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International Policy

Oslo's international strategy was revised in 2002 in a report to the City Council, and states that Oslo

  • Aims to participate actively in international cooperation which will better Oslo's ability to solve its local tasks.
  • Will participate in international cooperation which will develop the city culturally and commercially.
  • Wishes to exchange experiences and thus acquire expertise and best-practice from others in order to improve the local democracy and the service offered to the inhabitants of Oslo.
  • Will be proactive in its relationship to Europe and the possibilities and challenges that the Europe process of integration offers to the regional and local authorities.

A Brussels office for the Oslo region

The Oslo Region European Office was established in Brussels in September 2003, and serves as a competence center that aims to promote the interests of its members in the European regional cooperation.

For information about Oslo's international relations, please contact Chief Advisor Eldri Langåker by e-mail, or by telephone: +47 23 46 14 51

Study Visits Oslo

Oslo has a system for receiving international delegations that come here to study some aspect of the Oslo City Government or services. For additional information please contact Senior Advisor Anna Margrethe Rokseth: , or by telephone: +47 23 46 19 48


The City of Oslo has signed cooperation agreements with 6 cities/regions, namely  Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, Vilnius in Lithuania, St.Petersburg in Russia, Warsaw in Polen and Shanghai in the People's Republic of China. With Gøteborg in Sweden - a city only 4 hours' driving away from Oslo and similar in size and challenges- Oslo has entered into an agreement known as the G-O cooperation. The cooperation has a permanent secretariat in Gøteborg and has working groups within the areas of transport, culture, business, research and development, education and tourism.

This regional network cooperation has been stretched all the way to Malmø and Copenhagen in the Oresund area and has come to a function under the name "The Scandinavian Arena".

For additional information about the G-O cooperation or the Scandinavian Arena, please contact Chief Advisor Eldri Langåker: , or by telephone 0047-23461451.

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The City of Oslo has a long tradition of sending a Christmas tree each year to  the following Cities: Washington DC, London, Rotterdam, Antwerpen and Reykjavik.

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The City of Oslo has for several years been involved in a local democracy project in South Africa, in the County of Neelspruit. In this context, Oslo has cooperated closely  with the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) as well as with the National Association of Local and Regional Authorities(KS).

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International organisations

Oslo participates in several different international fora, some of them technical, some more political.

Eurocities is one of the largest organisations for cities in Europe. Oslo participates in committees and working groups within the fields of urban mobility, urban security, urban regeneration and development, and environmental issues. Oslo is one of the cities in the network that yearly organise a Car Free Day.

Assembly of European Regions (AER) is another broad European organisation where Oslo participates in cooperation with the other counties in Eastern Norway. Oslo is involved inCommittee A, dealing with constitutional affairs.

In the autumn of 2004, Oslo will have the honor of hosting the annual congress for the International Federation for Housing and Planning IFHP .

Other organisations where Oslo participates are:

Oslo participates in several environmental organisations:

  • International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives ICLEI
  • The European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign (umbrella organisation)
  • Pegasus (within the EUROCITIES network)
  • International Union of Public Transport (UITP)

Local fora for international cooperation

Oslo is part of the Eastern Norway County Network - grouping of the eight counties in the Oslo metropolitan region. As a geographical node, it is useful for these eight to exchange experience and to cooperate on smaller and larger international projects and study tours.

In 2002, the Easter Norway County Network hosted the annual conference for the Baltic Sea States Sub-Regional Cooperation (BSSSC) .The cities that Oslo has established cooperation agreements with are mostly located within the Baltic Sea area (Gøteborg, Schleswig-Holstein, Vilnius and St.Petersburg) and show that this neighboring region is an area of focus for Oslo.

The National Association of Local and Regional Authorities is an active organisation that coordinates the international work of Norwegian regions and municipalities.

For additional information about Oslo's membership in international organisations, please contact Senior Adviser

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