking about how they both watched a black 19 years old teenager commit suicide on Justin.TV and bodyXpolitic went further to even say he TOLD HIM TO DO IT and then they both laughed their asses off when the police finally came in the bedroom to find Abraham Biggs DEAD while the Justin.TV LIVE camera was still rolling and after bodyXpolitic and TehBigToaster decide to petition a HACK ATTACK against UTubeDrama and PUBLICLY ON VIDEO decide to wage war with UTubeDrama Webmaster Trevor Rieger WHICH WAS A STUPID MOVE ON THEIR PART it was only a matter of time before 1 or both of their YouTube accounts would be suspended making bodyXpolitic and PERMABAN AN HERO.

9. PERMABAN TheRedSkull says that PERMABAN MrSeanie IS A WELFARE RECIPIENT DRUNK who DROPS DOX ON YOUTUBERS is ONE OF THE BIGGEST HATERS and ONE OF THE BIGGEST TROLLS ON YOUTUBE who has OVER 2,000 YouTube Accounts and was arrested twice and at least once for BEATING HIS WIFE or charged with domestic violence and has contacted TheRedSkull's family members on FaceBook and called them up to get some information about TheRedSkull and that MrSeanie is like PERMABAN TomSerson who said ON CAMERA that TomSerson was GOING TO RAPE PERMABAN TheRedSkull's sister but PERMABAN TomSerson has also claimed that PERMABAN TheRedSkull threatened to KILL HIM meaning all this nonsense talk about killings and rapings MEANS NOTHING because NOBODY IS GOING TO DO ANYTHING IN CANADA or ENGLAND or AMERICA and all of this is just ASS TALK BY GROWN MEN and nothing more between PERMABAN TheRedSkull and PERMABAN TomSerson and PERMABAN MrSeanie.

10. ApplesAndMustard Dari 21 years old college student from Brooklyn, New York youtube.com/applesandmustard myspace.com/strawberriesandmayonnaise blogtv.com/people/applesandmustard stickam.com/ApplesAndMustard says in her YouTube video titled NOTHING TO DO that there is nothing to do except SHOW HER HUGE TITS ON CAMERA that was showing under her SELF-WHORING T-SHIRT with her YouTube Username IN BIG LETTERS on it and to have a mini YouTube Gathering with YouTubers BarrettTV (PERMABAN GetYoBig2) and DararePearl83 and others because NONE OF THEM GOT A TICKET TO GO TO THE YOUTUBE LIVE in San Francisco and even if they did get a ticket they did not have any money for a plane trip and the last thing YouTubers want to see at a YouTube Live Event is an UGLY LOOKING GAY URKEL BarrettTV (PERMABAN GetYoBig2) boo boo.


1. TheDailyVloggers Wednesday Host KatieMCbindergarten Katie katiemcbindergarten@gmail.com youtube.com/KatiemcBindergarten youtube.com/TheDailyVloggers twitter.com/katieMCB katiemcbindergarten.blogspot.com says in her YouTube video titled ALL ABOUT ADAM that she stayed at the Castle in England years before the Harry Potter movies were filmed but no matter what the hell this bitch is talking about she needs to TRASH THAT RED STRAW COWBOY HAT that she has around her head and GET SOME SLEEP because those dark black circles around her eyes makes her look like a STARVING RACOON that has the munches after smoking a bowl and looking for mice to eat and with her Barack Obama chants throughout the whole YouTube video makes people think TWICE about the kinds of psycho nuts out there like her that voted for him.

2. TheDailyVloggers YouTube Collab Channel LineUp youtube.com/TheDailyVloggers is SUNDAY HOST HappyHopBob Robert youtube.com/HappyHopBob 15 years old MONDAY HOST Alhi Alana 19 years old from Sacramento, California youtube.com/Alhi youtube.com/twinvlog myspace.com/albamaddenchristensen twitter.com/alanamarisaALHI TUESDAY HOST PulseVlogger Adam and Ted 13 years old T-A Productions from London WEDNESDAY HOST KatieMCbindergarten Katie katiemcbindergarten@gmail.com youtube.com/KatiemcBindergarten youtube.com/TheDailyVloggers twitter.com/katieMCB katiemcbindergarten.blogspot.com THURSDAY HOST NOBODY FRIDAY HOST DrewKruel Drew Endly 19 years old from Sacramento, California Drew@kingdomshield.com youtube.com/DrewKruel twitter.com/drewwk stickam.com/drewkruel drewwk.deviantart.com SATURDAY FiFiDoodles Nikki 17 years old from Dublin, Ireland youtube.com/FiFiDoodles bebo.com/azezuphre

3. CellMate89 Ralphie 19 years old Filipino from Melbourne, Victoria Australia cellmate89@gmail.com youtube.com/Cellmate89 cellmate89.blogspot.com twitter.com/cellmate89 says in his YouTube video titled YOUTUBE AUSSIE Melbourne MEET FAIL that the Australian MeetUp WAS A DISASTER and that NOBODY recognized him on YouTube and HE DID NOT RECOGNIZE ANYBODY AT THE MEETUP SO HE LEFT meaning this Japanese kid LEFT THE MEETUP and TOLD AngryAussie IT WAS BORING AND HE WAS LEAVING meaning UTubeDrama website WAS RIGHT AGAIN when it predicted that the Saturday MeetUP was DOOMED TO FAIL JUST LIKE THE LAST ONE because AngryAussie IS A YOUTUBE TOOL and ONLY CARES ABOUT HIMSELF AND HIS FAKE DRAMA RANTS that nobody in American can give a shit about.

