Welcome to H&H Representatives

Welcome to H&H Representatives website and thank you for taking the time to visit us online.

What do we do? We call on wholesalers, engineers, architects and contractors to provide them with the best and most up to date products & services available in today's market. We are a staffed and equipped agency serving the North Carolina and South Carolina regions.

What we believe to be effective! Communication is the key factor in the operation of H & H Representatives Inc. Continuous input from the territories enables the main office to co-ordinate all territories in their sales efforts. This continuity makes for better productivity and increased sales.
A Few Products We Help Provide
  • TERRAZO mop & shower basins
  • Gas fired water heaters & boilers
  • Stainless steel plumbing fixtures, shower ware, wash ware & penal ware.
  • Stainless steel industrial / commercial sinks for food industry
  • Pipe hangers, strut, support systems
  • Flush valves & bed pan washers
  • Water temperature mixing valves
  • Fire protection cabinets, valves, & connections
  • Medical gas products, vacuum pumps, air compressors, manifolds, alarms
  • Water coolers & fountains
  • Commercial plumbing faucets & fittings
  • Drainage products
  • Safety products, i.e eyewash & showers
Office Locations
Charlotte, North Carolina
Tel. (704) 596-6950
Fax. (704) 596-9051
P.O Box 25927
Charlotte NC, 28229
1708 University Commercial Pl
Charlotte NC, 28213
Raleigh, North Carolina
Tel. (919) 772-4767
Fax. (919) 772-4428
3720 Conquest Drive
Garner NC, 27529
Greenville, South Carolina
Tel. (864) 233-2900
Fax. (864) 271-3222
Columbia, South Carolina
Tel. (803) 749-0196
Fax. (803) 407-2945

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