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Wetlands Compliance

Wetlands Conservation Compliance

This new Iowa NRCS brochure covers what Iowa farmers need to know about wetlands conservation compliance, including Farm Bill wetland provisions, how to maintain program eligibility, variance and exceptions to swampbuster provisions, wetland determinations and answers to frequently asked questions. No hard copies of this brochure are available at this time.

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Don Quastad

Family Farm Team Dams Gully Growth

Three generations of Quastad men are putting a plug into erosion on their family farm. They are building a dam to stop additional gully growth on their Emmet County land. Experts say their work will also help others downstream by improving water quality and reducing the potential for flooding.

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Mark Guge

NW Iowa Cattle Producer Following Award-Winning Footsteps

Just like his father did more than 40 years ago, Estherville farmer Mark Guge is winning awards for his conservation efforts. Guge (pronounced GOO-Gee) is the 2008 National Cattlemen’s Association Environmental Stewardship Award winner for Region III. Guge and his father have been using conservation practices on their Estherville area farm for over 50 years and winning conservation awards since 1966.

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Last Modified: 01/05/2009