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July 13 2006
By Lee Cameron

Alkira Mathilde Cameron Aares

Portrait of Alkira

Alkira Mathilde, 10 Days Old.
Portrait by Lee Cameron - Click to enlarge

One week after her birth, Virgil and Julie chose names for their little daughter. Grandmother Lee Cameron, who arrived in Oslo just days after the birth, writes about the baby's Naming Day:

Dearest Family and Friends,

I am very happy to announce that Julie and Virgil are naming their exquisite, peaceful and contented baby daughter on her One Week Old Birthday.

She is named: Alkira Mathilde Cameron Aares.

Alkira has the Aboriginal meaning of "blue sky". Little Alkira was born on a beautiful blueskied summers day. "Mathilde" means "Strength ln struggle."

Alkira is a gentle, sensitive child. She has Virgil's ears and a face which usually looks like Julie's with flashes of resemblance to Virgil. She is thriving in her devoted parents' care.

With blessings for you all,

your ever loving Lee, Alkira's Grandmutti.

Reader Comments about this page
4:25PM 13-Jul-06: Yuki & Clancy: Woohoo!!! Beautiful little Alkira! What perfect names you have chosen and congratulations to Grandmutti Lee on an exquisite portrait! We send you all our warmest love from far away Australia! Love cousin Clancy and Aunty Yuki.

5:06PM 13-Jul-06: Auntie Maria: What a beautiful name! Welcome, little Alkira! And what a lovely drawing you have done Mum! We are sending you all our love, from Australia. Love, Maria.

12:04AM 14-Jul-06: zahra: heyhey :) congratulations virgil and julie and welcome to Alkira- welcome to the world, lovely one, you are in safe, loving hands and you all make a beautiful family! i wish you three much love and happiness in sun-drenched oslo! :) take care.

2:09PM 14-Jul-06: Walter & Desma: Fantastic news. Congratulations Love Walter & Desma

3:42AM 15-Jul-06: Paul Grønning Kraft: Such a beautiful name is nothing but perfect for such a beautiful girl! Love Linn & Paul(Oslo)

6:07AM 19-Jul-06: Solveig Aares: Congratulations little Alkira Mathilde with you lovely names. We were present when you mom and dad excactly one week after you birht - before having lunch together - announced your names. We like very good the meaning og Alkira - blue sky!! Such a beautiful drawing you have made,Lee.

6:08AM 21-Jul-06: Harry Greenberg: Just caught up with your portrait Lee darling it`s gorgeous - big hugs soon......much love to all Zayda

6:08AM 21-Jul-06: Harry Greenberg: Just caught up with your portrait Lee darling it`s gorgeous - big hugs soon......much love to all Zayda

4:52PM 21-Jul-06: Bianc: Congratulations Virgil and Julie!!! Beautiful names. We look forward to seeing you back in Australia when the time is right. Much love to the thhree of you, Bianc =)

10:04AM 22-Jul-06: Tash Brennan: Congratulations Virgil and Julie!!! The portrait by Lee is just beautiful, as is the name you have chosen. Who knows when or where we will see you next, but hopefully we will be able to meet Alkira. Thinking of you. Love Tash (in Peru)

1:48PM 25-Jul-06: Ann Huron: What a beautiful baby girl born to such a beautiful woman and her husband. I know that you will be wonderful parents to Alkira. I can't wait to see your wonderful family. Tell her that her Aunt Ann loves her very much. :) Love always from Texas- Ann

11:21PM 26-Jul-06: Nick Jaffe: What beautiful names you have chosen! - I wish you all a wonderful summer & many congratulations, Nick (Berlin)

12:32PM 26-Sep-06: Adam Thompson: We're so excited here in Darwin. It's Will Henderson, Helen Walsh, Adam Thompson, and Ween Reid here. Big congratulations!! When are you coming to Darwin!

11:59AM 11-Oct-06: lisa t: Dear Virgil, Julie and Alkira Mathilde I'm so happy to hear you are all well and blessings to you all. Its so nice to see such wonderful people bring a new being into the world. Alkira looks just beautiful and sweet, like a little blossom. I hope to see you all one day soon, love lisa T

5:25AM 5-Nov-06: william shulba: oh virgil and julie. this is so super fantastic to hear. I wish you all the best in this new in your life. i send you much love from canada. i will toss it over the north pole.

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