4. WaltRibeiro Walt Ribeiro The Orchestra Kid turned music teacher and composer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia Walt@WaltRibeiro.net youtube.com/Waltribeiro waltribeiro.net myspace.com/littlepesce twitter.com/waltribeiro ustream.tv/WaltRibeiro waltribeiro.blip.tv says in his YouTube video titled MO MORE I QUIT GOODBYE that YOU SHOULD NEVER QUIT AND NEVER SAY GOODBYE and that EVERYDAY YOU SHOULD WORK HARD meaning this dude needs to PRACTICE WHAT HE PREACHES because HE IS NOT WORKING HARD but instead is SITTING ON HIS LAZY FAT ASS MAKING DUMBASS VIDEOS and HE NEEDS TO GET A JOB and then at the end of his lame video he says PEACE BUT GIVES THE SATAN HAND SALUTE with the thumb and pinky finger in the air so if this Eminem on crack dumb American boy thinks the Devil Hand Sign is the SAME as the PEACE hand sign which is really the EXACT OPPOSITE then this homey has watched too many Eminem WHITE AMERICA videos.

5. RandomProdinc aka Burnzy121 Tom 17 years old and Sam and Dan from the United Kingdom Randomprodinc@hotmail.co.uk youtube.com/RandomProdInc MusicFromBlueSkies youtube.com/musicfromblueskies OMGitsDaveFromBlueSkies myspace.com/omgitsdavefromblueskies myspace.com/randomprodinc randomprodinc.wordpress.com stickam.com/burnzy121 says in his YouTube video titled 365 DAYS OF ADVENT SHOUT-OUTS that him and CharlieIsSoCoolLike and Epiphanized are hosting the Advent YouTube Gathering on November 29, 2008 in the center of North Hampton in England and London at Common Gardens at 12 noon and they are all going ICE SKATING and eating pizza at PIZZA HUT together like church youth groups do here in America on Wednesday nights and this is this is the lamest things that England kids do during YouTube MeetUps meaning these YouTube MeetUps are not really MEETUPS at all but just SOCIAL GATHERINGS with just a HANDFUL OF CLOSE KNIT FRIENDS who live close to each other and that is why you DO NOT SEE ENGLAND KIDS COMING TO AMERICAN YOUTUBE GATHERINGS and VICE-VERSA because of LACK OF MONEY and LACK OF SPONSORSHIP and that is why these FAKE YouTube GATHERINGS WILL NEVER BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS YOUTUBERS THOUGHT THEY WOULD BE.

6. The5Guys Wednesday Host Texture88 Henrik 20 years old Film Artist from Oslo, Norway youtube.com/Texture88 last.fm/user/texture88 says in his YouTube video titled INTRODUCING HENRIK MR WEDNESDAY that he has 3 SETS OF SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONERS and then he starts looking into the bathroom mirror where he is vlogging and his HAIR LOOKS LIKE IT HAD A FIGHT WITH THE BARBER because his hair is ALL OVER THE PLACE and that is from ALL THOSE DAMN HAIR CHEMICALS he has been using because aint nobody going to wash their hair with 6 BOTTLES OF HAIR SHIT because they know their hair will FALL OUT and it is just a matter of time before this Norway kid starts vlogging BALD next year.

7. MedicLuvsTrauma Carina 29 years old who gave birth to twins europebound-mommy2b.blogspot.com says in her YouTube video titled WELCOME MARVIN AND MEYA that she popped her out some Obama Twins and they are both healthy babies and in fact they are so healthy that Marvin LOVES SUCKING ON HIS MOMMY'S TIT because he be LOVIN THAT BOOBIE and that is gross once you think about it because that is sort of like incest because the baby actually LIKES IT and it gets creepier if she becomes like one of those women on MAURY who KEEPS BREAST FEEDING THEIR SONS AT THE AGE OF 6 AND 7 YEARS OLD which is disgusting but IT GIVES MAURY RATINGS meaning a lot of people get off on watching that sick shit on television.

8. CitizenWorm Erin 30 years old videographer writer from Ithaca, New York youtube.com/CitizenWorm citizenworm.wordpress.com twitter.com/CitizenWorm blogtv.com/people/CitizenWorm stickam.com/citizenworm says in her YouTube video titled THE PWNAGE OF Inmendham Drama 2.3 that SHE HAS SPENT 6 MONTHS ON STICKAM TALKING TO Inmendham until he FINALLY GOT TIRED OF HER SHIT AND BOOTED HER ASS out of his Stickam Room and blocked her on his YouTube Channel and ever since then she has uploaded 6 VIDEOS ABOUT Inmendham IN THE PAST 6 DAYS meaning SHE IS IN LOVE WITH THIS GUY and WANTS TO MARRY HIS GOLDILOCK HAIR because ain't NOBODY ON YOUTUBE THAT STUPID to make 6 VIDEOS in 3 DAYS ABOUT SOMEBODY THAT HAS BLOCKED THEM and so all you have to do is get this fat bitch on your subscribers list and then talk to her and then BLOCK HER DUMBASS and YOU TOO can have the LUXURY OF HAVING 6 VIDEOS DEDICATED TO YOU because obviously this woman is DELUSIONAL and needs to GET A CLUE THAT HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU ANYMORE LIKE HE USED TO and she sounds like one of those STALKING HOME WRECKERS that you see on The Jerry Springer Show where the woman still wants you even after you are already married to somebody else.

9. TrollArtsnScienceCo says in his YouTube video titled ISSY DOES HAVE A STRANGE WORLD that IssysWorld13 is having sex with a guy who calls homosexuals the derogatory slur FAGGOTS and has a picture of Adolph Hitler saying YES WE CAN on his website and what is this guy complaining about when this dude wears a BLACK LEATER MASK over his face in all of his videos as if he himeslf is into weird GAY SADOMASOCHISM and if he is into that crazy shit then I suggest he put a zipper on that pretty boy mouth of his and then maybe more horny gay men will watch his faggotry ass when he slowly unzips it with his tongue ring.

