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Windows Vista
Brand New Name, Same Old Crap...

Bill Gates can take Windows Vista, and shove it up his ass.

After the initial pain and suffering, Windows XP is finally stable and functional. Why the fuck do we need to keep making things "better" by upgrading to a new operating system that's full of bugs and glitches?

Maybe by the year 2056 when Windows Titanium is released, people will finally stop and realize that they've simply fallen into a never-ending cycle of upgrades.

We should all refuse to upgrade to Windows Vista, and not put any more of our dollars in the hands of the Microsoft Corporation. Of course, it wouldn't make a difference. Microsoft would just lie, and declare record profits to please their shareholders.

Windows Vista boasts better management of all your media.
I can hardly wait... I accidentally downloaded the newest version of Windows Media player, and it sucks ass.

Several years ago when Windows XP came out, a local businessman proudly boasted that every single computer in his company had been upgraded... Of course, he had no clue what operating system they had been using, nor what operating system they had upgraded to.... But like so many others, he couldn't stand the thought of being left behind, and needed to feel that he was on the "cutting edge" of a technology he obviously knows nothing about. This just proves that the world is run by idiots.

Windows Vista is like the 20th incarnation of the Windows operating system, an idea that Bill Gates jacked from Apple. Instead of reaping the benefits of something he stole, he should be getting raped in a prison cell.

Some people believe that Bill's greed can be forgiven, because he generously donates a fraction of his earnings to charity. But when you sell millions of shoddy operating system for several hundred bucks a pop, you can spare a few tax-deductible dollars for charity.

So what will the future bring? Although the outlook is bleak, there's one thing we know for sure: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has a seat reserved for him in hell.

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