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Ready.....Row by Frank (13)

A Rockwell Christmas : Deep in our hearts I think we all long to experience that all American Christmas as portrayed by the works of Norman Rockwell. The small town idealistic setting, with snow on the ground and more gently falling from the sky. The horse pulling the open sleigh. The family all at home gathered around the tree and fireplace while carolers serenade ... (posted Dec 17, 9:37pm)

heaven and woolworths by gin (14)

control : I forget the other glitter trauma. Not broken laminator liability indicator nor glam rock noddy nit tiny traumas, the other one, the proper trauma. (posted Dec 17, 4:31pm)

Namenlos by JackieR (12)

Part 2ish : But I know it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. The hardest thing. The thing I worry I’ll never get over. (posted Dec 17, 12:18am) by MissMeliss (13)

Indistinguishable from Magic : This is nature’s soft-focus lens, and it makes everything seem a little less harsh, blurring edges and softening lines. Lights twinkle more in fog, whether they’re traffic lights or holiday lights, and fires seem to crackle more. Fog is a soft cotton blanket, one more layer between yourself and cruel reality. (posted Dec 16, 11:01pm)

Writing, Life, and the Stuff in between by Diana Rowland (13)

Where it is revealed that my heart is cold and hard : The husband called me this afternoon: “Honey? There’s a lady I work with whose mother is going into hospice, and she has dogs, and there’s this one dog that showed up at their–” Me: “No.” (posted Dec 16, 10:06pm)

everything was beautiful and nothing hurt by jen fu (11)

don we now : At one end of the street, Christmas Village is blazing--tiny little houses, each decorated like its owner was a tiny mad retired man who went nuts with his ladder and hammer and the entire contents of the Wal-Mart holiday decoration aisle. (posted Dec 16, 10:04pm)

Hat on Top, Coat Below by KarenD (14)

Long Before I Was Born : Perhaps he is a jellyfish. Perhaps they are playing catch. (posted Dec 16, 6:04pm)

this ain't livin' by meloukhia (14)

Ethics and Morals : Exploring the distinction between ethics and morals in my mind, and thinking about the importance of this distinction. (posted Dec 16, 12:33pm)

Notes on a Life by Angela (14)

They Give Me All Kinds of Advice Designed to Enlighten Me. : If you bring the drama, she will tell you. “I’m gonna need you to pick up all that drama and take it OUT OF THIS SPACE.” (posted Dec 16, 9:18am)

Brain Fluff Theater by SaturnCat (13)

My Day in Haiku : The alarm clock screams... (posted Dec 15, 11:45pm)

Notes From Zone 4 by Lisa Richards (11)

Yankees don't dance in the aisles : So here’s the clue for you all: Yankees don’t dance in the aisles. They might clap in time. If you get them to sing along you are knocking them dead. They’re not actually gonna move. It wouldn’t be polite. (posted Dec 15, 5:01pm)

Thursday's Tidbits by Thursday (12)

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back : He's standing in the window with his hands pressed against the glass looking out for the little yellow school bus in his little yellow jacket and his breath is making the glass fog up. He has a serious, thoughtful look about him, like he's pondering the meaning of the universe as it relates to getting on the school bus in ... (posted Dec 15, 9:15am)

Cold Spaghetti by Holly (11)

12 STIs of Christmas : " ... If anyone says ‘abstaining’ as an option, I may just hurl, or cry. We’re not taking about American upper middle class teenagers, first of all, and second, the entirety of sexual and reproductive health doesn’t revolve around them and their perceived needs. ... " (posted Dec 13, 9:41pm)

Once Before... by Glasswalker33 (9)

Up in the Sky, It's a Bird, It's a Plane... : Finally, a post to actually raise my holiday spirits and help restore my faith in the goodness of humanity. Well, not that melodramatic, but hey, it's comic books we're talking about here. (posted Dec 13, 9:31pm)

White Eleven [Photoblog] by AJ (7)