10. FatherJudgement Charlie 46 years old from Virginia Beach, Virginia youtube.com/FatherJudgement myspace.com/fatherjudgement says in his YouTube video titled PAUL 7Seveng7 AND HIS FAKE PARTNER BUILDING GHOST ACCOUNTS that he alleges that 7Seveng7 is a PEDOPHILE and a CHILD MOLESTER and because of this 7Seveng7 has been spamming his videos and emailing him GAY PORN which is funny when you think about it because why would ANY child molester email another person GAY PORN if they like CHILDREN instead of ADULTS and if he is emailing him GAY PORN then WHY IS THAT SHIT ON YOUTUBE IN THE FIRST PLACE because YouTube TERMS OF SERVICE TOS does not accept GAY PORN on their website unless they are videos of a doctor touching the penis of another man to check for hernia and so this got him besides the emails being sent to his own daughter and now FatherJudgement with his sunglasses he wears IN THE DARK and his 300 POUND POT BELLY HAS RAGED WAR on 7Seveng7 meaning DA INTERNETZ ARE SERIOUZ BUZINESS.


1. WenHao07 aka WenHao08 Harry Haz from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia wenhao07@live.com youtube.com/WenHao07 youtube.com/wenhao08 myspace.com/wenhao07 twitter.com/wenhao07 blogtv.com/People/wenhao07 wenhao07.blogspot.com in his YouTube video titled WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE that things were different and the world was different and this white Australian man is NOT CHINESE even though his YouTube channel looks like an Asian name and he tries to act Chinese by using ChopSticks and promoting Chinese YouTubers meaning this guy HAS NO LIFE and has LOST HIS OWN AUSTRALIAN WHITE HERITAGE IDENTITY and had betta RECOGNIZE and should stop trying to act Chinese and even he is embarrased from his past YouTube videos which he now has on PRIVATE because his buddies at work found them and were laughing at him.

2. Kyumon2 (PERMABAN Kyumon) youtube.com/Kyumon2 youtube.com/Kyumon says in his YouTube video titled NARUTO SHIPPUDEN IS COMING TO AMERICA that he is EXCITED that Naruto Shippuden animated cartoon is coming to the United States in January 2009 and this black teenage kid who is into Japanese Anime needs to STOP UPLOADING JAPANESE CARTOONS on YouTube because that is the reason why YouTube banned his OLD ACCOUNT so technically he should not even be on YouTube and it will just be a matter of time before his channel is banned again so GET A CLUE AND DON'T BE A FOOL.

3. Twish1999 Nutter's Club Founder from the United Kingdom youtube.com/Twish1999 youtube.com/NuttersClub twitter.com/Twish1999 says in her YouTube video titled 51 THINGS that she is on the YOUTUBE LATEST AND GREATEST SHOW AND TELL GAME that 7 year old children would share in school and one of those 51 things she shares with her YouTube Subscribers is a FAIRY STATUE meaning why is it that the only good thing that has come out of LiverPool, England is PETER PAN CARTOONS with TinkerBell as the fairy and The Beatles and over yonder in da Ireland ya got me a pot of Gold with the leprechauns as in Darby O'Gill and the Little People because The United Kingdom is for some reason OBSESSED with MAGICAL UNICORNS and FAIRIES and LEPERCAUNS and King Arthur and the Knights From The Round Table and Merlin The Wizard and DRAGONS and CAMELOT and EXCALIBER and BRAVEHEART and TROLLS and OGRES and anything else that is ALL LEGENDARY MYTH AND FANTASY.

4. PotterCast Tuesday Host HouseOfHufflePuff Snowy Suze Sue Upton senior news editor from Michigan SueUpton22@gmail.com youtube.com/PotterCast youtube.com/HouseofHufflepuff youtube.com/PotterCast The Leaky Cauldron the-leaky-cauldron.org says in her YouTube video titled PCVLOG SUZE TUESDAY that IT IS ALREADY CHRISTMAS and that is the problem with Americans is that they create these YouTube videos about HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS but yet they say absolutely NOTHING AT ALL about THANKSGIVING which is a GREAT AMERICAN DAY that celebrates the Pilgrims coming to america who were RELIGIOUSLY OPPRESSED IN ENGLAND to share in a feast that was provided by the hospitality of the Native American Indians but yet YouTubers who make these Christmas videos need to step back and GIVE THANKS and MENTION to other YouTubers to have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING instead of a Merry Christmas.

5. PotterCast YouTube Collab Channel youtube.com/PotterCast The Leaky Cauldron the-leaky-cauldron.org which is a WEEKLY HARRY POTTER PODCAST CHANNEL LINEUP is Monday Host MelissaAnelli Melissa Anelli youtube.com/MelissaAnelli former journalist for the Staten Island Advance from Staten Island, New York Tuesday Host HouseOfHufflePuff Snowy Suze Sue Upton senior news editor from Michigan SueUpton22@gmail.com youtube.com/PotterCast youtube.com/HouseofHufflepuff Susie Wednesday WILDCARD Thursday Host JohnBoy865 John Noe director of The Leaky Cauldron website Friday ffrak3 27 years old Frankie Franco III freelance Illustrator from New York, New York frakfraco.com frakfraco.blogspot.com twitter.com/frakfraco

6. 5AwesomeTrannys youtube.com/5awesometrannys Transsexual Tuesday Host ZiggieCrow Ziggy Preston Crow 21 years old from Washington D.C. myspace.com/zigg_crow says in HE SHE YouTube video titled TUESDAY BIG AND BLACK that he says that CHEAP MAKEUP looks better on him then EXPENSIVE MAKEUP and to give ALL MAKEUP A CHANCE like what the hell does that mean give them all a chance as if MAKEUP were human or something and then he says he does not buy any of this makeup in stores and that he gets them at GARAGE SALES and YARD SALES and THRIFT SHOPS meaning he puts HAND ME DOWN CHEAP ASS MAKEUP on his MANLY WANNABE FEMALE face and dude what is up with those fake DREADS that you need to cut that shit off and go bald instead.

