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Island of
Rejected Toys

Horribly Twisted Gifts... Like Baby's First
Table Saw

Grand Theft OTTO: Springfield

Snake... Wiggum... Homer... They're all here!

Episode 134

Lifeguard Opportunity at Bayview Beach

Rastafarian Homer

Pass the Dutchie on the left side, mon.

Episode 131

Dexter & Marley...
Forever borowing stuff that ain't theirs.

Star Whores

Looks like Han is sleeping solo tonight

Episode 128

Dexter takes a cheap shot at Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

Episode 127

Mary & Dexter discuss the American flag

Episode 126

Dexter & Marley go shopping for female hygiene products

Episode 124

Marley goes Easter shopping

Bill Gates
Goes to Hell

Dexter's rant about
Windows Vista

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Welcome to the Detstar Mailbag. Here's the deal: Send in whatever you like, and I'll post a bunch of random stuff.

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November 12, 2008

Always Bite The Mailman...

Anybody who's thinking of wasting money on an exercise machine should get a dog. You can't leave a dog in a corner to collect dust like a treadmill, so a canine is a great way to get motivated for some outdoor exercise. (Ironically, I would be outside right now, but I sit here typing this because of crappy weather). Having young dogs is almost like having kids, except there's less shit on the floor, and a dog will actually listen to you.

The cute little puppy on the right usually sleeps by my bed, while the bigger one usually sleeps by the front door. (I've been leaving the door unlocked in hopes of snagging a burglar)

Send me some mail, and maybe it won't get shredded to bits by the destructive duo.

Hey Det, I was just wondering why there hasn't been a new Dexter Comics in over a month. I am a big fan of the comics so I would like to see new episodes of it soon. I am not trying to rush you I just wanted to know.

As summer was coming to an end, I took a break to unwind and recharge my
mental batteries. Then some unexpected shit in my life turned things upside-down, which effectively derailed the production of new Comics. When the time is
right, I hope to surge forward with a bunch of new comics. I had hoped to start new episodes a month ago, but at least I got a few episodes done by Halloween.

Thanks for taking an interest in the Comics, and I'm glad that you're
looking forward to more episodes.

Thanks for making such a great site. I have three questions for you. Do you think that Rare still has copies of the Beta version of Goldeneye 64? And do you think they would ever sell it (for a high price obviously)? Another thing, do you think you it would be possible to piece together the beta leftovers, and make a working beta version using the Gameshark? Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Glad you enjoy the site. The "beta" aspects of Goldeneye have capitvated fans by adding a huge element of mystery to their favorite game.

The term "beta version" is a bit misleading, because it's not an actual playable copy of the game. Beta screenshots were taken from the game in it's early stages as the game evolved, and changes were made, before a final playable copy was transferred to a game cartridge. (Rareware also has more money then they'll ever needs, so selling a tiny piece of history would be kinda out of place.)

Creating a beta-inspired world of Goldeneye using a Gameshark is something that I used to discuss with KypSkywalk of |3etaBond. According to Kyp, it was theoretically possible to permanently alter the game's memory values with a Gameshark.

But while experimenting within Goldeneye's RAM, I quickly realized that the same unique memory addresses are re-used for different missions, meaning that if you used a Gameshark to re-create the "perfect" beta Facility mission, aspects of the Runway mission would be screwed up and might even crash because the game re-uses those memory addresses. You'd almost need to ruin several cartridges, one for every mission that you're trying to rebuild.

Obviously, my favorite mission to hack was the Facility. It was one of the best overall missions, and there were lots of beta screenshots to use as reference. I never managed to get two perfect rows of stacked "beta" gastanks in the bottling room... (They may have looked fine from certain angles though...) So much math, that I spent entire afternoons calculating hexadecimal values. At one point, I got good enough to do some of the math in my head. If they taught this shit in school instead of boring word problems from a textbook, kids would be much more keen on learning'.

Your Super Smash Bros Melee site is great!
But I've got two short questions:
1) How exactly do you get the Special Bonus "Lethal Weapon"? On your page is said: "Hit with a wide variety of attacks" what exactly do you have to do? I've tried all possibilities, but I either get All on One, All Variations, All Ground or All Aerial. Plese describe detailled and on witch stage and with which character you've done this. too.

2) How can you throw Link's boomerang (B forward) so that it flies only very short like in this video?

Hey there, glad to hear you enjoy the website. I've received the Lethal Weapon bonus many times, although I'm not 100% sure how it's awarded. I know that I've earned it during a fairly quick fight, so I don't believe you need to use all of your attacks. I usually seem to get it in the 1 Player Classic/Adventure mode when I've unleashed an onslaught of attacks, always changing up, never using the same move twice, and finishing the match quite quickly. I'm sure that I've earned this using Link, as he's my best all-round character.