The German : Taking a photo of another person taking a photo is something I do a lot. (posted Dec 13, 3:30pm)

Rhubarb by Sarah (14)

A Seizing of Giving : As we left, I was seized by the impulse to slip a gift into her pocket (sleight of hand) and it was.... (posted Dec 13, 2:11pm)

Praying to Darwin by Ginny (14)

Back Off, Fat Man : The whole thing is a little creepy, if you think about it. (posted Dec 13, 12:02pm)

fading in the sun by silver girl (13)

in which our heroine answers the question that no one else.. : ...bothered to answer. I said I'd post about how the poor economy is affecting my life, so here goes. (posted Dec 12, 10:24pm)

A Day in the Life by Moxie (13)

When the Moon Hits Your Eye : Whenever I hear that, all I can think of is the late Peter Boyle as Clyde Bruckman in that episode of the X-Files where he's having the vision of Mulder stepping in a pie, and can't tell whether it's coconut cream, or is it lemon - banana cream! Definitely banana cream! (posted Dec 12, 9:24pm)

Glitter by krystyn (13)

Deferred : ...the bargain is - the tit-for-tat - is that you have to get up in the morning, and you have to make oatmeal for breakfast, and you have to drink a lot of water, and you have to take your vitamins, and you have to make a pot of coffee, and you shall savor that coffee. (posted Dec 12, 5:35pm)

Julie, Do Ya Love Me? by Julie (13)

Precious and unpredictable : I stood in the vicinity as the physician told her that after 80 minutes, and shocking his heart numerous times (I counted at least 10) they were unable to revive him. (posted Dec 12, 12:48pm)

The Path Less Traveled is Pretty Well Worn by Raychel (13)

Bio : I am finding that many of the defining moments in my life, have not been peaceful ones. Indeed we have to be tumbled so that we can become smooth and glistening, and it appears that much of my tumbling went on in this first half (or what I would hope to be quarter) of my life. (posted Dec 12, 3:34am)

I Am This Woman by TigerWillow (13)

All Wrapped Up : The wrap desk had 17 demo packages on the wall. Customers got free wrapping (back in The Day) for Nos. 1-10, Nos. 11-17 were extra, UNLESS the item wouldn’t fit into one of our boxes with Joske’s tastefully written on it. No. 15, 16, 17 were the holiday wrap. (posted Dec 11, 9:32pm)

Annexed (a wee bit squintt) by Meg Stone (12)

Now you, come at me with this banana : It never hurts to be careful in this crazy world! (posted Dec 11, 8:26pm)

Energetic Colors by Amber (13)

He Knows If You've Been Bad or Good : I always thought a lump of coal really was the worst thing that could happen to the children who landed themselves on the naughty list. So why couldn't I shake the feeling that something darker was lurking beneath the surface? (posted Dec 11, 4:50pm)

Precipice by Amanda Page (7)

Swirling : They'd be the first to state their civic pride, all the while trying to shank us. (posted Dec 11, 12:39am)

Witty Drunken Banter by Nora Charles (8)

wrapped around his pinky : However I don't want to be Trashy Mom on the phone with the school, all "Tell him to suck it up! I got crank to cook and stories to watch!" (posted Dec 10, 7:53pm)

(Almost) Me, PhD by Tanya Roth (14)

The Strangeness of Being Here : At last Sunday's event for women faculty and grad students, I expected we'd discuss the topic that's bound to come up when you've got young married women looking to older, more experienced women for advice: "how do you handle having children and being in the academy?" Someone pointed out that there are only two female grad students with children. Then, ... (posted Dec 10, 4:43pm)

Sometimes I Make Lists by Rassles (9)

My Dowry Is A Doozy : "It's a good thing your dad makes the big bucks. Your dowry is a doozy." "What's it up do these days?" Sighing deeply, he pauses. "My entire comic book collection. And like, seven goats." (posted Dec 10, 2:28pm)

heaven and woolworths by gin (14)

spastic fantastic : The outward jerk of his arms as he lines up for assembly isn't so involuntarily – he's thinking about the size of the universe. Those unformed yodels that made the man in the Asda queue jump? He was the Undead. (posted Dec 10, 1:23pm)

WatchOutForThisOne by Denise (14)

Recipe for a Relaxing Evening : Ingredients: Bread dough, Dogs, Cats, Fiancé, Great book to read, TV online (posted Dec 10, 1:22pm)

Visible Woman by Linda Ball (14)

A Long Way from There to Here : I am miles and miles from the farm. The why is tangled with the desires of the modern world, first of my parents then my own. I am nowhere near the farm. But am I home? (posted Dec 10, 10:23am)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (14)

Pat Boone : How would you feel if a group of gay people came along and told you that you no longer had the right to marry? That your marriage is not valid. That you can't love the person you love? Would you just shrug your shoulders and say "Oh--OK." and crawl back in a closet somewhere? Of course not. You'd be pissed. (posted Dec 10, 9:11am)

Cactus Garden by Mafia Pixie (14)

Dear Santa : Then the next morning the carrots that we left out for the reindeer were chomped on, and the reindeer had left bits of chewed carrot on the floor. That's when we learned not to feed reindeer indoors, they make too much mess. (posted Dec 10, 4:40am)

Music and Cats by Kimberly (13)

Day 9: The miracle of the apples : In which a miracle akin to that of the loaves and fishes occurs in our house each Thanksgiving. With pie filling. It's the miracle of the apples. (posted Dec 10, 2:57am)

Title Deleted for Security Reasons by Laughing Muse (14)

Two Flower Boxes : If I'm going to run the (pretty high, near-certain) risk of ending up with two hanging boxes full of dead plants, I don't care to lay out serious sums of money. (posted Dec 9, 3:46pm) by MissMeliss (13)

An Open Letter to Santa Claus : So if you would wave your magic peppermint-stick wand and give the world the PEACE it needs, that would be a pretty nifty thing. Peace used to be a beautiful word – it meant serenity, but not complacence, and stillness, but not oppressive silence. Now? Now it’s something most people are afraid to ask for, afraid to want, (posted Dec 9, 3:24pm)

Girl in Gotham by imp (10)

How the $700 Billion Bailout Helps Me… : In which I ponder a world where corporate bailouts, mental health parity and marriage equality can all coexist. (posted Dec 9, 7:17am)

Notes on a Life by Angela (14)

A Sleigh Ride to Town : With his pure white hair, rounded form, and contagious belly laugh, the humor (though I said nothing) was not lost on me. (posted Dec 8, 8:54pm)

The Show Must Go On by Kitty (13)

Magical Key : The bad angel on the left says, “Hang on, act cool. Use your imagination to claw your way outta this jam.” (posted Dec 8, 8:23pm)

Shmuel's Soapbox by Shmuel (6)

On "Deciding the Next Decider" : The problem with this picture is he wrote the thing in rhyme. (posted Dec 8, 4:29pm)

A Certain Lack of Focus by Meagan B. Call (14)

A Story of Dependence : My laptop had a minor stroke. The brain seems to be fine, but the body experienced temporary and total paralysis of the touchpad. Fortunately, medical intervention (aka the reboot) restored all functions. Needless to say, this puts my machine at a higher risk for future health problems. In reality, when my laptop breaks, I'm the one who becomes paralyzed. (posted Dec 8, 4:24pm)

Margaritas and Mad Hatters by Alice (5)

she’ll tell you she’s an orphan, after you meet her family : But I don’t know if I like Christmas anymore. I wonder if I should get a tree and I wonder if it’s too complicated and then I wonder if I’ve become the kind of person who skips Christmas because it’s too much trouble. (posted Dec 7, 10:28pm)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (12)

Miss You Like Crazy : I never told Sister Kilian how much she meant to me, She died three years after I graduated, and I honor her by taking flowers to her grave every Mother’s Day and sending a contribution at Christmas to her community’s retirement facility, where she’d have lived out her life had breast cancer not claimed her before she was fifty. (posted Dec 7, 8:09pm)

