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Indian vs. Ghetto

Came across this segment from Jimmy Kimmel at blogger Power Maxx’s site, so thanx to him I pass it on. It focuses on the problems that late-night talk show hosts will have with Obama jokes because they could easily be seen as racist.

Before the goods though, wanted to give you a NDN spin. Years ago, I was a teacher at an all-black private school in Milwaukee. Being a computer teacher, we had to make do with what the school had. Having seen one of the surplus keyboards that must have weighed more than laptops do today, one of my smarter, more aware students remarked “that keyboard is so old, Harriet Tubman must have used it.” Learned a lot from the students, sure I learned more from them, than they from me.

One of the things that struck me was how the students used the term “ghetto.” They used it just as NDN’s use the term Indian. They spoke of ghetto time, ghetto cars, ghetto love, etc. Of course now, the term is more prolific and popularized, as in “that’s so ghetto”.

So, with that in mind I give you some of my favorite “Indian” terms heard over the years:

Indian Car: a car that you have to push to start, only one in four doors work (never the driver’s side), and/or has expired tribal tags. Or a car you have to give instructions and demonstrations to before anyone else can drive it

Indian Purse: women placing money in their bra (of course it neccesitates a NDN woman actually wearing one)

Indian Love: a bruise and a hickey

Indian Marriage: that person you live with, have three kids with, but tell everyone you’re “just friends”

Indian Gold: commod cheese for sale

Indian Uncle: that shady character that sleeps on your couch and wears sunglasses ALL the time (disappears first of every month)

“I am old Indian”: I don’t want to do it

Indian Money: $12.35 that the Department of Interior sends you every year, because they really know how to manage your money

Indian Time: I’ll tell you later

So, a few more that do not have the Indian prefix, but are definitely NDN:
Mother’s Day: first of the month

“Oh yeah, he’s my brother”: someone’s 35th cousin or someone they went to boarding school with

Commod bod: if I have to explain it… ask for me for my picture

Give us some of your favorites, comment below:

Commods On Amazon

So, there I was. Doing my online “thing” at 4:00 O’clock in the morning, frequenting a favorite blog. When a comment caught my eye, not so much the comment but the username: “Fry Bread.” Whoa. This wasn’t an NDN blog, never even seen any NDN references there. Clicked the username as there was a URL attached, and came across Now, the blog I was on also was a business site, so I also knew they pretty much want to make money with the Fry Bread site.

What I found was a very simple and clean site, about Fry Bread. Not in depth, only two pages. One page has a brief paragraph of the history of Fry Bread and another paragraph about its usage. The second page offers a recipe. The pictures on the page (two of them) were not even of Fry Bread. They looked like tortillas and sopapillas gone wrong. But OK, someone put up a quick web site trying to make money with Fry Bread. The only way I can see that they make money is if you buy Fry Bread mix from Amazon.

Fry Bread Mix

Then things get kewl! I didn’t know Amazon did groceries. Figured they might do jams, jellies, hot sauces, you know, gift basket type foods. So, for a lark I searched under groceries Copes Corn. They have it! $25.75 for 6 boxes (or I guess it comes in bags now).

Copes Sweet corn

Then there was this one. This one scared me, a silver sack of Copes Corn. Looks like someone repacked it in a silver gift sack and printed a label off their inkjet printer. Plus, there is not much detail and the “1 used & new available from $12.28” gets to me. “Used” Copes Corn? For $12.28? Must be some premium brand.

Copes Corn

Then if you’re serious about your sweet corn, there is this fancy, high dollar gourmet, designer sweet corn.

Melissas Sweet Corn

Getting hungry looking at sweet corn AND being Kiowa, I already seen Fry Bread, what’s next? Let’s search for Pilot Crackers. Why lo and behold, a #10 Can Freeze-Dried Food was my Amazon search result. Dang, no Crown Pilot Crackers! But if you ever need #10 can of food, I’ve got the hook-up for you.

Can Of Food

They don’t even mention what kind of food, just a big ol’ can of food.

Girls Should Help A Brother

I have been loving this OU championship season and the good NDN press Sam Bradford has gotten. A local station in Oklahoma did a report interviewing students at Riverside Indian School. Dang if the girls in the interview didn’t tear it. Take a look.

Durn NDN girls, can’t even support a brother! I love the reporter’s reaction to the girls though, “Whatever.”

A Wearing Beer Retrospective

How it got on my mind I don’t know, but I started to have a retrospective about crocheted beer can hats. These made the rounds in the seventies when women still crocheted (OK, today’s politically correct environment let me say Rosie Greer knitted). Don’t hear much about it, as a matter of fact, don’t hear much about any old-school crafts . The only craft I hear of anymore is for scrapbooking. Reckon, there are more available time killers than ever before, but none of those produce results like the crafters of old. Remember when ‘Skins use to make God’s Eyes (or were they called Zias)?

Having spoken to a few people about beer can hats and few remember them. Actually, if one has never seen one it is difficult to describe and get across. Thankfully, the greatest of all time killers, the Internet, hold a fair retrospective.

Rather than go and scrape a bunch of photos, let me direct you to a very good page on the topic (I even gave it a vote up on StumbleUpon!)- The Museum Of Kitschy Stitches

My favorite are the themed pics, like the 6-pack of Bud with pretzel strewn about, and the golf photo with appropriate head wear.

Further Proof For Darwin Humanists

The beer can hat was a short lived fashion, which came about as beer cans (and all beverages) moved from tin to aluminum cans. Don’t know if could be called a fad, but it is a fashion statement whose time should come again. However, maybe we have evolved in our alcoholic head gear.

Following the beer can hat, some figured that you don’t have to just wear your favorite libation, you can wear AND drink it the same time! All due to space age advancements in polymer technologies. Thank you NASA!

49 Princess Crown

Here is a variation on the theme- a crown for your favorite 49 Princess.

BTW- Its actually for sale check it out.

BTW- It's actually for sale check it out.

Pop-top Fashions

But not all old school fashions have been retired, just renamed. Pop-tops use to come off the can, then there was nothing to with them except throw them out the window (indoors put into ash trays) or bend them into a chain. Now, what once was fun, is now called “Green.”

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