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  • Anne has said that she hates talking on the phone with people she doesn't know. According to her, it is "terrifying" to even just call the pizza guy and place an order.
  • When she was younger she used to suffer from anxiety and depression, but didn't have to use medication.
  • Anne graduated from Millburn High School in Millburn, New Jersey.
  • Anne is the new face of Lancôme as of 2008. This is Anne's first commercial campaign.
  • Anne was ranked #61 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World of 2007.
  • Anne was engaged to Raffaello Follieri, a Real Estate developer. The couple dated for four years unitl June of 2008. Days later Follieri was arrested in New City for cheating investors out of millions.
  • The role of Andie Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada was originally offered to actress Rachel McAdams, but she declined. The part went to Anne instead.
  • For her 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, there is a part where Anne's character attends a formal event for her job. They wanted to top off her outfit with a tiara, Princess Diaries style, but Anne only agreed to do it if her character could scream "F*ck no!" and throw the tiara at the wall. A flower was placed in her hair instead.
  • Anne was originally cast for the lead role of Allison in the 2007 summer blockbuster Knocked Up, but she allegedly backed out when she found out about the graphic birthing scenes in the movie. She was replaced by Katherine Heigl.
  • Anne was chosen as one of People Magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People in May 2007.
  • Anne starred in the 2008 movie remake of the 60's sitcom, Get Smart, as 'Agent 99'.
  • She presented Julie Andrews with the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the SAG's. She said Andrews is sweet, talented, and a hell of a lot of fun!
  • Her favorite novel is Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.
  • Anne has appeared on the cover of 5 magazines. They are:
    "Hollywood Life" (USA) July 2006
    "Teen Vogue" (USA) August 2004
    "Cosmo Girl!" (USA) May 2004
    "Seventeen" (USA) February 2003
    "Hamptons" (USA) July 2001
    "Io Donna" (Italy) October 2001
  • Anne appeared in a TV commercial for "Better Homes and Gardens".
  • In 2001, Anne appeared in the music video "Supergirl" by Krystal.
  • In 2005, Anne appeared in print ads for Lux Basic line of hair and skin products in Japan.
  • Anne's favorite movies are Elizabeth (1998), Stand by Me (1986), Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001), Pretty Woman (1990) and City of God (2002).
  • Anne lists her favorite actors as Joaquin Phoenix and Ralph Fiennes.
  • Anne is of Irish and English descent.
  • Anne was raised a Catholic but she decided that she could not be a part of a religion that disapproved of her brother's sexual orientation.
  • Anne is lactose intolerant.
  • Anne has a dog named Esmerelda.
  • Anne is known as "Annie" to her friends.
  • Anne was determined to slim down for her role in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, and decided to use the Gallic technique for staying slim by consulting the book French Women Don't Get Fat.
  • Annie revealed in the Princess Diaries commentary that she is a vegetarian. The corndogs that she and Julie were eating in one scene were actually a chemically processed bean product designed to imitate meat.
  • She played, Mia Thermopolis, the title character, in her first movie The Princess Diaries.
  • Unlike her costars whose voices were dubbed by other singers in the movie Ella Enchanted, Anne's real voice was used whenever Ella sings on screen.
  • She was named after Shakespeare's wife Anne Hathaway.
  • She was nominated for a 2000 Teen Choice TV Award for Get Real.
  • The cast of Nicholas Nickleby received a National Board of Review (NBR) Award for Best Acting by an Ensemble in 2002.
  • Although she was born in New York City, she grew up in New Jersey.
  • She was nominated for a 2002 MTV Movie Award in the Breakthrough Female Performance category for The Princess Diaries.
  • She shared a Camie (Character and Morality in Entertainment Awards) Award for The Other Side of Heaven in 2003.
  • Although she was under consideration for the role of Christine in the Phantom of the Opera movie, she had to turn it down due to her obligation to Princess Diaries 2.
  • In 2005 she transferred to New York University.
  • Teen People Magazine had her on their 2002 list of “25 Hottest Stars Under 25”.
  • Director Garry Marshall once described Anne as “…a combination Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland."
  • She was the first teenager admitted to the acting program at The Barrow Group in New York.
  • Her mother is accomplished stage actress Kate McCauley.
  • She attended Vassar, majoring in English and made the Dean's list in her first year.
  • She received a “Paper Mill's Rising Star Award” nomination for the best high school performance by an actress in the state of New Jersey.
  • She was nominated for a 2002 Teen Choice Film Award for her part in The Princess Diaries.
  • Her performance as Lili in the City Center Encores production of Carnival in 2002 won her the Clarence Derwent Award.
  • She is 5' 8" tall.
  • Anne accidentally fell off of her chair during her audition for the role of the klutzy princess in The Princess Diaries. She was hired on the spot.
  • She was named on People Magazine's list of “Breakthrough Stars of 2001”.
  • Her New Zealand filmed project The Other Side of Heaven (2001), was delayed in post production so it would be released after The Princess Diaries (2001) to capitalize on her popularity from that film.


