MobilED system

Software developer are welcome to visit the software development site.


MobilED Server is a set of mobile services targeted for mobile learners. MobilED is Open Source.

The current version of the MobilED platform offers Audio Wiki. The prototype makes it possible to use MediaWiki server as the Content Management System of your audio information system. The features are:

  • You may publish your content on MediaWiki server and make it accessible with mobile phones.
  • You can make queries to the MediaWiki server by sending your search term with SMS.
  • After a while you well receive a call back and a speech synthesizer will read you the content found from the server.
  • You can navigate the article: (1) jump from one section to another (2) go to table of content and jump to any of the sections from there.
  • You may contribute to the server with your own voice by recording your entry to any of the sections.
  • If you have an MMS-capable phone, after sending your search term in SMS, the server will send you MMS with the audio content. If there are images or video clips attached to the search term also this media will be sent back to you in a MMS message.
  • With a MMS phone you may also contribute audio, images, and video clips to the Mediawiki server. When doing this you define in the text part of the message to what article the media should be attached.

Software Components

MobilED server is using the following components:

Hardware Requirements

  • any PC
  • phone connection
    • either a Digium Wildfire PBX card (or a clone) for the outgoing land line (analog or ISDN models available)
    • or a VoIP connection through the Internet and a contract with a VoIP service provider
  • a USB GPRS modem (with SMS handling in UDP mode) (or an account with a commercial SMS gateway provider)
  • Internet connection

Software Requirements

  • Some operating system (Debian GNU/Linux works nicely)
  • Asterisk (for controlling the phone lines)
  • Kannel (for receiving the SMSs)
  • MediaWiki (as the data source; optional)
  • Flite (for text-to-speech)
  • MobilED

Users’ Hardware Requirements

  • Minimum: Phone with SMS (text messages)
  • Advantaged: Phone with MMS (multimedia messages)

In part of the research, design and development we are also looking for moblogging (text, audio, images and video), as well as knowledge building tools, problem solving tools and simulations.