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07th Jan 2008

News: Track written for BBC's Tribe LP

Hybrid have been in the studio working on a track for the BBC's Tribe compilation which features the Suri tribe from Ethiopia. Recording artists from many different genres have been asked to re-interpret location recordings from the television series for this charitable album. Artists as varied as Mike Oldfield, Hot Chip, Way Out West, Martin Terefe and Hybrid have contributed tracks, with many more to follow.

The program follows presenter Bruce Parry around the world to meet different tribes and sees him being immersed in their culture and traditions. The series followed him to Brazil, Siberia, Solomon Islands, Tanzania, Bhutan, Ethiopa and many other far flung locations. The Suri tribe, chosen by Hybrid for their contribution to the album, live in the plains of south western Ethiopia where they herd their highly prized cattle. Competition for land is always fierce and armed raids an everyday reality.

In an unstable region, these self-sufficient people have a powerful assurance in their own culture. They are expert in a spectacular form of stick-fighting and pride themselves on the scars that they carry. But in recent years, the spread of guns has undermined some of the Suri's strongest traditions.

This is what Bruce Parry had to say on making the ground breaking series :

“Tribe has been my whole world for the last four years and is the most important thing in my life right now. It's a series about people and culture, our culture as well as others. We hope it's entertaining, because we want people to watch and enjoy, especially people who wouldn't normally tune into this type of programme, but we also hope we can communicate something important about the world."

“Tribe is about looking at the way other people live and asking questions about the way we live. It's about family values, joie de vivre, free time, gender, sex, drugs, health and sustainable living. It's about everything that we talk about down the pub. Not just me and you but everyone. All our lives. But it's also about the global environmental and cultural threats that we know exist but that we don't know what best to do about. It's about commercialism and corporations and perceptions of our individual, materialistic world. It's about politics and social organisations."

“Tribe is also about how indigenous communities round the world are under threat from disease, human rights abuse, water and land rights and marginalisation from nation states and corporations. It's about the hopes and wishes of indigenous communities trying to grapple with a mad modern world where they face losing their language, identity and in some cases, their lives. It's about people who are so important to the world, who could teach us all so much in these troubled times. That's what Tribe is to me.”

The track is called "Komoru" and features location recordings of the Suri tribe.

The album is due for release in September on Polydor Records.