Praying to Darwin by Ginny (14)

It's a Festivus MIRACLE!!! : So we've got this laptop... (posted Dec 7, 3:23pm)

this ain't livin' by meloukhia (14)

Entering the Pacific Theatre : Reflections on Pearl Harbor Day, its meaning and history in my family, and its implications for America. (posted Dec 7, 12:14pm)

Contemplations by Xeryfyn (4)

Holidailies: The Reason for the Season : To me, the reason for the season has less to do with the birth of a prophet and more to do with celebrating our morality, our mortality, and our integration with one another. Simply put "Peace on Earth" needs to exist in our own hearts before we will see the change in the world. (posted Dec 7, 11:22am)

Brain Fluff Theater by SaturnCat (13)

Writer's Block Challenge #52 : A wintry poem. (posted Dec 7, 2:06am)

Mexico Musings by Susan (6)

Thoughts on Being Alone at Christmas : In the eight years we have been here and before we left the old country, we have spent most of our Christmases with her, whether that was in France, her home in San Jose California and now Dallas or here in La Paz. We have only spent one Christmas in 8 apart. (posted Dec 7, 12:11am)

Poppymom by Robin Wheeler (13)

One Day, One Fantastic Night : Sharon Jones smells fantastic. When she started her show, she was less than six inches away from me. I don’t know what perfume she wears, or if it’s just her. I think it might just be Sharon, because after an hour of dancing her ass off she still smelled fantastic. I didn’t dance 1/8th as hard as she did, and ... (posted Dec 6, 11:10pm)

subsequent events by Amy D (12)

I . . . think I don't miss the mosh : No beer on my shoes! (posted Dec 6, 10:02pm)

Noise by Lyn Never (8)

And then the internet happened : There was, actually, a lost-underwear incident that proved it may not have been a good idea, but I was a naive kid, so it went over my head. (posted Dec 6, 9:54pm)

Big Casino by Thomas Mulrooney (12)

Primark Tales: Part One. : Bill sighed. It was amazing what cheap clothing made by Chinese children could do to the people of Britain. Sweet mothers of four could suddenly turn into the world's best killers when fighting over who got a pair of £5 jeans. Of course, Primark could not be responsible for loss of life or limbs inside their stores, but it was ... (posted Dec 6, 5:52pm)

backlist by meridith (13)

One Little Thing : Have migraines? Like this? I am so sorry. (posted Dec 5, 8:44pm)

Earthmovers and Sandcastles by Carrie (13)

Would that I were Solomon : Second-guess yourself all you want with those dilemmas, but it’s probable that your child is not going to head down the path toward complete reprobation if you pick poorly. Aren’t many men in prison because their moms ate peanuts while they were pregnant. (posted Dec 5, 3:07pm)

News from a foreign country by Anthea (6)

Dream : You can feel the Sahara on the streets, hear it in people's voices. The sky is bigger, wider, emptier, bluer than the sky over the Mediterranean coast. The people have the eyes of folk who stare past the sun. There's coarse sand in the air and it creeps across the road leading out of Sebha towards the sand seas. (posted Dec 5, 2:07pm)

Ladyloo Land by ladyloo (14)

The Letter : Last month, while I was clearing out the filing cabinet, I came across a folder full of letters written to me. (posted Dec 5, 8:29am)

Telegram by chrysostom (13)

Unity : I've told you too much already. (posted Dec 5, 5:24am)

Glitter by krystyn (13)

Happily Ever : Maybe she’d move from Chicagolandia to further reaches of the world. Maybe she’d live near mountains. Maybe she would maybe maybe maybe. (posted Dec 5, 1:07am)

Women in Comfortable Shoes by margaret (8)

Keeping in Touch : Once, a good friend told me that just because she rarely contacts me doesn't mean that she doesn't love me. Since then, I've used that same line with others. But she was wrong. I was wrong. (posted Dec 5, 12:41am)

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