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Mudfix is telnet software designed to make your mudding experience easy and enjoyable.  You will no longer be at the mercy of those with more complicated scripts or better programming talent as MudFix has several complex scripts already built in.   Auto-mark and attack your opponents (no more of them getting away from you), set up aliases, map areas, create a graphical hit point and mana graph chart that updates with every pulse, set up auto-roll triggers, aliases, triggers, gagging and quick paths are all as easy as clicking a button to set up.

You can purchase MudFix for $20 and you can install it on up to 3 machines.  All patches are free and all future full version upgrades can be purchased by existing customers for only $5.

Mudfix Features:

Point and Click Complex Scripts

Full Scripting Engine

Graphical Stats Bar

Built In Area Mapper

Multi-Timer Triggers (keep multiple triggers firing at different intervals)

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Mudfix News:

Mudfix Beta Now Available!  Download it for free, try it for 30 days and register if you want to keep it.

We are already compiling a list of additional features for the next version, so join the Mudfix community and decide what you want out of your Telnet software.

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