7. AlotAboutUs YouTube Collab Channel alotaboutus@yahoo.com MykStaples Mykslife@yahoo.com youtube.com/Mykstaples Myspace.com/ugotmyk WalkingWater Marcus Bellamy BamBamBellamy@yahoo.com youtube.com/Walkingwater myspace.com/WalkingH2O says in their YouTube video titled WHITE DOLL GOOD BLACK DOLL BAD that the reason why black school children pick the white doll as the goody two shoes doll is because the media portrays white people as good people and black people as bad criminals and that even black sistas on TV are light yellow skinned sistas without that Nappy HairStyle like they had no Good Times and The Jeffersons and America is DROWNING IN WHITESTREAM MEDIA and Asians and Mexicans are not shown very much on television either so blacks should not be complaining because at least now they got a black president so stop whining and complaining about black dolls when you have a BLACK PRESIDENT turning the WHITE HOUSE into the BLACK HOUSE.

8. TOMMYfromtheBRONX aka TMC1969 from Connecticut youtube.com/TOMMYfromtheBRONX youtube.com/TMC1969 blogtv.com/people/TommyFromTheBronx stickam.com/tmc1969 livevideo.com/TMC1969 says in his YouTube video titled INMENDHAM VIRTUAL REALITY that Inmendham wants YouTubers to LEAVE REALITY and to live in VIRTUAL REALITY so you can be GODLIKE and have only THE THINGS YOU WANT that is always PLEASANT and HAPPY and everybody should HOP INTO A VIRTUAL POD but Tommy says THAT SHIT WILL GET OLD AFTER A COUPLE OF HOURS because YOU CANNOT HAVE REAL SEX in a Virtual reality world and even if it was VIRTUAL SEX then you would have VIRTUAL LITTLE MINI-MEs running all around your virtual world without ever giving your virtual children or your virtual wife a REAL HUG and a REAL KISS meaning COME BACK DOWN TO EARTH and FACE REALITY but that is very hard for YouTubers to do because YOUTUBE IS THEIR VIRTUAL WORLD and the only reason why they are on YouTube is for SHAMELESS SELF-WHORING because they are ANTI-SOCIAL in the REAL WORLD.

9. RockManiac89 Set It Off band members Cody Carson and Zach Something and Dan Clermont from Clearwater and Tampa, Florida setitoffband@gmail.com youtube.com/RockManiac89 myspace.com/setitoff says in their YouTube video titled TOUR TOUR TOUR, BOAR BOAR BOAR that they are going to be TOURING ACROSS AMERICA with their small rock band but Cody dude needs to do something with those blonde streaks in his black hair that is covering his face because he looks ridiculous and not punk at all and the other dude Zack Something is DEFINITELY ON SOMETHING like he is LOADED ON PSP or some Ecstasy Drug because HE COULD NOT SIT STILL during their SELF-WHORING YOUTUBE VIDEO and he had some poodle fur ball hanging on his ear that has got to go and next time this punk band wants to put out then they need to CHILL THE FUCK OUT and stop acting all cracked out.

10. OneAwesomeWorld Monday Host WizardNeedsFoodBadly Rache Bache 20 years old from North Shore Auckland, New Zealand WizardNeedsMagic@aol.com rachel.bache@gmail.com youtube.com/OneAwesomeWorld youtube.com/WizardNeedsFoodBadly myspace.com/racheofspades twitter.com/WizardNeedsFood wizardneedsfoodbadlyblogs.blogspot.com stickam.com/wizardneedsfoodbadly says in her YouTube video titled NEW ZEALAND'S FAVOURITE CORNFLAKE that there is an Australian Kangaroo Picture on her bag of cornflakes and that is because New Zealand does not have their own animal they can put on the bag and who wants to put a Kiwi bird on anything because those kiwi birds LOOK UGLY and ARE NOT PLEASING TO LOOK AT and New Zealand is so broke that they can use the extra money to promote Australian animals and it may even make New Zealanders think they are really Australians because every American knows that New Zealand is just some island next to her mother island Australia out in NO MAN'S LAND from a time and a place long forgotten and so they spend their time on YouTube to make themselves think they are in America.


1. Bigxminh from Australia youtube.com/bigxminh twitter.com/bigxminh bigminh.blogspot.com says in her YouTube video titled A MOVING PICTURE that her 1 minute YouTube video took an entire month to create which is really a big joke because during that 1 minute video all it showed was her filming broken windows and broken down antique furniture and an old antique piano with dust on it and the highlight of the video was showing her funky black and white yin yang fingernail polish and her overgrown sized black shades meaning if it took this weird bitch 30 days to produce this 1 minute garbage YouTube video then SHE NEEDS TO FIND A NEW OCCUPATION if she wants to PUT FOOD ON HER TABLE EVERY NIGHT.

2. DizzyLizzyBeth Lizzy 39 years old suffering from a disease known as Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder from Fairmount, Indiana youtube.com/DizzyLizzyBeth says in her YouTube video titled BABBLING AND CRYING SORRY BAD DAY that SHE HAS MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEMS and that SHE MAY HAVE ARTHRITIS and that SHE CANNOT MOVE and is ALWAYS IN PAIN and then she LIGHTS UP HER CANCER STICK to tell MORE ABOUT HER HEALTH PROBLEMS meaning this dumb fat cow wants YouTubers to have sympathy for her being in pain while smoking like a chimney in her house with a package of cigarettes and the package warning label reading in big letters SMOKING KILLS.