For Link to throw a short range Boomerang, don't "smash" the control stick completey forward when you toss it. With just a slight tap forward + B, Link will only toss the Boomerang a few feet, which can be a good tactic in certain situations.

Hey again, I was wondering if you could take some time to answer one of the wierdest moment I've had with Perfect Dark?

I was playing Combat Simulator with eight MeatSims in a team against me, with one hit kills and fast movement speed enabled. I was just speeding trough the arena (G5 Building) and killed as many as I could. Suddently I heard some high pitched noise and then a "Request backup immediatly", "We have a (point two?) situation" just like the FBI guards in Chicago sounds when they spot you. What the hell just happened? Is this a hidden feature? Or is my cartridge doomed? I know that it is very sensitive for bumps and stuff, causing the game to freeze. I've tried and tried do to this again, but it never happened. Do you know what's going on? (P.S I accidently send the Goldeneye answer to you, which I appreciate alot!)

I believe that a similar glitch happened to me while playing a few years ago in the Grid. I wrote something about it for the website, but didn't bother posting it because it seemed like a bunch of delusional ramblings about hearing voices... The experience was extra intense for me, because we were playing the game in the dark in the middle of the night.

Here's a link to the page:
I was sure that there must be other people who've had this happen while playing, but it's a rare occurrence. (No pun intended). I've only seen the game cartridge do this once, ever.

This is a bit of a stretch, but I was wondering if you had any better pictures of the guard face shown in this picture (in Goldeneye 007).

The reason I ask is that guard looks almost exactly like one of my uncles. Years ago when I used to play Golden Eye, my entire family used to laugh at how similar they looked and I was hoping to find a picture to show them again since I no longer have the game.

Thanks a lot.

What an unusual request... I figured it could take hours to search through all my Goldeneye screens, so I fired up my N64 to snap a few pics. Hopefully your family gets a kick out of them.

If I ever see this guy walking down the street, I'll assume that it's probably your uncle, and not one of the Goldeneye developers.

Dear Det, i love your website. I love it how Dexter is always making fun of the world today
(I really love the job he did on Bill Gates and his windows Vista). In other words, i have read all 150 something episodes of Dexter Comics and i'm looking forward for more.

I really like your job on the charcaters. Espesily Candi [Drools] She reminds me of this chick i like at high school :D

Glad you like the series. I couldn't resist sending Bill Gates to Hell, and taking a few shots at Windows Vista.

I've really been working on the characters, and they've really come alive in the past year or so. After Marley the hippie,
Candi is probably the next most popular character.

It's hard to imagine anyone going through that huge archive of episodes! Be sure to stay tuned for more episodes, because if I can get myself going, I'd like to keep adding new episodes every Monday and Friday.

Hey, first I want to say that your website is amazing. You should really be satisfied with your work, which i think you already are... Anyways I was wondering if the Goldeneye Top 20 is still going on? I noticed it saying on your site: "Voted the best Goldeneye website on the net". I presume that means that you actually won?
How I got to your site, I'm actually not sure about, but it was not from any other Goldeneye site or Top 20. I'm also curious if you still update your site?

Well, that's all i wanted to say, congratulations to the most successful site on the internet!

During the "Golden Era" of Goldeneye (1997-2000), there was a vast number of Goldeneye websites... Most of them were still updating new info while tons of new things were being discovered and hacked. Someone created a friendly competition called the "Goldeneye Top 20", and the unofficial "Goldeneye website" popularity contest was born.

Although my Goldeneye tribute site didn't launch until September of 1999, the website was an instant hit with Goldeneye fanatics, and was voted to the top of that chart by March of 2000. I only knew about a dozen local people who gave a rat's ass about Goldeneye, but the Internet instantly connected me to thousands of hardcore Goldeneye players.

I'm basically retired from gaming now, because after creating several gamesites (GE, PD, SSBM, Zelda, plus stuff for F-Zero GX & Mario Kart DD), I can't pick up a controller and enjoy a video game without it feeling exactly like work.

Despite the fact that the Goldeneye site was created by an amateur who was still learning how to build websites, it was put together by an obsessive fan, eager to share his love of the game with other fans across the world.

Thanks for your comments, which have given me a chance to fondly remember a simpler time, almost ten whole years ago.

I was curious as to which magazine you saw this Family Guy poster in. I'm dying to get my hands on one and it would be awesome if you remembered which one it was in. Thanks.

It's an awesome piece of art for sure, but It wasn't printed full-size... It was just a mini-poster that only filled about a quarter of a page.


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