  • Anne: I'm a big weirdo, so I'd love to do much more experimental stuff. And the fact I haven't done it up until now is not through a lack of desire, it's more a lack of opportunity. I just think, 'The freakier the better', you know? I know some of my choices are more mainstream and I think there is a creativity to that as well. But it's amazing to be able to say at 25-years-old, I have made a wedding movie with Kate Hudson in Bride Wars and to also say I've made a wedding movie with Jonathan Demme.
  • Anne: (on filming with Dwayne Johnson in 'Get Smart') What can I say about Mr Dwayne Johnson? If you kick him in the head he's nice about it. In the scene where I kick him in the head I would like everyone to know that it actually happened and, for the last time, I'm very, very, very sorry about it.
  • Anne: (on filming a raunchy scene with Steve Carrell in "Get Smart") There was a health scare last year and a certain contact solution - I won't say the name of it but it was the one that I use - gave you conjunctivitis. I also had a sinus infection at the same time. So I had to go up to Steve, my eye is red, puffy and dripping green - I'm snotty and I'm just like "Come here!"
  • Anne: (about dieting) When I'm working, I'm incredibly disciplined, because when you're portraying someone else, your body isn't your own. But when I'm not working, I think less about what I eat. For example, last night, I had a club sandwich, and two nights ago, I had pizza. You've got to live!
  • Anne: Quite frankly I didn't become an actor to become a movie star. I have never dreamed about being the most famous person on the planet. I just want to do really good work.
  • Anne: I grew up studying classic painters. They certainly didn't shy away from nudes. I don't find anything morally reprehensible about it. I think it is different to pose in a pair of hotpants on the cover of Stuff magazine. That's something I'm just not interested in doing.
  • Anne: It is important to have the ability and the know-how to make all kind of good films. If that means you want to make a good film that is entertaining without cursing, or you want to make a good action film without guns, that is still entertaining.
  • Anne: (On what she learned from Julie Andrews) She stood up very straight. I don't know if that's an English mannerism but I'm an American, we slouch. I love slouching - it's kind of who I am.
  • Anne Hathaway: To be perfectly honest, all my friends are gay men, so I wind up going out to gay clubs anyway, which have the best music, and the best dancers in the city.
  • Anne Hathaway: (her idea of a perfect date) Being laid back, putting on your favorite pair of flip-flops, grabbing a pizza and going to see an unexpectedly great film. Just walking and talking, when the weather is right. You know those dates when everything just comes together? And it's nothing that you could even put your finger on. You're not doing anything all that special. There's just a mood.
  • Anne Hathaway: College is such a unique time, because you're learning a little bit how to be an adult. You're learning how to take care of yourself without parental influence, and you're exposed to so many great minds. I feel like I didn't even know how to think until I got to college.
  • Anne Hathaway: (About working with Meryl Streep) As a woman--and I don't usually talk about this--Meryl has absolutely done everything that I want to do. Everything that I have ever hoped to accomplish, she has done and done better than anyone I have ever seen.
  • Anne Hathaway: (about dieting for her role in "The Devil Wears Prada) I was thin for my height. I basically stuck with fruits, vegetables, and fish. I wouldn't recommend that. Emily Blunt and I would clutch each other and cry, because we were so hungry.
  • Anne Hathaway: (about going topless for one of her movies) It's not the most fun requirement of the job, but nor is it something that I would ever not do a job because of. It is what it is. Some people choose not to do it on moral grounds, but I think that's a shoddy argument.
  • Anne Hathaway: I love to cut loose with my friends, but I don't do it to get attention. I can feel really satisfied by it without anyone watching.
  • Anne: I am not afraid to show myself to people. A woman is lying if she says she doesn't have a few issues, but I try to shrug them off. My best friend and I play the 'I'm glad...' game. It's like, 'I may have gained 5 lbs., but...;"
  • Anne: (on a romantic scene with Jake Gyllenhaal in “Brokeback Mountain”) There was this scene ... where I get my kit off and I'm in the car with Jake ... and he's touched my shoulder and he's touched my stomach and he's touched around my back everywhere except for, you know, 'the girls'. So the director yells cut and we go behind a screen and I'm putting my clothes back on and Jake comes up to me and says, 'Annie, the thing is, the scene, in real life I would, so can I?' I just turned to him and said, 'It's okay Jake, yes, you can touch my boobs.'
  • Anne: I have to kind of make tough decisions on a daily basis. It's harder for a lot of reasons, presenting yourself to the world, having to sacrifice things in your personal life because of obligation. I don't complain about it because it comes with it and there are a lot of girls who would be in my own shoes and I don't want to give up my place.
  • Anne: (Talking about her dream roles) I hope you see my Ophelia some day, and that it's not just the name of a boat. My dream role is Eliza Doolittle. I love Shakespeare and I'm not just saying that because of the name thing. So I would love to play all of his great heroines. Oh and I'd love to be a Bond girl very, very much. And one more is a piano virtuoso called Clara Schumann from the 18th century. She was Robert Schumann's wife and a composer in her own right and had a fascinating life.
