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Kitchen grease is a menace to sewer pipes. It's a common mistake:

Liquefied animal fats, greases and vegetable oils are often poured into drains, but they eventually solidify and clog pipes.

That causes sewer lines to back up and leads to manhole overflows and other sewer spills that threaten the environment.

You can help! Please do not dispose of cooking grease or other oils and greases down drains!  

Residential Customers 
Multi-family / Apartment Customers (New)
Food Service and Commercial Establishments

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yuck who clogged the sewer?

See below information for more tips:

Grease Free Brochure  and Poster

Pollution Prevention Page

Food Service and Commercial Establishments should: (back to top)
  • Dispose of all fats, oils and greases in an approved recycling bin
  • Where appropriate, acquire and maintain proper oil and grease removal equipment
  • Educate staff on how to use removal equipment

See below information for more tips:

Grease Free Posters for bulletin boards

Commercial Facility Grease Removal Guidelines


Grease Trap Information:

Grease Interceptor Code.pdf


Food Guidelines.pdf

If you have questions or would like to receive our brochure on the Oil and Grease Prevention Program, contact the system protection division at 704/394-9284.

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