3. Catrific aka YourFavoriteCat Cat 19 years old Christian college student from Atlanta, Georgia youtube.com/catrific youtube.com/YourFavoriteCat twitter.com/catrific catrific.blogspot.com stickam.com/yourfavoritecat says in her YouTube video titled MONDAYS AND MYSTERY SUBS that SHE SUBSCRIBES TO YOUTUBERS WHO SUBSCRIBE BACK TO HER well infamously known as SUB 4 SUB and that she would SUBSCRIBE TO THEM OUT OF COURTESY meaning she is one of literally THOUSANDS OF IDIOTS who do the SUB 4 SUB bullshit game and then she wants to know why she is getting all of these weird videos in her subscription box and so she starts to UNSUBSCRIBE from them because she does not watch them and this broad with the EMO black gothic eyeliner look needs to GTFO GET THE FUCK OFF of YouTube UNTIL she reads the YOUTUBE FOR DUMMIES book on Amazon.

4. The5Guys YouTube Collab Channel Monday Host 18 years old MartinW93 Martin college student in film school from Glasgow, Scotland youtube.com/MartinW93 myspace.com/martinw93 martinw93.deviantart.com XBox GamerTag MartinW93 Tuesday Host CrayzeeFlyer130 Chris gay 16 years old Drama Club high school student from Buffalo, New York freestylefreak95@aol.com youtube.com/CrayzeeFlyer130 myspace.com/chisafer_d Wednesday Host Texture88 Henrik 20 years old Film Artist from Oslo, Norway youtube.com/Texture88 last.fm/user/texture88 Thursday Host Bellinger015661 Jack 16 years old from Queensland Gold Coast, Australia youtube.com/Bellinger015661 Friday Host NovrCalVlog aka DenlinkBarmann Denlin K Barmann 20 years old gay TGI Friday's waiter from Raleigh, North Carolina youtube.com/NovrCalVlog youtube.com/DenlinkBarmann DenlinkBarmann.com myspace.com/denlinkbarmann myspace.com/newartica twitter.com/denlinkbarmann flickr.com/denlinkbarmann norcalvlog.wordpress.com

5. The5Guys Monday Host MartinW93 says in his YouTube video titled THE BIG PREMIERE that HE IS BISEXUAL meaning HE FUCKS GIRLS AND GUYS AND POSSIBLY ANIMALS AS WELL but then that would mean he is a trisexual meaning HE WILL TRY ANYTHING and then he says he WENT TO HE FIRST GAY BAR and why are teenage 18 year old boys going into gay bars and drinking liquor until 3 am in the morning and that is because this kid is from SCOTLAND and NOT AMERICA meaning in Scotland and most of Europe they DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT TEENAGERS and so it is LEGAL TO DRINK BOOZE where America cares about their teenagers and that is why they are not allowed to drink until they are 21 years old.

6. Saturninefilms Cody Weber founder of Cody Weber Photography and author of Imperfect online e-book 20 years old atheist from Hamilton, Illinois youtube.com/SaturnineFilms myspace.com/weberphoto cwphoto.tumblr.com codyweberprints.deviantart.com says in his YouTube video titled SLEEP that HE CANNOT SLEEP SO HE TURNS ON THE CAMERA TO VIDEOTAPE HIMSELF and then he says that PEOPLE WASTE A THIRD OF THEIR LIVES SLEEPING for those that sleep 8 hours a day but then that means the other 16 hours of his life is WASTED ON YOUTUBE because this THIN BLOOD NARCISSIST PALE SKINNED WHITE BOY spends TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUTUBE and thinks of YouTube so much that HE CANNOT EVEN SLEEP and then he gets all druggie on us and says that DEATH IS WAITING FOR HIM OUTSIDE OF HIS HOUSE WALLS AND IF HE STEPS OUT OF HIS BED THEN HE WILL DIE meaning this dude is FUCKED UP IN DA HEAD from watching too many YouTube videos as well as watching late night Car Cleaning Infomercial Scams on his TV.

7. WestsideProductionz Alex 16 years old born in Trinidad youtube.com/WestsideProductionz myspace.com/westsideproductionz twitter.com/WestsideProdz westsideproductionz.blogspot.com has a YouTube video titled 51 THINGS I FOUND AROUND THE HOUSE that shows him holding things up to his camera like his dirty stinky shitty SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS UNDERWEAR and PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT PLACEMENT NINTENDO MARIO BROS GAMES and a sXePhil autograph T-Shirt from the August 2008 Toronto Gathering as if THAT is worth any money yeah right but then he shows A CAN OF MACE like what the fuck is this teenage age Harry Potter NerdFighter fanatic doing with MACE IN HIS OWN HOME and it is probably to keep sXePhil AWAY because if sXePhil has no problems putting his pen on this kid's chest to write on it no telling what else sXePhil has in mind with this kid when his on again off again girlfriend BGirl5 is not looking.

8. MsButterfli Tishy 31 years old from Queens, New York who works as a CPS Child Protective Service worker and as a freelance artist for MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics, Inc. butterflisworld.blogspot.com macaddicts.ning.com says in her YouTube video titled JUST A QUICK UPDATE that SHE IS HAVING A BABY GIRL and then she goes on to say how happy she is to have a girl because then she can teach her all of her MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics which sounds all nice but why would any mother put makeup on their own baby or even at the age of 5 years old meaning she got her nerve talking about teaching her baby how to put on make-up because that is what is wrong with American Society like the mother of JonBenet Ramsey who put makeup on her daughter since she was 3 years old and you just do not do that to a little girl so hopefully this mother will wait because God knows it is hard trying to raise a 13 year old girl in the ghetto who is having sex and getting pregnant and then finds herself on Maury wanting to know WHO MY BABY'S DADDY.