  • Anne: It is important to have the ability and the know-how to make all kind of good films. If that means you want to make a good film that is entertaining without cursing, or you want to make a good action film without guns, that is still entertaining. You can argue with me about it but I loved Charlie's Angels. It's good to be able to know how to have fun with art. I agree with what people say: to make a comedy without relying on sensationalism in any way is an art of itself.
  • Anne: (When she decided she wanted to become an actor) You know what it was? When I was little, I always spent so much time in my imagination coming up with - imagining I was different people, coming up with the circumstances of their lives, playing dress up. You couldn't convince me that I wasn't these people. Then getting to see my mom act I realized that there was a profession and that people got to do it all the time, and that people got to do it to entertain other people. So it was always a huge desire of mine and I was just very lucky that I was able to do it, and that I've been able to do it kind of at the level that I've been at. When things are moving that quickly you can either keep up or get left behind, so I've been very lucky that I've worked with people that have helped me keep up.
  • Anne: In Hollywood you have to be careful if you go above a six, then you're considered fat. I'm considered to be, I hope, an actress, and you can get away with a couple of extra pounds if you are trading on your talent instead of your sex appeal. I don't have time to be tortured about me weight.
  • Anne: I look my best after an entire hair and makeup team has spent hours perfecting me. When do I feel my best? When I haven't looked in a mirror for days, and I'm doing things that make me happy.
  • Anne: (On avoiding the hard partying young-star life style) I really don't drink, I don't do drugs. I feel like right now I've been given so many opportunities I don't want to mess it up with those things ... I think I was raised in a solidly upper-middle class family who had really strong values and excess was not one of the things that my family put up with.
  • Anne: I was 17 years old when I was cast in The Princess Diaries. That film landed, and it landed big. And so I became identified with a role that wasn't really me. I've never had any problem with going to the lengths of what a film demands. You can tell that by my eyebrows in The Princess Diaries.
  • Anne: I believe I've always been a big believer in equality. No one has ever been able to tell me I couldn't do something because I was a girl.
  • Anne: I have no aspirations of world domination through the pop charts. None at all.
  • Anne: You can alter movie singing so much because you go into the recording studio and, just technology for recording has gotten so good, you can hold out a note and they can combine a note from take 2 and a note from take 8.
  • Anne: (revealing she suffered from depression & anxiety as a teenager) I said to my mom the other day, 'Do you remember that girl? She has now gone now, gone to sleep. She has said her piece and she is gone. But then I thought, 'I so remember her but she is no longer part of me.' I just got through it.
  • Anne: (on not being worried about gaining weight) There has always been pressure on actresses, but I will never suffer, because if I gain weight I will just become a character actress.
  • Anne: (on her boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, being more fashion conscious than her) I go to my boyfriend for help to pick out everything. He is Italian so has the perfect taste. For me, style is just throwing on whatever's clean and I'll probably never change.
  • Anne: (on how she lost weight) I was on vacation. We were on a boat and had a chef, so I was able to tell her to make me delicious things that were low in calories. And once I got on the set, the stress kept it down. By the way, I just have to say half of it has come back, so it’s not a foolproof plan.
  • Anne: (on putting on weight for The Devil Wears Prada) Actually, it was kind of annoying because I had surgery last year and, as a result, wound up losing quite a lot of weight. But then I talked to the director and producers and they said, ‘It would be great if you could pull a Renee [Zellweger] and gain, like, 10 or 15 pounds’. Then I went to my first fitting with costume designer Pat Fields and she said, ‘Right, that’s not going to work - you can’t fit into the designer clothes. Lose the 10 pounds!’
  • Anne: (how she deals with being apart from her boyfriend) We have a rule that we don’t go longer than two weeks without seeing each other. After two weeks the phone just doesn’t do it any more and we start to get snippy.
  • Anne: (on Italian boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri) I’ll just say we’re very happy and getting to spend so much time around another culture has obviously broadened my perspective.
  • Anne: It does kind of bother me when people come up and say, "It's so refreshing to see someone regular in Hollywood". I'm like, "What does that mean?" I don‘t want to be the regular girl because that's a code word for fat by the Hollywood system.
  • Anne: They had an odor all their own. They could stand up by themselves. I never want to see those damn things again.
    (Anne kept none of her designer wardrobe from the movie The Devil Wears Prada because they were never laundered throughout the months of filming.)
  • Anne: My parents used to get very nervous when I was in high school because I would get a test back with a 98% and all I could see was the 2% that I missed.
  • Anne (asked to define style…): Something I don’t have! [laughs] It’s dressing in a way that makes you comfortable. Style for me is someone who puts a little thought into it.
  • Anne (on the positive influence The Devil Wears Prada had on her): I was always intimidated by fashion and felt like it wasn’t something I was cool enough to handle. After the movie I realised they are just clothes and I shouldn’t be thinking about it so much.