What is the Lunar Fertility Cycle ?

The theory behind the lunar fertility cycle suggests that your natural fertile time occurs on the day in the lunar month when the moon is in the same phase it was when you were born. The most fertile menstrual cycle length (29.5 days) is equivalent to the average length of the lunar phase. However, you can still get pregnant when your cycle is longer or shorter than this because your ovulation time can vary. When the lunar and ovulation cycles are synchronised your fertility is at its maximum. When the cycles are not synchronised it means that some months (according to the theory) you could potentially be fertile twice during the same menstrual cycle.

It is claimed that knowing both your lunar fertile time and ovulation times can help you avoid getting pregnant, help you get pregnant more quickly when you want to, and help you if you want to choose whether to have a boy or a girl. This is sometimes called the Lunar Phase Method and was first developed as an improvement on the Rhythm Method of fertility awareness by Drs. Jonas and Rechnitz in Czechoslovakia and Hungary in the 1960s. The method and the theory behind it remain controversial.

Even so, charting your monthly fertility cycles can be instructive and can help you get to know your body’s rhythms. Finding out your lunar fertile time depends on you calculating your personal lunar phase angle correctly and watching out for the position of your particular moon phase every month. I’ve included a section on how to calculate it.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find reliable background information on the moon and fertility, so I’ve put together a list of books I’ve come across on the subject and links to them together with some review notes. The books aren’t in any particular order. A lot of them seem to be out of print, but it may still be possible to find second-hand copies.

If you have trouble finding copies of any of these books, leave a reply for me in the form underneath the book you are looking for and I’ll try to help you.

Tamsin Fox

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