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Timeline: Turner Broadcasting System Europe LTD

March 1993

It is announced that TNT CLASSIC MOVIES and CARTOON NETWORK EUROPE will launch on September 17, 1993.

September 17, 1993

TNT CLASSIC MOVIES and CARTOON NETWORK EUROPE launch in five languages throughout Europe via cable and the Astra 1C satellite.

February 1995

World Premiere Toons, a joint project between CARTOON NETWORK and Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc., is launched globally as a new generation of classic cartoons.

October 1995

TNT CLASSIC MOVIES and CARTOON NETWORK available in Africa. Turner International signs an agreement with service provider Multichoice Limited to distribute the channels to satellite viewers as part of Multichoice's DSTV bouquet across the African continent via the PAS-4 satellite.

January 1996

Turner Broadcasting signs an agreement with Atena to broadcast CARTOON NETWORK to Italian viewers via the Telepiu digital satellite package. This is the first digital bouquet available in Italy. CARTOON NETWORK is broadcast in the Italian language.

April 1996

An unhosted CARTOON NETWORK programme block launches in Russia with partner TV6.

June 1996

A CARTOON NETWORK programme block launches in Hungary with partner Magyar TV 1.

July 1996

The hosted CARTOON NETWORK Show launches in Italy with partner TMC.

August 1996

Turner Broadcasting signs an agreement with ART (Arab Radio & Television) Multichoice in the Middle East to distribute both TNT CLASSIC MOVIES and CARTOON NETWORK to satellite viewers in the region in the English language.

October 1996

TNT CLASSIC MOVIES and CARTOON NETWORK, EUROPE now available via the Astra 1C satellite in over 31 million cable and satellite households in 33 countries across Europe. Since launch, Cartoon Network has consistently proved to be the number one rated children's cable and satellite channel in the UK.

December 1996

Launch of two 24hour digital feeds for CARTOON NETWORK and TNT CLASSIC MOVIES, available via the Astra 1G satellite.

February 1997

The Dutch cable operator A2000/KTA adds 24-hour digital CARTOON NETWORK and TNT CLASSIC MOVIES to its programming bouquet.

April 1997

CableTel is the first UK cable operator to sign up the two 24 hour TNT CLASSIC MOVIES and CARTOON NETWORK digital services.

June 1997

TNT CLASSIC MOVIES launches on Telenor's DTH package, guaranteeing first two films of every evening in Danish and Swedish (20:00 and 22:00).

July 1997

Launch of CARTOON NETWORK 24-hour Dutch language feed.

September 1997

CARTOON NETWORK and TNT CLASSIC MOVIES launches on Canal Satelite: Spain's digital platform.

October 1997

CARTOON NETWORK launches in Italy with a locally languaged 24 hour feed via Stream. Service also fed to DTH provider, Telepiu.

November 1997

24 hour digital CARTOON NETWORK launches as part of Telenor's DTH package. Available languaged in both Swedish and Danish 18 hours a day.

February 1998

Distribution in Holland tops 3 million as Utrecht is hooked up to cable. CARTOON NETWORK's Dutch service alongside TNT CLASSIC MOVIES broadcasts 24 hours a day via Astra 1G satellite.

June 1998

A full stand alone version of French, Spanish and Italian Cartoon Network is launched.

September 1998

CARTOON NETWORK and TCM (Turner Classic Movies) launch in Poland as part of the Wizja TV package available on PTK cable to 750,000 households.

November 1998

CARTOON NETWORK launches as a premium channel on ONdigital - the UK's first digital terrestrial broadcaster. (November 15th)

December 1998

CARTOON NETWORK launches as part of the Sky Digital satellite platform on Astra 2A. (December 19th)

February 1999

The French/Spanish DTH satellite provider Canal Satellite Numerique encrypts the French and Spanish language feed.

March 1999

CARTOON NETWORK's 24 hours digital service via the Astra 1G satellite migrates from the multiplex to Astra 2A.

August 1999

The Pan-European service migrates from Astra 1C to Sirius II to improve reception in Central Europe.

CARTOON NETWORK France launches localised feed on Astra 1G on 23rd August.

CARTOON NETWORK Spain launches localised feed on Astra 1E on 23rd August.

September 1999

TCM replaces TNT Classic Movies in Spain on satellite platform Canal Satellite Digital.

CARTOON NETWORK launches tailor-made service for Hungarian terrestrial broadcaster TV2. TV2 airs a mixture of Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers and Cartoon Cartoons in Hungarian.

October 1999

CARTOON NETWORK is voted onto TDK, Denmark's largest cable operator, when it polls its 520,000 subscribers to find out which channels they wanted on their system.

