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Electromechanical Technologist (#58522)

Experimentalist in Nanoelectronics/Nanoscale Sensors (#58809)

Computer Software Development (#58743)

Updated: 10/1/2007


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Technical Internships:


Sandia's water sensor device deployed for testing in Arizona
photo of Parisa Tabriz

Parisa Tabriz receives Google Anita Borg Scholarship

photo of Jason Franklin

Jason Franklin receives NSF Fellowship

photo of Donna Wu

Donna Wu performs at Valley Concert Chorale’s Holiday Concert on Dec 3-4

photo of Bill King

Dr. William P. King, receives a 2005 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

photo of Nina Berry

Sandia researcher and mentor, Dr. Nina Berry, is appointed to the National Research Council’s Panel of Digitization and Communications Science

photo of Jason Black and Guy Pavel

Jason Black and Guy Pavel named as National Merit Finalists

Tamara Kolda

Sandia researcher and former NPSC fellow, Dr. Tamara Kolda, wins 2004 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Robert Dorgan

Robert Dorgan wins first prize at the 2004 SES Conference

Kami Vaniea and Rose Yao

Kami Vaniea and Rose Yao receive Google Anita Borg Scholarships

Kyle Davis

Interns Kyle Davis, Sarabdeep Mann, and Brooks Randolph receive 2004 Pinnacle Awards

Ashante Allen

Ashante’ Allen awarded the Ford Fellowship


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2006 Intern Variety Show—see slideshow


2008 Intern T-shirt Design Contest Winner


Interns Meet DHS Secretary Chertoff


2004 Go Figure Math Challenge—check out the impressive results


Former Go Figure winners excel


2005 Math and Science Awards banquet


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In the news
Updated: 10/1/2007

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Sandia, California


Sandia researchers to develop portable microfluidic platform for rapid detection of biotoxins


Properties of hydrogen storage materials in automotive system the focus of new DOE-funded project at Sandia


Sandia, New Mexico


Sandia partners evaluate vehicle barrier performance of fence technologies for borders


Sun sets on Sandia Pulsed Reactor