9. DeanSig from Canada member of TheTubeAddicts youtube.com/DeanSig blogtv.com/People/deansig has a YouTube video titled BeanerLaRue where he MOCKS BeanerLaRue who is a beautiful hot sexy attractive YouTuber ONLY WHEN SHE IS NOT TALKING while she had a recent BlogTV show and this Addams Family member Uncle Fester does a pretty good job of mimmicking her but what ruined the whole video is showing his Uncle Fester Chest Hairs on camera and next time you try to STEAL SUBSCRIBERS from a popular YouTuber because you cannot get them any other way then please ZIP UP YOUR JACKET and use ROGAIN and stop using the Addams Family eyeliner and then try your luck on another YouTuber.

10. ZOMGitsCriss Cristina from Romania badblogger.org says in her YouTube video titled REPLY ME ME ME MOMENT 2 ANSWERS that if she had to choose a character to play in virtual reality that SHE WANTS TO BE A NAZI DURING HITLER'S LIFE IN WORLD WAR II and that SHE WANTS TO BE AN AMERICAN SLAVEOWNER IN THE 1700 CENTURY meaning this college drop out from Romania has HIGH HOPES TO BECOME A YOUTUBE CELEBRITY and she has already fit the qualifications to be just that not to mention that she also DENIES THE HOLY SPIRIT making her an atheist but with a pretty face and pretty body like this woman has instead of trying to become a YouTube Partner in the near future making PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR she should just upload naked videos of her masturbating and upload them on XTube where she will make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS if she was smart.


1. ApplesAndMustard Dari 21 years old from the United States youtube.com/user/applesandmustard myspace.com/strawberriesandmayonnaise blogtv.com/people/applesandmustard says in her YouTube video titled FRICKIN AMAZING that she says 2 BOYS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO MARRY meaning a 70 year old homosexual should be allowed to marry a 18 year old confused gay pretty boy adolescent teenager no matter what both of their families say about their faggot lifestyle and then she says she LOVES and has a CRUSH on LESBIAN WANNABE NineteenPercent meaning she will secretly cheat on gay boy BarrettTV just to finger fuck NineteenPercent.

2. MrAdamSir 21 years old Arizona State University West college student NerdFighter former high school drama theater student from Tacoma, Washington youtube.com/MrAdamSir myspace.com/mradamsir nerdfighters.ning.com says in his YouTube video titled E PART 1 that he is going to read out of his diary that he met a girl but only as a platonic friend because they were both in different relationships and this drama student has been needs to go back to the drawing board because his stupid boring ass diary stories ARE NOT INTERESTING OR ROMANTIC and if his diary journals are THAT BORING then he needs to mix it up and MAKE SHIT UP THAT YOUTUBERS WILL AT LEAST WATCH.

3. VonHelton 45 years old from Manchester, Kentucky youtube.com/vonhelton vonhelton.blogspot.com stickam.com/vonhelton says in his YouTube video titled THE PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL 01 that if the Federal United States Government gets a fully automatic weapon then he can have a fully automatic weapon and if the Federal United States Government can have video spy cameras then he can have them too because he says he has the right to own anything the Federal United States Government owns but what makes this video even more disturbing is he has a video by Philip Berg ESQ saying Barack Obama is a FRAUD and NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN meaning the Secret Service should look into any person who talks about fully automatic weapons and President Obama aka Obamanation in the same YouTube video.

4. Skishua Josh Hall 19 years old NerdFighter Harry Potter Twilight Edward Cullen fanatic from Indiana youtube.com/skishua twitter.com/skishua blogtv.com/People/Skishua SKYPE skishua nerdfighters.ning.com says in his YouTube video titled THE 5 FACTS GAME LIVES DREAM JARS CHAPSTICK AND MORE that he has not made a YouTube video in awhile so he just decided to OPEN HIS COMPUTER AND START TALKING and then he says HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO TALK ABOUT so he does his 5 FACTS ABOUT HIMSELF and so he shows an almost EMPTY JAR and says when the penny jar reaches to the top then HE WILL GO ON A TRIP which means NEVER because if he sends all his boring days sitting in front of his computer trying to lip sync to GIRL SONGS then he will NEVER GET A JOB and will NEVER FILL THAT JAR meaning HE WILL NEVER EVER TAKE THAT TRIP.

5. TwinklyBird Josephine 19 years old AtheneWins Dean aka Furious and Reese's sister from Bonheiden, Belgium youtube.com/twinklybird bradsucks.net/forums/profile/twinklybird has YouTube videos about THE NEWS but this AtheneWins World Of Warcraft Paladin Reject and sXePhil news commentary Knockoff is so boring that SHE PUTS YOUTUBERS TO SLEEP and what she really needs to do is to stop talking about America Trash Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and just put duct tape on her mouth and SHOW HER TITS like her friend Tania does in every single YouTube video because nobody wants to see a hot woman sitting in front of her camera with all of her clothes on talking about old news that nobody cares about and so she needs to step back from her laptop and lose 30 pounds and then come back on camera topless and then people will want to hear ANYTHING that she says even if it is all a LIE or she says absolutely nothing at all like Magibon.

6. JoshurKing Josh King 14 years old from the United Kingdom youtube.com/joshurking blogtv.com/people/Shwaables says in his YouTube video titled NO MORE HATE that people should not hate but he NEVER says what that hate is because what some people think is hate is really just a joke to another person but yet this 14 year old who looks like he is 19 years old says for people to stop hating meaning this teenage EMO kid does not know WHAT THE HELL HE IS TALKING ABOUT which means he FITS RIGHT IN with the YouTube Brainless Community who just turns on the camera to tell other people to STOP THE HATE without never saying or explaining what the hate is if it is even hate at all.