TCM launcheson October 15th in the French speaking regions, the UK, Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The analogue Cartoon Network feed is soft-encrypted while TNT becomes a general entertainment channel for the UK and Eire only.

November 1999

CARTOON NETWORK/TCM and CNN International launch on GUI KATEL (Croatian Cable Association) on November 1st 1999.

CARTOON NETWORK and TCM launch within the digital offer on French cable operator NC Numericable on November 29th 1999.

CARTOON NETWORK launches in Russia on the NTV Plus digital platform.

December 1999

CARTOON NETWORK and CNN INTERNATIONAL launch on the first Greek digital platform, Nova owned by Multichoice Hellas.

CARTOON NETWORK and TCM launch on the Middle Eastern digital platform Showtime.

March 2000

CARTOON NETWORK's local language service is available in approximately 80% of Dutch homes thanks to the co-operation of cable companies Zekatel and Palet Kabelcom.

May 2000

Turner Broadcasting launch BOOMERANG in the UK on May 27th - a brand new animation channel from the CARTOON NETWORK stable featuring the classic cartoons and stars of the Hanna-Barbera library.

June 2000

CARTOON NETWORK, CNN and TCM supply interactive TV content for Telewest Active Digital from June 2000.

July 2000

On July 1st TCM (Turner Classic Movies) launches on analogue satellite and cable replacing TNT and raising its penetration from 2.5 to 6.4 million homes in the UK.

August 2000

TCM and CARTOON NETWORK are offered as two 24-hour channels in Israel. TCM is subtitled into Hebrew.

Cartoon Network is offered as a 24-hour channel alongside TCM and CNN International on "Yes"channel packages reaching tens of thousands of new households across Israel.

September 2000

CARTOON NETWORK and TCM are offered as three separate 24-hour channels on ART's channel packages, reaching tens of thousands of new households across the Middle East on both Arabsat and NileSat.

CARTOON NETWORK and TCM services are broadcast on the Greek digital platform Nova, owned by Multichoice Hellas, with two TCM movies subtitled during peak hours. CNN INTERNATIONAL reverts from a split feed with Cartoon Network to a full 24 hour feed.

January 2001

January 11, America Online, Inc. and Time Warner Inc. announced that they have completed their merger to create AOL Time Warner Inc.

March 2001

In Norway CARTOON NETWORK launches a brand new service with cartoons dubbed into Norwegian.

November 2001

CARTOON NETWORK signs a multi-year deal with the Holland Media Group (HMG) to provide a daily Cartoon Network block on its station Yorin, The Movement.

March 2002

CARTOON NETWORK launches two one-hour blocks every Saturday and Sunday at 08.50 and 18.50 on the Italian terrestrial channel La7.

May 2002

A CARTOON NETWORK and TCM 24 hour service is launched on the Orbit DTH platform covering the Middle East and North Africa. This service is now available in 100% of all DTH homes in the region.

October 2002

CARTOON NETWORK adds Hungarian and Romanian to its language services making it available in eleven languages in Europe.

April 2003

BOOMERANG launches in France on TPS.

July 2003

BOOMERANG launches in Italy on Sky Italia.

September 2003

TOONAMI, the new action adventure animation channel for boys, launched in the UK on Monday 8 September 2003.

September 2004

BOOMERANG UK launches a brand new on-air and off-air look with a new channel logo, on-air bug, signature tune, idents and promos, a brand new dedicated website and a new Boomerang magazine, Toonerang.

November 2004

Boing, the 24 hour general entertainment channel for kids, launched on DTT in Italy on November 20th. It is a joint venture between Turner Broadcasting and Mediaset, Italy's leading media company. Toonami UK launch a brand new dedicated website: toonami.co.uk.

December 2004

Following its great successes in the UK, France and Italy, BOOMERANG launched on DIgital+ in Spain on December 1st 2004.

March 2005

BOOMERANG launches in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Swaziland, Lesotho and Southern Angola.

April 2005

CARTOON NETWORK in Russia 100% languaged from April 1st 2005.

June 2005

CARTOON NETWORK available with subtitles in Greece from June 20th 2005.

September 2005

CARTOON NETWORK launched in Germany with a six hour programming block available on national free to air television on ‘kabel eins’ in 33 million households.

. March 2006

CARTOON NETWORK TOO launches in the UK.

January 2007

Cartoon Network announces the launch of The Development Studio which is an Original Productions Unit based in London, housing a hotbed of creative talent with the aim of creating the best content in Europe.

May 2007

CARTOONITO launches as a full channel in the UK on Sky channel 622

August 2007

Boomerang+ moves to Sky channel 618 and Cartoonito moves to Sky channel 619