• Heather Graham

    Heather Graham's Permanent Weekend

    LifeGraham.jpgIt's usually a recipe for success: Simply take one star of a newly launched sitcom, add a gushy puff piece, throw in a goofy angle for garnish, shake, and serve a fizzy, goes-down-easy PR cocktail. But when long magazine lead times go to battle with short series shelf-lives, the results can turn sour. Case in point: In this Life cover story that came included with weekend newspapers across the country today, Heather Graham is touted as "TV's sexiest star...she's in almost every scene of her bubbly new ABC sitcom, Emily's Reasons Why Not," a series which we now know was unmercifully elimidated after a single episode. (We didn't watch it, but when the president of the network is going on record about how hard it blew, you tend to get the feeling that a beloved series for the ages, it was not.) The angle of the piece is, ironically enough, how the actress spends her time off, with Graham explaining "I can't wait to turn off on the weekends. I don't have to like anything for anyone, or be in a good mood, or fix my hair. If I want to be in bed for two whole days, I can." With her schedule clear, a foul-tempered, rat's nest-haired Graham is now free to loll around far longer than a mere two days in bed, unburdened of having to "like anything for anyone."

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