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QGIS 0.7.3 Released and GRASS Integration

posted by Satri on Wednesday October 19, @12:17PM   Printer-friendly   Email story  Permalink  Trackback URI  Slashdotthis  Diggthis
from the road-to-improvements dept.
QGIS has just released version 0.7.3. This release contains no new features over 0.7.0 but contains a number of stability enhancements and bug fixes. There is also an entry about GRASS GIS integration getting better with screenshots.

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markusN writes "GRASS GIS 6.1.0 released 11 August 2006. A new technology preview version of GRASS GIS is being released today in preparation for the next benchmark release, GRASS 6.2. This feature release, version 6.1.0, improves upon the previous stable version of GRASS by adding hundreds of new features as well as support for the latest GIS data formats. See also Full announcement." The rest of the press release below.
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I've been waiting for the official announcement, but since main ports have been compiled, there you go: the multiplatform open source desktop GIS Quantum GIS 0.8 has been released! From the what's new: "* WMS support * Improved vector and attribute editing * Improved measure tools with area measuring * Attribute searching * New legend structure * Refactoring of API to allow the use of QGIS libraries in mapping applications * Improved MapServer export tool * Vector layer transparency and antialiasing * GRASS support in all platforms * Enhanced GRASS support and toolbox commands * Enhanced vector editing, including copy, cut, paste, snapping and vertex editing * Shapefile/OGR layer editing"
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