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Welcome to the NRCS Illinois state web site.  We hope you find our website a valuable and helpful resource of up-to-date information on conservation topics including programs, news, data, and more. Thank you for visiting our homepage and for making conservation a priority!

William J. Gradle, State Conservationist

Conservation...Our Purpose. Our Passion. Image of Farm at Sunset.

Our Purpose. Our Passion.

The purpose and passion for conservation is shared among many. It is shared between NRCS employees and partners who help people help the land. And it is shared by the landowners with whom we work. Our passion is manifested through the benefits derived from stewardship of private landsóbenefits we all enjoy, such as cleaner water and air, improved soils and abundant wildlife habitat.

Learn about our stories, the stories of conservation made possible through a shared purpose, a shared passion and a shared commitment to conservation.

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Productive Lands - Healthy Environment
NRCS Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets the direction for NRCS and describes our conservation priorities and goals. Bold, forward-looking, and far-reaching, this plan challenges us to reformulate some past approaches and develop and adopt new approaches. This plan will guide NRCS in implementing key overarching strategies, managing agency business lines, meeting customer needs, and developing and strengthening capacity to achieve our mission goals.

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The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment.