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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the private pages of the SCA web site?
Click the word "resources" above for information about how to see the private section of the site. You will need an SCA e-mail account; there are instructions at "Resources" as to how to obtain one.

What day does the pool open?
What are the pool hours?

Usually, the target date is Memorial Day Weekend, and the hours are 11:00 am to 7:00 pm daily. But check out the Pool Committee's page and the Calendar for updates.

What day does the Community House open for the Summer Program, and what are the hours?
heck out the Community House Program Committee's page and the Calendar.

How do I reserve the Community House or Chestnut Cabin?
Contact the Community House Committee at CommHouse "at" scientistscliffs.org, or the Chestnut Cabin Committee at Chestnut "at" scientistscliffs.org. To see a calendar of scheduled events at either location, please see the Events page. To learn more, please see the committee web pages: Chestnut Cabin Committee or Community House Committee.

Could the SCA Office help me find property for sale or rent in the Cliffs?
The SCA Office is not a real estate agency and does not keep formal records of who is selling property or renting out cabins. There are several realtors in Calvert County with the expertise to help you.

Where can I build my boat locker?
If you are interested in building a boat locker, you need to contact the Beach Committee Chairperson. The Beach Committee will help you determine a suitable location and provide you with standards for construction of the boat locker.

How does one go about getting SCA vehicle passes and boat stickers, and who needs them?
All vehicles belonging to an SCA member or their dependent children are required to post an SCA sticker. Other individuals listed under the family name in the SCA directory may also obtain an SCA sticker.

Persons who are renting (long term) a cabin in the Cliffs are required to have SCA renters stickers on each vehicle registered in their name.

Boats registered to SCA members or renters are required to have an SCA boat sticker attached to both the boat and trailer.

Guests who park their vehicles at any of the SCA Common areas (beach, community house, chestnut cabin, etc...) are required to display a SCA Visitor Pass on their dashboards.

Vehicle stickers, boat stickers and visitor passes can be obtained at the SCA Office. The office is open Monday - Friday from 8 AM until Noon. If you are unable to stop by the office during these hours, you may send the vehicle information (owner's name, year, make & model of vehicle, and the vehicle tag number) to the office either through regular mail or e-mail and we can send you the stickers that you require. If you are requesting boat stickers, we need the make and length of the boat and if you have a boat trailer, we also need the trailer make and the tag number on the trailer.

I have a tree that I want to take down or needs to be taken down; how do I go about getting permission to do it?
Trees located on private property may be removed with the permission of the owner; however, most of the Scientists' Cliffs community is located within the "critical area" and a permit is required by Calvert County Planning and Zoning (410-535-1600). Permits are usually granted quickly for trees that are hazardous to structures or utilities.

Trees located on SCA Community property may not be removed without permission from the SCA Community Manager or Board of Directors. If you would like to "trim" trees to improve your view, please discuss the matter with all adjacent property owners and then contact the SCA office for approval.

What is the policy and procedure for SCA trash pick-up?
SCA trash pick-up is conducted every Monday and Thursday, regardless of bad weather or holidays. Recycled materials are only picked up on Mondays. Please remember to bag all household garbage, and provide "animal-proof" containers for curbside storage. If you need assistance with removal of large items such as appliances, please contact the SCA office and we can arrange for assistance and disposal!

Unfortunately, we do not at this time have a program for yard waste removal. Please do not expect SCA staff to remove leaves, brush etc. Contact the SCA Office for guidance.

When did Scientists' Cliffs begin as a community?
In July 1935, Flippo and Annie Gravatt purchased their first 238 acres of land in the unusual Calvert Cliffs setting. They began development that fall with the construction of Chestnut Cabin, which was completed in the spring of 1936.

Where did it get the name "Scientists' Cliffs?"
In the fall of 1935, a number of colleagues, mostly scientists, joined the Gravatts for a day of picnicking at the new site. In speeches and a dedication, because of their desire to create a retreat and meeting place for scientists, Flippo and others called the place "Scientists' Cliffs." (Annie called it "Flippo's Folly" and this name stuck in good humor for a time.)

When did it get organized formally?
Other cabins were built and rented immediately. The colony began to grow in earnest when the first purchaser arrived in 1936. A year later an association of homesite owners was formed, the Scientists' Cliffs Association. It was incorporated under laws of Maryland and a constitution and bylaws were adopted in 1938.

How can I get a scientistscliffs.org e-mail address?
A new benefit of membership is a permanent e-mail address.

If you already have e-mail, you can have your scientistscliffs.org e-mail forwarded to your current address.

Click on Scientists' Cliffs e-mail to sign up.

Who created this web site?
That depends. Do you like it? Okay. Contributors include the entire membership of the Communications Committee as well as artist Mary Ellen Didion.

I'd like to add a question to this page. How do I suggest a new FAQ?
To ask your own question, or recommend a question for this page, please contact the webmaster "at" scientistscliffs.org.