7. AlotAboutUs YouTube Collab Channel alotaboutus@yahoo.com MykStaples Mykslife@yahoo.com youtube.com/Mykstaples Myspace.com/ugotmyk WalkingWater Marcus Bellamy BamBamBellamy@yahoo.com youtube.com/Walkingwater myspace.com/WalkingH2O says in their YouTube video titled DANCE OFF ABORTION AND COMMITMENT REAL TALK that MykStaples says HE BELIEVES IN ABORTION and that A WOMAN HAS A RIGHT TO KILL HER UNBORN BABY and that the GOVERNMENT HAS NO SAY IN THE MATTER but WalkingWater was HESITANT to give his opinion about it and so instead of them debating about the situation MykStaples just says there was NO DISAGREEMENT about the topic since both of them believe a woman has the right to choose but what do these 2 fags know anything about women when they are trying to rap about BOY BOOTIE HOLES and how you should GET THAT BOY BOOTY FROM THE FRONT AND FROM THE BACK making these 2 black wannabe hip hop queer boy artists just right for liberal YouTube.

8. TouchMyKeyblade JenxTheJinx Demyx Time Show by Kelly KellyJane and Jenn TealPirate Productions from the United Kingdom thesorashow@live.co.uk kellyjane.deviantart.com says in her YouTube video titled OUR ACCOUNT WAS COPIED that somebody on YouTube CREATED A FAKE SOCK PUPPET ACCOUNT called TouchMyKeybiade with an i instead of an L and then these 2 BUTCH DYKE LESBIAN EMO ADULTS HITTING 30 YEARS OLD gives the 2 finger FUCK YOU salute because in the United Kingdom they use 2 FINGERS FOR FUCK YOU while the United States uses just 1 FINGER and the reason for that is because American Woman can ORGASM with just 1 finger where it takes English Women 2 fingers because they are not intelligent enough to get their ORGASM right the first time around.

9. TomKen8dy aka TomKen8d Tom from New York tomken8d@gmail.com youtube.com/tomken8dy myspace.com/tomken8d livevideo.com/tomken8d says in his YouTube video titled James Riley TheLoneWebCrusader LISTEN that Number2Asshole (PERMABAN TheLoneWebCrusader) HAS LOST HIS MARBLES and SHOULD SHOCK HIMSELF WITH A CATTLE PROD which is harsh words coming from somebody who got a BRAND NEW WHEELCHAIR from him and then to even go further to say STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIENDS and to STAY AWAY FROM MY ENEMIES yet he also GAVE AWAY A FREE ROUND TRIP PLANE TICKET to E-Beggar TonyaTKO so she can whore herself at the First Official YouTube LIVE Gathering on Saturday October 22.

10. J0ames James from London, England youtube.com/J0ames youtube.com/j0amesresponds twitter.com/j0ames j0ames.blogspot.com says in his YouTube video titled VLOG 16 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS that his YouTube Username James with a ZERO in between the letter J and A and that the ZERO JUST KIND OF HAPPENED THAT WAY because he first wanted to do the username James with a ZERO at the end of his username and now he says IT WAS A BAD DECISION ON HIS PART and he started on YouTube BECAUSE HE WAS BORED AROUND THE HOUSE meaning if a person is bored and they have nothing else to do then THEY DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON YOUTUBE unless they want to be TORTURED and SCARRED for the REST OF THEIR LIVES FROM HATERS and TROLLS but instead they would LEAVE THEIR BEDROOM IN THE BASEMENT and GET OUT AND GET SOME FRESH AIR OUTSIDE in the real world.


1. RayWilliamJohnson Ray William Johnson an Independent broke ass college student from New York twitter.com/raywjohnson says in his episode 26 of Capitol Hill Gangsta YouTube video titled DID WE SRSLY JUST ELECT A BLACK GUY that he was right when he predicted that Barack Obama won by 6 percent of the popular vote and this guy says he lives in Harlem but this guy can pass white MORE than he can if he tried to pass black meaning this guy HAS HAD AN EASY LIFE because MANY middle aged men would hire him unlike a 100 percent dark skinned man so this guy sounds like his is oppressed in Harlem when in reality he is living the good life as a white boy.

2. VoltageControlled Alex 18 years old from Berkshires, Upstate New York says in his YouTube video titled GOODBYE FURRYDOM that UltraForge SAVED HIM FROM THE FURRIES and now he is not brainwashed anymore and that the only reason why he was a Furry because HE LOVES ANAMORPHIC ANIMALS so he is officially OUT of the Furry Closet but no matter how much he tries to troll the FanDom Forums he will ALWAYS be into ANAMORPHIC ANIMALS and this newbie troller cannot troll because ONLY PEOPLE ARE BORN AS TROLLS for TROLLING is a GIFT and YOU CANNOT EARN THE RIGHT TO BECOME A TRUE TROLL unless you were born as one meaning this guy needs to just GTFO GET THE FUCK OFF of the INTERNETS and go to the school grounds and play on the swings while listening to Chocolate Rain on his ipod.

3. SteffIsTricks Steffi 19 years old from The Bay Area, California originally from Manila, Philippines says in her YouTube video titled OVERVIEW SHOUTOUT TO GEN that SHE SHOULD MAKE A SEPARATE YOUTUBE CHANNEL for her blogs to have a secondary account one for vlogs and one for her makeup shit and then she starts to show the makeup brushes she bought with a pouch but then she says she does not know what the pouch is for but any person would tell this dimwit that the pouch is FOR THE BRUSHES and you can tell that she IS NOT MAKING THIS UP and then goes on to say CONGRATULATIONS BARACK OBAMA as if he will be watching her YouTube video meaning all she does now is RANDOM VLOGS making her YouTube subscribers MAD AT HER because she is ALL OVER THE PLACE when it comes to trying to vlog.

