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roman tam
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roman tam

Roman Tam: The Grand Godfather of Cantopop

Exerpted from full article in Rhythm Magazine:
In this day and age, it's hard to find someone who is sexy, talented, and charismatic; in fact, in this day and age, it's even harder to believe that someone who possessed all those qualities is no longer with us. Roman Tam, the beloved "Godfather of Cantopop" passed away in October 2002, leaving many fans to wonder if someone will ever make an impact on Cantopop as the famous "Law Man."

Roman Tam seized the Hong Kong music scene by storm in the '70s. Ahead of his time, Roman was often decked out in shiny costumes and colorful shoes, and moved his body in ways that left the audience swayed. Roman Tam was not embraced by all, but those that did loved him for what he did. He was characterized by a flamboyant style. On stage, he was posh and always swank. It ultimately paved the way for artists like Leslie Cheung, who want to mimic the lusciousness and richness of the way Roman Tam handled himself. When in front of an audience, Roman Tam lights up. You can always count on seeing something different. As one of the most famous singers in Hong Kong, Roman Tam was a role model and a cultural icon for past and future generations. He was the first to dress in drag, the first to pose nude, and the first to win many awards in the Hong Kong music industry. He was always willing to come out of retirement to help a charity or give invaluable advice to a music industry novice, his death left a gaping hole in the hearts of Cantopop fans around the world. Read More
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Words from the media:

"The Godfather of the Hong Kong music industry" - Associated Press

"Hong Kong's closest thing to Frank Sinatra" - The Wall Street Journal

listener reviews
See what listeners have to say about this artist:

Best Artist
Anonymous on August 30, 2004
He was the best artist i ever know.

To Roman Tam!
Anonymous on June 13, 2004
Roman Tam was a best singer in the world. I can't believe he had gone for it, and all of his fan who had miss him alot like Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, and Danny Chan. Those singer are the best in the world and they will always remember them and never forget them like Roman Tam.

A good singer
Anonymous on May 31, 2004
I liked his vocal and high notes. I missed his uniqueness and his devotion to the musical business.

kc from Singapore on May 7, 2004
Roman,you are the best! Love & miss you forever.

Pillar of Strength for HK people
Kwong from Canada on March 19, 2004
I haven't cried for a long time, but when Roman died, I shed my proud man tears. Because he was such a pillar of strength not only to me, but to the collective spirit of us HK people. His loss was truly a loss for HK. Roman's passion for life, bravery,strenght and optimism when faced with the challenges of life has inspired countless HK people. I hope his spirit can always remain to encourage us in this shaky world today.

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Roman Tam Songs
Record English Cantonese Year Lyrics Listeners Choice Vote Request Hour
roman tam songCarmen Ka Moon
roman tam songGreat Wall Ballad Cheung Sing Yiu
roman tam songGive Me One Kiss Kupp Ngoh Yut Goh Mun 2000
roman tam songThe Pretender Ga Jing Ging 2002
roman tam songTurbulent Love Fung Yue Ching
roman tam songNaughty Lover Waai Ching Yun
roman tam songConfucius Day Hung Jee Yut
roman tam songA Friend I Have Pung Yau Yut Goh
roman tam song
TVB supporting theme song - [Legend of Condor Heroes III]
Four Sewing Machines Say Jeung Gei 1983
roman tam songThousand Words of Gratitude Gum Gik Suet Wa Cheen Baak Gui
roman tam songRed Silk Cotton Hung Meen 1981
roman tam songWaiting For You to Return Dang Jeuk Nay Wui Loi 2000
roman tam songThe Wish is Tomorrow Yuen Mong Jau See Ming Teen
roman tam song
TVB theme song - [Chinese Folklore]
The Meeting Place Lau Toi Wui 1980
roman tam song
TVB theme song - [Genghis Khan]
Who Makes You So Smug Mun Sui Ling Fung So 1987
roman tam song
TVB theme song - [Happy Ever After]
Sweet Sour Bitter Spicy Teem Suen Foo Laat 1999
roman tam songGiving to the Person I Love Most on Earth Lau Kupp Jeh Sai Seung Ngoh Jui Ngoi Dik Yun 19--
roman tam song
TVB theme song - [Legend of Condor Heroes II]
Meaning in Life Yut Sung Yau Yee Yee 1983
roman tam songMiles of Scent of Springtime Flowers Chun Fa Maan Lei Heung 19--
roman tam songNan Li Wan Laam Lai Waan 2000
roman tam songTomorrow in the Universe Ming Yut Teen Ngaai 19--
roman tam songHard to Forget Old Lovers Gau Nui Naan Mong 19--
roman tam songThe Rising Sound of Applause Jeung Sing Heung Hay 2000
roman tam songA Good Future Gum Sau Cheen Ching 19--
roman tam song
TVB supporting theme song - [Legend of Condor Heroes III]
1000 Sorrows Remembering Old Relationships Cheen Sau Gei Gau Ching 1983
roman tam songLet Me Release Yeung Ngoh Bun Fong 19--
roman tam songNot Going Home Today Gum Teen But Wui Ga 2000Lyrics
roman tam songWalking Proudly in the Country Siu Daap Hoh Saan 1984
roman tam song
TVB supporting theme song - [Legend of Condor Heroes II]
The Peach Blossoms Bloom Toe Fa Hoi 1983
roman tam songSing For Tomorrow Wai Ming Teen Goh Cheung 19--
roman tam songEncore On Goh 19--
roman tam song
TVB supporting theme song - [Legend of Condor Heroes I]
Whole River Red Moon Gong Hung 1983
roman tam songIn the Laserbeam Gik Gwong Jung 19--
roman tam songI Want Your Love Ngoh Yiu Nay Dik Ngoi 2000
roman tam song
TVB theme song - [Legend of Condor Heroes III]
Still Think You're the Best on Earth Sai Gaan Chi Jung Nay Ho 1983
roman tam songUpon a Night in Shanghai Yeh Seung Hoi 2000
roman tam songToiled Life in Wind & Rain Gei Hui Fung Yue 1986
roman tam songIn My Life Joi Ngoh Sung Ming Lui 19--
roman tam song
TVB theme song - [The House is Not a Home]
Family Changes Ga Been 1977
roman tam song
TVB theme song - [Brothers]
Family Love Chunn Ching 1980
roman tam songDedicate a Good Song to You Ho Goh Heen Kupp Nay 1979
roman tam song
TVB Theme Song - [Legend of Condor Heroes I]
Blood of Iron, Heart of Loyalty Teet Huet Daan Sum 1983
roman tam songBelow the Lion Rock Si Ji Saan Ha 19--
roman tam song
TVB theme song - [The Romantic Swordsman]
Little Lee's Flying Knife Siu Lei Fei Doe 1978

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