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"... You guys made the difference to my sites traffic. I could not have done this nearly as quickly without you. Bravo to Text Link Brokerage!""

- Andy Thompson


"Friday night after I first heard back from you that you were adding more new websites to the network, I couldn't fall asleep until 3am. I was just too wound-up to relax!"

- Cristian

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We're turning over a new leaf!


We're not the same Text Link Brokerage we once were. Now under new management, our vision, goals, and focus are being refined and re-defined.


...But, quality text link ads are still the answer.


Well, at least they are part of the answer. Our specialty lies in leveraging banner, search engine "safe" text link advertisements, opted-in email campaigns, etc.

Unlike some services that have not been around very long, our customers enjoy a safety net that is not equaled anywhere. We will not place your text links on any site that uses unethical means to build it's value, nor will we place your link on any FFA, Guestbook, or other "junk" pages. Our aim is to help your web site succeed in today's highly competitiive online marketplace.

  • Websites needing text links can get a free quote from us detailing the best, safest practices to generate leads and sales. We work with jAvVy Marketing very closely and will present the best options to boost your sales!

  • Websites selling text links and other ads can partner with us (and jAvVy) to boost ad sales quickly, efficiently, and with no hassles. Our system was designed from the ground up to be the best solution for advertising.

Please Note: As a recent acquisition of Neosys Consulting, Text Link Brokerage no longer offers direct text link advertising on a large network of websites. The decision was made for TLB to "turn over a new leaf" and begin promoting only Search Engine "safe" marketplaces and advertising methods. You'll find the highest quality "no-follow", javascript, and other similar forms of marketing here...

The truth that other companies will not tell you!

Why we are better than the others out there.

Some services will say they are the best around at what they do. While this may sometimes be true, it is not always. We go out of our way to show you the simplicity and ease of use of our system, as well as offering better than average rates for quality nofollowed or javascript text link advertising. The below features should help your decision to choose us as your text link ad solution.

  • Easy to get started by calling us toll-free at 888-763-6797

  • Simple advertiser control center allows you to change your link URL or links text on the fly. We are the only service offering this awesome tool to our customers, empowering you to modify your text links when needed to properly enhance your advertisement. (Changes subject to approval)

  • Quick ordering and delivery allows you to get your advertisements up fast. We will work quickly to place your ad and billing doesn't start until your text link ads or banner ads have gone live!

  • Get a free, no-obligation quote to give you that helping hand for a 100% customized campaign that utilizes every method of generating leads and sales available within your specified budget in your niche market.

  • Theming and relevancy are built into our system also. You can choose which types of website types are best suited for your needs, and your text links will appear on only 100% related websites.

  • Our safety first policy assures you that all of our websites are using dynamic code or rel=no-follow to display your ads. This means that your business is "safe" from any potential penalties and keeps your traffic stable for years to come.

  • Our pricing is generally far lower than you can get anywhere else. We constantly negotiate for the lowest rates on behalf of our customers and we pass our savings on to you!

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"Sometimes you only get one chance to make the right choice with search engines. Shouldn't you go with the leader in text link sales? Click the link above to start on your way towards success, and don't be fooled by imitations."


If you have questions about where your links will be placed, and whether search engines may see them, etc., please read our F.A.Q page located right here.

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