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Newly created series of <Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles> that was once loved by children everywhere. The American series of <Ninja Turtle> that received great popularity over the years is newly created by the help from Dong Woo Animation and 4 Kids Entertainment. This is a joint production between Korea and America based on the original series of <Ninja Turtles>, and viewers may expect exciting new creation of this series that feature unique changes made to the characters of the original series, diverse actions, and even witty sense of humor!.

    Based on story by   Peter Laird & Kevin Eastman (1984)
    Format   26 episodes x 30 min.
    Target   Children aged 6 ~ 12
    Broadcasting   USA: Feb. 2003 FoxBox Saturday Morning Kids Block.
    Produced by   Mirage Studios, Inc,
    4Kids Entertainment.Inc,
    4Kids Productions.Inc,
    Dong Woo Animation Co., Ltd
    Staff of American Team
    Overall producer   Gary Richardson, Frederick U. Fierst
    Director   Peter Laird
    Producer   Joellyn Marlow
    Staff of Korean Team
    Producer   Ha, Hye Ran
    Director   Han, Tae Ho
Official website : www.ninjaturtles.com
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