4. TonyaTKO aka TheTonyaTkoShow Tonya Daniel 33 years old from Bronx, New York TonyaTko.com TonyaTko.com/live M/Th 7-8:30 pm EST Sun. 3 pm TonyaTko.com/Forum tonyatko.com/follow ustream.tv/TonyaTko says in her YouTube video titled TonyaTko NEEDS BUDDY PASSES OR Needs Buddy Passes or 5 DOLLAR DONATIONS TO GO TO SAN FRANCISCO that she has been invited to the YouTube Gathering Live Event on November 22 and so she NEEDS 5 DOLLARS FROM EACH YOUTUBER SO SHE CAN FLY TO CALIFORNIA or if anybody has a BUDDY PASS to get her across the states and all she needs is 50 YouTubers to donate 5 bucks to her or 10 bucks or 20 bucks or 50 bucks meaning this woman is another E-Beggar who is asking for FREE MONEY just to go to some stupid YouTube Party that almost NOBODY is going to.

5. NewWarriorMan SUSPENDED! NewWarriorMan Reid Baer Voted MOST OPINIONATED Man On The Internet poet from Reidsville, North Carolina passionforpsychologicalpoetry.mixx.com After 273 videos and 3,407 subscribers to his credit on YouTube before being PERMABANNED as well as being suspended months ago on VloggerHeads will forever live infamously as the man in the YouTube Community who advocated for a Poetry Category that YouTube has failed to implement.

6. HellionTheNonExciter (PERMABAN HellionExciter) from Las Vegas, Nevada is back on YouTube after going to jail and says in his YouTube video titled RAMPANT RETARDS ON THE LOOSE PART I and PART II and PART III that his new YouTube Channel account has been reinstated after somebody has FALSELY DMCA'd his Channel and he thinks the blame rests on PERMABAN MrSeanie who is NOT well known as the MOST BANNED PERSON ON YOUTUBE and PermaBan MyBoss but he also thinks to a lesser extent alien lover TheBeeOBee BOB may also played a role in his suspension or at least knows how he got kicked off of YouTube.

7. Number2Asshole (PERMABAN TheLoneWebCrusader) Jim Riley retired ROOFER from Long Island, New York says he gave E-Beggar TonyaTKO who has been E-Begging YouTubers money his PASSWORD to access his Airlines account so she can GET A FREE ROUND TRIP TICKET to the YouTube Live Gathering in San Francisco, California and then says she is trying to hide the fact that she is GOING SKIING which is a WHITE MAN'S SPORT because she does not want any of her BLACK BROTHERS and SISTERS to know that she skis meaning now we have YouTube E-Beggars begging money just so they can take WHITE FOLKS TRIPS while the YouTube donators stay at home typing away stupid ass comments on their keyboards to lame ass YouTube videos.

8. MelsBasketCase Melinda 31 years old diagnosed schizophrenic atheist from Jackson, Michigan melsbasketcase.blogspot.com profiles.yahoo.com/melsbasketcase melsbasketcase.tripod.com angelfire.com/zine/melsbasketcase groups.yahoo.com/group/hujumathecat has CLOSED HER YouTube ACCOUNT! MelsBasketCase recently SHAVED HER HEAD and DELETED ALL 500 YOUTUBE VIDEOS that she has uploaded in the past 2 years only to CLOSE HER ACCOUNT right after telling her YouTube Subscribers to go FUCK THEMSELVES and to DELETE EVERYBODY OFF OF HER FRIEND'S LIST except her husband Rob meaning YouTube should seriously have a disclaimer for people posting videos before they get themselves into a nasty lawsuit and one of those disclaimers should be something like YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT OR UPLOAD ANY VIDEOS IF YOU HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH PSYCHIZOPHRENIA or are PSYCHOTIC or have been found to be MENTALLY ILL OR HAVE MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME OR A PEDOPHILE OR HAVE PEDOPHILIC TENDENCIES or a CYBERSTALKER meaning if YouTube actually enforced all of these rules that I just mentioned then MOST of the ADULT YOUTUBERS WOULD BE GONE and nobody would be left except for the 13 year old trolls and haters.

9. StylidiumLane (PERMABAN Stylidium) Sammi who videotapes herself masturbating from Adelaide, Australia twitter.com/stylidium stickam.com/stylidium says in her YouTube video titled PREDICTABILITY that she DOES NOT SEE UTubeDrama website FUNNY and that SHE DOES NOT GAME THE SYSTEM and that she is a REAL VLOGGER but when THIS ELEPHANT FINGERS HERSELF ON CAMERA and then GIVES IT TO A FRIEND SO HE CAN JACK OFF TO IT only to find the GREAT PERMABAN TomSerson uploading that same video on XTube website then YOU ARE CERTAINLY GAMING THE SYSTEM wanting to know how many video views from horny teenage boys who are LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF by watching A WHITE SKINNED 400 POUND ELEPHANT FIST FUCK HERSELF ON CAMERA meaning MANY SKINNY TEENAGE PENCIL DICKS WENT LIMP FOR LIFE after watching this unattractive nasty XXX video.

10. Sam Conti Jr. PERMABAN THE KAREOKE MAN well known as the FIRST PERSON TO UPLOAD 1,000 KAREOKE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE from Sacramento, California says in his YouTube video titled REPLY MadHatterHatred that TheBeeOBee BOB Roberta is a SUCKUP ASS KISSING FUCKING TROLL BITCH and a CHEERLEADING FUCKING PUSSY who SITS ON THE SIDELINES AND CLAPS AND SCREAMS FOR SUPPORT because HE THINKS HE IS THE MORALITY POLICE and PERMABAN MikeSkehan is A WASHED UP HAS BEEN and is NOT AS FUNNY OR INTERESTING AS HE USED TO BE on YouTube and is PUSSY WHIPPED since he has been living with his girlfriend YouTuber SarryCrey who has taken a mountain of heat from her own YouTube Community Council members for being with a PERMABAN YouTuber while she was a member for 6 months.

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