Main Street Bridge

The clean sweeping lines and gleaming steel of the Main Street Bridge will put a signature stamp on Downtown Columbus’s already stunning skyline.

And if that weren’t enough, some say the Main Street Bridge, which connects the east and west sides of downtown over the Scioto River, is destined to become a national icon, the likes of the Brooklyn Bridge and the St. Louis Arch.

This certainly seems likely, given the bridge’s claim to fame as the nation’s first inclined, single-rib tied arch bridge and only the fifth inclined arch superstructure in the entire world.

The Main Street Bridge will feature two decks: one an 18-foot-wide walkway for pedestrians and cyclists, the other a 35-foot-wide three-lane deck for vehicle traffic.

The City of Columbus and the Ohio Department of Transportation targeted the Main Street Bridge as a key structure for enhancing both downtown transportation and the City skyline. The original bridge, an art deco-inspired design, was constructed in 1937 and closed in 2002. The new bridge will be constructed of 3,765 tons of steel and 6,690 cubic yards of concrete and is expected to open in October 2009.

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