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Annual Report 2008
Ranikhet has always been known as a Military center and a land of bravery since British period. In fact Ranikhet was designed and developed in a very classical way by Britishers for their troops.

At present Ranikhet is a land of Kumaon and Naga Regimental center. Hendry Russell as Hyderabad Regiment established the Kumaon Regiment in the year 1700, under the Nizam of Hyderabad.
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During the British regime the regiment achieved numerous gallantry awards during the different battles all around the world. 
In the year 1942 the Regiment was renamed as Kumaon Regimental center and subsequently in the year 1900 it was shifted permanently to Ranikhet.
There are 19 battalions of Kumaon Regiment and 2 battalions of Naga Regiment.  Troops for all these battalions are recruited at different recruitment center and subsequently they are trained in Ranikhet at Kumaon Regimental center.
After getting proper training of approximately nine months, the troops are inducted in different battalions.
The battalions of this regiment have bravely fought the enemies in countless battles, mainly against China and Pakistan.
Major Som Nath Sharma was the first war hero receiving Paramveer Chakra from this regiment.

Subsequently, the other biggest war hero Maj.Saitan Singh of this regiment was also awarded with Paramveer Chakra.  13 Veer Chakra, 5 Mahaveer Chakra and 2 Ashok Chakra and 32 Shorya Chakra was awarded to the war heroes of this regiment.
The regiment has also given 3 Army Chiefs namely General Thimayya, General Nagesh and General Raina. Ranikhet Cantonment is continuously growing and preserving its Military tradition and values for the country in the tune of the nature.
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