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CTIF Youth Leader Commission


The CTIF Youth Leader commission was founded in 1973 in order to:

  • develop and promote youth fire brigades activities throughout Europe.
  • encourage the youth to get involved in those activities and also join voluntary fire brigades later on.
  • promote and organise international youth fire brigades competitions as well as international symposiums on this subject.
  • to keep statistical data on youth fire brigades in European countries up-to-date.

Who presides over the commission? Jos THOLL from Luxembourg is the CTIF Youth Leader commission’s current president. He co-ordinates youth fire brigades activities in Luxembourg and is the vice-president of the Luxembourger Fire Fighters Federation.

Who are the commission’s member countries? Austria, Finland, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovenia.
They do participate in meetings on a voluntary basis and can get support from their CTIF National Committee to cover travel and accomodation expenses.

How to join?
If you are interested to take part in the activities of the CTIF Youth Leaders Commission, please contact the CTIF Permanent Office at .

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