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Typhoon2000.com (with back-up domain names such as: "www.typhoon2000.ph" & "www.maybagyo.com") is a website which provides "easy-to-understand" tropical cyclone information over the South China Sea and Northwest Pacific Basin (from Malay Peninsula - 100° E up to the International Date Line - 180°). This website is updated every 6 hours (12pm, 6pm, and 6am Philippine Time ~ GMT+8) during times of tropical cyclone activity except 12am Philippine Time (to be included if Tropical Cyclone will pass over the Philippine Islands or close to Bicol Region).

Typhoon2000.com also provides typhoon information to students, faculty and employees of Naga College Foundation with a graphical tracking whiteboard that will alert the people of the said institution.

This website also provides free storm updates subscription via e-mail which has more than 1,900 members across the globe and still growing; a tie-up with Synermaxx Corporation which provides 06, 03-hourly or hourly typhoon alerts & 24-hr. weather alerts via mobile phones thru Short Messaging System (SMS). This mobile service is only available within the Philippines.

The tropical cyclone information available on this site are taken from different online meteorological agencies from around the world-wide web namely: Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), U.S. Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the United Nations' Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) Tokyo-Typhoon Centre (Japan Meteorological Agency).

Typhoon2000.com was launched on November 02, 1997 @ Naga City (13.6N 123.2E), Camarines Sur, Philippines. Designed, managed and maintained by David Michael V. Padua. You can reach us at:

c/o David Michael V. Padua
34 Emerald Street, Lomeda Subdivision
Naga City 4400
Tel. No.: +63 (54) 473-9971
emai1: webmaster(at)typhoon2000(dot)com
email2: webmaster(at)typhoon2000(dot)ph

This site can be viewed by using the latest in browsing technology such as MSIE 5.0 & Netscape 4+ or higher using 800x600 and 1024x768 screen resolutions.

Take Note: The pop-up Tropical Update scrollbar will not function in Netscape 6 and Opera browsers. Also, to receive the latest information, you need to REFRESH or RELOAD (keyboard shortcut: F5) your respective browsers to get it. However, you can also by pass the proxy servers by pressing "CTRL+F5" if using Internet Explorer 5 or 6.


The site's task is to provide tropical cyclone information for the general public's viewing, but are not responsible for its ultimate use in the forecasting of tropical cyclones and/or the use of public watches/warnings. Due to this, we cannot guarantee the availability or timely delivery of data and the server should not be used to support operational observation, forecasting, emergency or disaster mitigation operations - public or private. Neither Typhoon2000.com nor the author shall be liable for any errors or delays in content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Do not use these data to make life or death decision.


Storm warnings, bulletins, advisories, satellite & radar imageries, satellite & radar fixes, tracks, probabilities, news reports, & some graphic images on this website (including its subsites) are taken and provided courtesy of the ff.:

(1) Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA);
(2) National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA);
(3) Joint Typhoon Warning Center (NPMOC/JTWC, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii);
(3.1) Jim Leonard's Image on Hurricane Georges (USA);
(3.2) Wunderground.com (Tropical Cyclone Forecast Models) [USA] ;
(3.3) Remote Sensing Systems (QuikScat Vector Maps) [California, USA] ;
(4) National Weather Service of Tiyan, Guam;
(5) Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA);
(6) Hong Kong Observatory (HKO);
(7) Central Weather Bureau (Taiwan);
(7.1) Digital Typhoon (KITAMOTO Asanobu @ National Institute of Informatics, Japan);
(8) Japan Weather Association (JWA);
(9) Weather Underground of Hong Kong;
(10) UniSys Corp. Wx. Server (USA);
(11) Hawaii Solar Astronomy;
(12) Naval Research Laboratory (Monterey, Ca., USA);
(13) Global Tracks: Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Tracking Software (www.gtracks.com)
(14) Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS @ University of Wisconsin);
(15) Florida State University Meteorology Dept.;
(16) University of Kochi (Japan);
(17) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA);
(18) DisasterRelief.org;
(19) Yahoo Weather
(20) NASA's TRMM Tropical Cyclones Database;
(21) News & Media Agencies on the net: CNN.Com, Intellicast.Com, ABS-CBN, GMAQuest, Philippine Daily Inquirer, & Manila Bulletin;
(22) Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) (UK Joint Organization)

Java and MPEG movies courtesy of the ff:

(2) CIMSS;
(3) Naval Research Laboratory;
(4) University of Kochi

Various computer forecast model ensembles on this site especially the front page are taken and provided courtesy of the ff.:

(1) Kerry Emanuel's Real-time Track and Intensity Page (MIT);
(2) NCEP/EMC Tracking of Cyclogenesis in Models (NOAA/NWS)

Special thanks goes to:

Gary Padgett; Dominic Alojado: the "archiver" and "Doctor" of my site!; Frank Wells of the NWS Guam; Jonathan Edwards of SUPERTyphoon Site for allowing me to use this wonderful background image; Sherwin de Leon who shared with me the magic of webmaking especially HTML basic codes; Marvin Plofino for helping me understand more on html tables, cascading-style sheets, scripts, and other "secrets" in designing websites; Terry Agu & Dong Millanes who helped me pursue my hobby thru learning & knowledge; Engr. Virgilio Puentebella - "Hi Sir!"; Dr. Telesforo Luna & Ma'am Darlene - for believing in me; Dave Ledesma - "ok ka pare! ;-)"; Tito Emil for giving me some links to colored satellite images; my Mom and Dad, Mitzi, Liza, Ariel, Zarah, Alan, & Tere -- for all your support and to everybody: "Thank you for all the happiness you gave to me" ;-) and to all the people who supported me along the way ---> thank you so much, hope you enjoy this website.

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