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Board of Commissioners

Iredell County Board of Commissioners

Iredell County Government Center
Post Office Box 788
(200 South Center Street)
Statesville, NC 28687
Phone:704 878-3058
Fax: 704 878-3053

Iredell County Board of Commissioners

Left to right: Stephen D. Johnson, , Sara  Haire Tice, Chairman Marvin Norman
Kenneth M. Robertson, Jr., R. Godfrey Williams


About the Board

The county's governing body is the Iredell County Board of Commissioners (the "board"), which is responsible for formulating policy, directing a number of government services and appointing members of various boards and agencies to implement specific policies or to provide certain services. The board consists of five members who are elected at-large on a partisan basis in even-numbered years. Every two years, voters choose three board members. The member elected with the fewest number of votes is elected for a two-year term, and the other two are four-year terms.

The board meets on the first and third Tuesday nights of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Iredell County Government Center, 200 South Center Street, Statesville, NC. (An agenda briefing is held on the same meeting day at 5:00 p.m.)

The board appoints a county manager to serve as the county's chief executive officer. The county manager serves at the pleasure of the board, implements its policies, directs business and administrative procedures and appoints most department heads and officials.

Within the commission-manager form of government, in addition to the board, there are a number of other independently elected county officials who serve as an integral part of the county government. These include the sheriff and register of deeds.

Board Meetings

The commissioners meet on the first and third Tuesday nights of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Iredell County Government Center, 200 South Center Street, Statesville, NC.  (An agenda briefing is held on the same meeting day at 5:00 p.m., in the South Wing Conference Room.)  The meetings are open to the public and visitors are cordially invited to attend.


Board Composition

Iredell County’s governing board is composed of five at-large members who have either a four-year or two-year term. In even-numbered years, elections are held in November for three seats on the board. The two candidates receiving the largest number of votes are given a four-year term and the individual receiving the lesser amount receives a two-year term. Pursuant to state law, commissioners take their oaths of office on the first Monday in December following the election. Generally speaking, this is also the first meeting date for the new board. In addition, the chairman and vice chairman are selected by the board members at this time.

Board Responsibilities & Duties

  • Adoption of the annual budget and establishment of the tax rate
  • Regulation of citizen conduct through the adoption of ordinances
  • Structures county organization in accordance with state statutes and adopts administrative policy
  • Appoints county manager as chief administrator

Clerk To the Board Jean C. Moore

Iredell County Government Center - Room 106
200 South Center Street - P.O. Box 788
Statesville, NC  28677
Phone: (704) 878-3058
Fax: (704) 878-3053

G.S. 153A-111 provides for the appointment of a clerk to the board for each North Carolina county. The clerk serves as the corporate secretary to the board and maintains the county seal for the purpose of certifying all official documents on behalf of the county. Primary legal duties include:

  • attending all meetings of the board, including special meetings and public hearings;
  • recording and/or transcribing "full and accurate" minutes of each meeting;
  • preparing agendas for the meetings and notifying board members, news media and "sunshine list" individuals;
  • recording or filing all resolutions, petitions, contracts, and other legal documents pertaining to county government;
  • maintaining an ordinance book separate from the minute book of the board of commissioners.


Board of Commissioners

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