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All the parts have been developed for 850 and 1000 cm3 Guzzi engines.

Easy installation in stock Guzzi frame.

The parts can be supplied individually.

Available from Janauary 2005.



For racing only

No warranty

No homologation

• new cylinder heads

  with high-flow ports,

  completely redesigned

  combustion chamber

• double ignition

• new 106 mm bore cylinders

• titanium alloy con-rods

• forged pistons with slipper skirt

• titanium alloy, large diameter valves

• high performance valve springs

• roller valve lifters

• aluminium alloy rocker arms

• high lift, long duration camshaft

• compact, high efficiency radiator

• water pump, hoses and fittings

• high performance inlet and injection systems


Engine capacity increased to 1420 cm3

Power ouput: 125 CV  @ 7500 RPM

Maximum torque: 13,5 mkg @ 5750 RPM

Water cooling for maximum power

and reliability